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  1. Or would adding the water to rehydrate them a little (2 c cherries 1 c water) the reason that they would become rock hard in the ice cream? because of the additional water content? @pastrygirl
  2. @pastrygirl they're sour dried cherries. I was planning on soaking them in some brandy, boiling water, and a little extra sugar so they're just a touch sweeter.
  3. Hi all!! I work at an amazing little New Zealand Style ice cream shop in the beautiful Denver Colorado. I was hoping to get a little help on the subject of adding fruit into ice cream after extracting it and ensuring that, when the ice cream is frozen, the fruity bits don't turn into rock hard shards. I am planning on doing a cherry chocolate ice cream and I was going to soak some dried cherries that we're no longer using for something else. I was planning on using some brandy and a ton of sugar, but I was really hoping someone had a tried and true method they could send my way so that I KNOW that the fruit will be luscious as it's frozen. If you have a certain sugar ratio. I know there is the brix test, but to be honest it's been many years since pastry school and I am very rusty. Would love to hear from some of my fellow sugar-heads. Thank you! Amy
  4. Hi all! I just wanted to pop in here and see if anyone had some advice on canning/jarring caramel sauce for ready-to-eat consumption. The ice cream shop I work at is putting together gift baskets for valentine's day and we wanted to toss in some caramel and fudge jars in to add some tasty treats. We have a recipe that works great in the shop in our squeeze bottles for topping the ice cream, however I don't have a ton of experience with the canning process to make it shelf stable and shippable. I've canned tomato sauce and salsa in the past, but my method wouldn't be efficient for canning hundreds of jars for consumption. What is your method for success? Does it all hinge on the sealing process, and if so what are your favorite (cost efficient) products? Do you know of a jar that is self sealing or more durable than others? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. I have the Rev Delta and I have issues with it constantly with chocolate falling out of temper or not able to temper correctly because it doesn't have a cooling mechanism and only a heating one. I keep struggling with it over crystallizing because it takes so long to drop from 115-85. Does anyone have any advice on this? I've always tempered by hand but we've taken on a big new project and upgraded to this and now I can't seem to temper for the life of me and I'm going insane.
  6. Hey friends! My name is Amy and I'm new here! I'm a pastry chef that's going back to school for hospitality management so I can run my own Bed & Breakfast one day! My favorite things are cookies, cinnamon rolls, pie and cake. I'm caught up in a chocolate project at work and that's what I need help on!
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