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Happy Birthday Jacques Pepin


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He is, at least to me, a National  Treasure.  I never tire of watching reruns of his shows.  His Cooking With Julia remains one of my all time favorites.  His calm demeanor in the kitchen and his willingness to share and teach set him apart from many of the current day chefs.  Happy 83rd and wishing you  many more!

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6 hours ago, IowaDee said:

His Cooking With Julia remains one of my all time favorites.


Yeah! I love to listen to them bicker! xD

Not only is he a great, all-around nice guy—he's an amazing, talented teacher!

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I met him once as a judge at a tailgate cooking event. If I had known he would be there, I would have paid way more attention to what I brought. The girl I was with had no idea who he was and was amazed that I did. That kind of let me know that I was in the company of someone not destined for my future.

I  thought his book, "The Apprentice" was a great read, and an insight into what an amazing life he has lead. Happy birthday, JP!


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DBS Sunday Morning did a short profile on the chef:


Here is the URL for those who can't view the video:



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Yeah, really depressed about this; you all know how I love the videos of his, and he mentions Gloria a ton while cooking some of her favorites.  From his FB account:



It is with deep sorrow that we share the passing of Gloria Evelyn Augier Pépin (June 19, 1937 – December 5, 2020), wife and lifeforce of author, television personality, and culinary instructor Jacques Pépin. She passed peacefully in her own bed in Madison, CT with Jacques, her daughter Claudine, her son-in-law Rollie, her granddaughter Shorey, close friends Tom Hopkins and Reza Yavari, and her beloved pup Gaston, by her side.



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1 hour ago, rotuts said:

good time to re-read :


The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen  (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)


her story is in this book.


I esp liked the short sag of her restaurant in CT


Ill make her Cuban Black Bean Soup soon.


w banana as the garnish  ( maybe it was plantains  )


a favorite of mine.


This is a great read.

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