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  1. Foodblog Fanfare

    Any chance that is the Qiantang River where the huge tidal bore is?
  2. LOL, I would have come home with ground chuck.
  3. Wonderful, you look as if you have been making videos for years. So calm and organized, great job!
  4. Shallots

    Not sure how to describe the ones I sometimes buy at a local Mennonite store. They resemble an untidy head of garlic. You separate each shallot from the head just like you would a clove of garlic. Size wise, each "clove" is probably two inches long. They are always plump and locally grown I suspect. And, here's the best part. at times they are cheaper than plain old onions. This is the same store that recently sold kilo sized boxes of Ile de France brie for ..99 cents. Yup. really kilo boxes...honest.
  5. Aldi

    Yes, the one nearest to us is undergoing remodeling. It is a small store so I'm looking forward to the new, improved model. .
  6. Fruit

    What a lovely arrangement! A painting waiting to happen. Makes me want to get out my long dried up paints and have a go at it.
  7. Oh my, I think we were seperated at birth. My husband and I shop in the exact same way except for one thing. He goes off to the liquor department first and takes care of that. Priorities doncha know?
  8. When I was a kid growing up in Mar Vista, Ca, Anderson's Pea Soup came in cans. Hadn't thought about it in years and now I want some too.What a great comfort food it was.
  9. Nope, she would want nothing to do with the likes of me. I don't even own a cell phone. Let me correct this. We own a Track Phone but not a smart phone.
  10. If Amazon is smart enough to let me know I already own the book, why isn't it smart enough to tell me where I put it? Now that would really be useful!
  11. Wow looks as if Santa, The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny dropped off all their leftovers at the same place. What an amazing bunch of goodies you found. If boredom ever sets in, you could organize and lead thrift store shopping tours. I'd sign up!
  12. Hum wine in a that a step up from wine in a box or a stop down? Either way, I want to try some.
  13. Shelby, I think I recall seeing a box of wine in a background shot once. Just to let you know that you're not alone. Not even sure if I could open a real bottle of wine anymore. Corkscrew? What's a corkscrew? Don't spread it, but one of my kids call my wine "Mom's box 'o drunk." She means it with love I'm sure. Okay, back to the thread and thanks for letting me interrupt
  14. Hospital Time

    Can't wait to see what your first few home-cooked meals will be. Eons ago I was in the hospital and was on a diet of soft foods and liquids. Told my husband I crazy for something to chew. His solution was to bring me a plug of chewing tobacco . That raised some eyebrows and I often wonder if they thought I might really use it. Nope, I didn't
  15. 4th of July

    We're not typical either. Fixed pulled pork tacos and they were very good. Son-in;Law said they were "food truck worthy" which I took as a high compliment.