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  1. We have the same thing as lindag posted earlier. Use them all the time at the library to shelve books on the top shelves. I also use it as a seat when I trim and otherwise mess with my larger houseplants. I stow it away in the closet under the stairs. Funny aside, I saw a photo of one of the Kardashians' homes and they had a bright red version of it. Probably paid an interior decorator big bucks to recommend it too. To reach light objects on high shelves, I also use a long pair of tongs. Never mind the time I dropped and spilled the can of panko bread crumbs using that method.
  2. I don't know when I have read a food blog that made me so eager to try almost everything. Usually two or three things jump out but each meal yelled "taste me" , "taste me"! Oh how I would if I could.
  3. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    But what was the breed of hen that laid that egg?
  4. Oh Dear God, wheat in flour? Next you will be telling me that there is corn in my corn meal. And might there be oats in my oatmeal too? Where will it end?
  5. Well I like Seattle but not so much this time of year. Maybe I won't offer to carry your luggage this trip
  6. I'll never get to Paris but "going" with you was the next best thing. Were are we going next?
  7. We bought ours in January and I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I've fired up the big oven. Also got one for our daughter and she loves it just as much as we do. Got her an I.P earlier so she is set until the next big thing appears. Both she and our SIL work long, crazy hours so the I.P. gets a real workout in that kitchen.
  8. Eataly Los Angeles

    As a native of West Los Angeles (Mar Vista-Venice) I hear you loud and clean. My memories of Culver City are that it had a public swimming pool that I could ride the bus to and the place I got my very first job . We were there a few years back and it boggled my mind to see the transformation. As an old fogy, not sure I approve of it either. As for Eataly. to be honest, I would rather head for Grand Central Market. Had my chile rellano there and it was a life changer for sure.. I appreciate how unique the Vespertine building is but I still have too many memories of the Helms Bakery to be impressed. The field trips to the bakery were so special. Every kid got a tiny cardboard Helms truck filled with chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. And the gooseberry pies from that place....don't get me started.
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    How about a "pluolive" That's a cross between a plum and an olive
  10. I love the first shot showing the exterior of the building. The care that must have been taken to make the amazing patterns with the bricks just amazes me. Having done the brick work for our house, I appreciate how precise one has to be or the entire pattern can go to hell quickly.
  11. All Things Mushroom

    I live in the heart of morel country. My in-laws owned 160 acres next to us and had some prime hunting ground there. One spring hubby and I hit the jack pot but had no way to haul our bounty home. It was still cold enough that he was wearing long underwear. He took them off and tied them shut at the ankles. We then filled them up with our haul and headed home. We have had many giggles over that. A few years later the in-laws sold the farm and moved into town. The new owners love morels and closed their place to hunting. Other than that they are wonderful neighbors but damn! My FIL an an expression for when he thought someone was BSing him. He said they treated him like a mushroom. Kept him in the dark and feed him bull shit.
  12. Worst Halloween candy

    Off topic but my all time favorite as a greedy little kid was the lady who held out a huge bowl of pennies. We were allowed one fist full and that was it. I just knew I would scoop up enough to buy all those things I had been wishing for. Probably was able to grap 25 cents tops. But next year, i would get enough to buy a bike I just knew it. Never happened. And call me another candy corn hater. And a raisin lover in any way, shape or form.
  13. I won't say my handwriting is bad but when the bank suggested that I print my checks, I had to wonder if it might be. Maybe Shelby and I can open a medical practice together.
  14. Okay, my trigger has been tripped by that meal. Looks wonderful.
  15. Might be just me but your meals aren't jumping out and wowing me this trip. And, yes, that green ringed egg was a surprise for sure. Usually seeing what you eat has me greener than that egg!