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  1. As Mr. Rogers would say, "Won't you be my neighbor?". Those biscuits look perfect.
  2. I grew up with shortcake being the one on the side of the Bisquick box. Never saw a reason to change it. Yes, lightly smash the berries with sugar and let sit overnight. Pile them on the square of shortcake and, it gets strange here, pour some 1/2 and 1/2 around it. Finish it off with a big old squirt of spray whipped cream. We make an entire meal of this several times in the peak of berry season. I've made it with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries but all seem like imitations next to the real thing. If no one is watching me, I often split the shortcake and butter it and zap it in the microwave just to melt the butter. When it come to this stuff, more it better. And much more, is much better.
  3. Wowl did you yell TIMBERRRRR every time you picked a stalk? Very impressive!
  4. IowaDee

    Dinner 2020

    Smithy, I have to compliment you on your taste in flatware (maybe because we have the same yet ourselves!). Do you know the name of the pattern, I would love to get more?
  5. IowaDee

    Dinner 2020

    I find it amazing the amount of stuff you can cram into a baked potato and it always tastes delicious. Kind of like packing for a trip when you are only allowed one piece of luggage. Somehow it always works...
  6. IowaDee

    Food funnies

    Recommended by two out of three lion tamers!
  7. And here is yet another rave review https://sf.eater.com/2020/5/13/21257912/rancho-gordo-cookbook-beans-review
  8. We will have tacos, chicken probably and Corona beer just to prove that not all things named "Corona" are evil. I may type this message on my vintage Smith-Corona typewriter-----remember those?
  9. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2020!

    The three words, "chili, rellenos and leftovers" would never be spoken in the same sentence here. I wonder how many I would have to make to have leftovers? I haven't seen a fresh poblano for months though...Your look perfect for any meal.
  10. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2020!

    You sound "All shook up".
  11. Probably be a good recipe to drag out now that so many are stuck home all day with bored kiddies. I recall making lots of no-bakes when mine were little. Good, messy fun. Guess I've never had a classy version of the chow-mein cookies. Too many I remember had peanut butter which I do not like .
  12. Does anyone remember these odd things. They were quite the fad to make years and years ago. https://homecookingmemories.com/no-bake-chow-mein-noodle-cookies-recipe/
  13. IowaDee

    Dinner 2020

    I thought they were little fish too. Some of them even have itty bitty "eyeballs".
  14. IowaDee


    Hum. those sweetsops look like a cross between an artichoke and a pine cone.
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