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  1. And in a pinch, there's always "Oh, Oh Spaghettios"!
  2. I watched a nature special on wild spaghettis. It was stressed that the taller and longer the males, the more females they could capture for breeding purposes. By breaking them in half, you are upsetting the entire balance of power. If this practice is allowed to continue, soon spaghetti will be no longer then this ---------. . Moral of the story, think before you break.
  3. Nancy, we had the same chicken delivery company in Newbury Park, Ca in the late 60's. There were times I would have traded a kid to have a fully prepared dinner dropped off at the door. The only store to door service that was more important was the one that delivered fresh, clean diapers.
  4. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2019

    Now that is my idea of The Breakfast of Champions! There is never a wrong time for Strawberry Shortcake. And bless you for not using those nasty store bought sponge things. They are an affront to a ripe berry!
  5. I only wish my budget would let me buy real snail mucus. Poor little me, I have to buy the Dollar Store knock off: Slug Snot.
  6. Iowa just passed a law allowing farmers to grow hemp. I think the crop is limited to 40 acres but not sure of the details. What goes around, comes around! And I am loving this blog! Thank You for it.
  7. Panaderia Canadiense? Probably misspelled her name....
  8. LOL, we have a burger joint here that uses grease so old many just call it "God's Grease".
  9. Lol, I get this nutty image of you in a little mini road grader gliding across the pan of brownies smoothing out the ripples as you go. You may need an end loader to lift them out of the pan too. Your kitchen has become a construction zone, hardhats required! But they look amazing and I would bring a jack hammer if needed.
  10. IowaDee

    Mother's Day

    Hubby and I are both "orphans" now. And the kids won't be here today. Just the two old farts. Like we do several times in the spring and summer, we made a meal of nothing but strawberry shortcake. Our SIL was shocked to his core when he heard this but he has sense gotten over it. Hope he never finds out we have been known to wash it down with champagne! Face it, we are just not "proper"!
  11. We had a cab-over camper when our girls were small. We would take off for a month every summer. It was by no means relaxed with kids and a cat but we saw a lot of country. Sadly few things really stick out in the kids' memories now. Never took near enough photos but thankful for the ones we did. I think they remember New Orleans the most and seeing snow for the first time in Northern California. And Yellowstone because it smelledl "like rotten eggs"..Oh well, you can't choose your memories can you? Love seeing your version. A fancy pants meal for me back then might have been Hamburger Helper and Jiffy-Pop. Thanks for hauling us along and I hope Spring gets there soon. We had the first hummingbird yesterday as well as three orioles and a Rose-breasted grosbeak. There's hope
  12. I wonder how many slices of Key Lime Pie one would need to eat to protect yourself from scurvy?
  13. I did notice that you avoided putting all your eggs in one basket. What a pretty assortment. The Easter Bunny did himself proud. Off topic, but a small town near-by is holding a hard boiled egg eating contest on May 11. I hope the wind is blowing away from us the next day, The gas leak may be horrible.
  14. Yes, that's the one. Wish my jacket was in such pristine condition. I have a couple of Trader Vic's books too which are fun reading.
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