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  1. IowaDee

    Peeps: Marshmallowly Goodness

    Used to be a game to put peeps in the microwave at work. They would "melt" until all that remained were little black beady eyeballs looking up from a pile of goo. Yes, we were easy to entertain!
  2. IowaDee

    Happy Pi Day!!

    Well if you have the urge, there is always either the Cherry Pie Martini or the better known Mississippi Mud Pie Martini.
  3. IowaDee

    Happy Pi Day!!

    Ah yes, we did celebrate with pecan pie for breakfast and pizza pie for lunch. have not figured out dinner yet. I think you could call empanadas mini pies and be correct. Just another version of a hand pie....
  4. A flawed beauty, but a beauty still. My deepest sympathy to you and your plate!
  5. IowaDee

    Silly Beer

    But doesn't the sweet little heart on the spiked collar add such a happy note?
  6. IowaDee

    Gardening: (2016– )

    Joe Namath was a well know football player who wore them I think he even modeled a pair for an ad.
  7. IowaDee

    Dinner 2019

    Oh boy can I relate. Today I had pecan pie with pecan ice cream and called it breakfast! My second childhood is turning out to be far more tasty than my first one ever was.
  8. IowaDee

    Breville "smart oven"

    Heating the kitchen with it?
  9. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2019

    Was that half a cow of butter split from pole to pole or across the equator? We once split the cost of a cow and I could never decide if we should have gotten the north or the south half. Which was better, the intake end or the outflow one? Turned out it was a beef breed so my opinion didn't matter a bit...
  10. St Louis is a flat out rockin' town on so many levels. Now Rob has taken it another level even higher. Perfect weekend for me. a day at the amazing zoo, a ball game at which the Cardinals smash the Cubs and dinner at Bulrush.....
  11. Now I know you all hate me doncha ya! I think the last time I felt this queasy in the morning I was preggers.😜 What a thing to wake-up to. And., trust me on this, I know I'm not preggers.
  12. I agree about chocolate and orange. Not much of a chocolate eater in the first place and could easily live without it. The one way it tempts me is when it it paired with mint. I also hate little fish in little tins! Nasty. My worst nightmare would include sardines coated with dark chocolate in an orange sauce....
  13. IowaDee

    Food funnies

    When we first started traveling to Mexico, Bimbo had not yet made it across the border. I used to save the wrappers and pack my travel gifts in them. It was so much fun to watch friends and family when they saw them. I also like the name of the big L.P. Gas Co. It is Gaspasa. I think it may actually be bean powered.😊
  14. IowaDee

    Super Bowl 2019 what's on your menu?

    Count me as another big, big fan of Corner Gas!
  15. IowaDee

    Microscopic Herbs

    Those are just amazing!