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  1. Wonderful story and I so hope just the first of many! We need good news and happy endings like that so badly right now.
  2. Ants! Ive had enough!

    I thinking of asking for a Go Fund Me account to set up a Rent an Anteater business. Think it will fly? Speaking of flying, for a small extra fee, I will add a termite eating attachment,
  3. Fruit

    I got so spoiled, my MIL had close to 1/4 acre of strawberry plants. Living next door allowed me to pick when ever I wanted. The deal was whatever I picked, she would get half. She and I didn't really care for each other very much. When she rototilled up all the plants, I suspected she did it out of spite. Didn't matter much at all because many of our Amish farm wives have huge berry patches and they do all the bend over grunt work.
  4. Fruit

    My experience with the Driscoll brand has been not all that good. I usually get suckered into buying early strawberries. It seems to me their buyers go for the biggest ones they can find. Yes, lots of eye appeal but chances are most of them will be hollow and juiceless. What flesh they do have under that outer perfection will be white and tasteless. Yet, every damn year I seem to forget how bad they or think the outcome will be different. I'd be much better off grabbing a pack of frozen berries
  5. Shall we all share a nice chianti?
  6. Of the many lunches you have shared with us, this ranks high on my "want to eat it" list. Everything looks so good. And may I have your liver Tri2Cook? Hee, hee, that sounds a bit wicked doesn't it?
  7. I agree with the idea of special material. In fact, they have already stuck that toe in the water with ones on Asian food and also on meats and on vegetables. I think they have also published a cookbook. I like the on-line version too.
  8. One reason they are so expensive is all the odd stuff, stickers, lift the flaps, fold outs removable envelopes, etc they include. Not every issue has all that stuff but there is almost always something you never expected to find. The early issues are by far the best for that type of stuff. Gimmicks, yes, but still damn creative and not cheap to produce. I've seen the first issue sell for more than $150 on eBay.
  9. I just pulled the trigger to order Lucky Peach #23 so we shall see. Hope it survives but if not, I will have a copy of every issue.
  10. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Is there a current Earl of Sandwich? I suspect that the title rightfully belongs to you. I wonder if it comes with a castle?
  11. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Worthy of a James Beard Award for sure! And our Julia is spinning.
  12. Starbuck's Pies

    I think that is a "pieper" a cross between a pie and a diaper.
  13. Oh please don't make me choose. Everyone of those just pushed my buttons. On pain of death, I guess I would opt for the trio of sliders but damn, they all look so good. You do food porn photography as well as you do bird photography!
  14. His ad was the first thing I saw when our copy of Culture came. My husband calls it "bean porn."
  15. Subway 2011–

    You may be on to something. I like green peppers but one of my kids swears they smell like dirt to her. She's fine with any other color but the way. I have to ask her to make a sniffing run to her local Subway and report back.