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  1. igourmet is having a 20% off sale sitewide this weekend. Lots of goodies to be found here and never had a problem with anything.
  2. I now understand the meaning of a Labor Of Love. You are a very lucky lady to be able to inspire something like that. And it will only get better over time....
  3. Happy Birthday. That looks so amazing that I might be tempted to add another year to my already advanced age just to celebrate an extra birthday with that meal.
  4. Oh my, I've been following auctions for back issues of the magazine. Prices for the first issue are just out-a-sight. Would you believe that once #24 arrives later this month, I will own the entire set 1-24. All but two issues are in pristine condition. No flaps lifted, stickers removed or anything tampered with. Might be looking at some decent money here. I have yet to see an entire set come up for auction. And someone asked if the website is going down too. yes, as far as I can tell, it will be or already is. Maybe the whole thing was just to creative for the times?
  5. Well damn, the current show at the Des Moines, Ia Art Center is all about the art of Kintsukuroi. Wish I had been smart enough to recommend something like your macarons as part of the dinner. They are stunning!
  6. Nope, wouldn't know a sea cuke from a sea radish. I used to see local recipes calling for mangos. Good grief they were talking about a certain type of green bell pepper. Not everyone knows local terms and wants to bother chasing them down. Toss the books.
  7. Damn, I've been using cucumber spleen all these years. No wonder everything I made sucked.
  8. Must be something amazing in the air or water in Brooklyn. I friend of mine is the mother of Steve of Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies based there too. I'm more than ready to take a dessert crawl through the neighborhood. Those cakes have been calling to me since I saw the first one pictured here. Very happy that the word is getting out.
  9. Kitchen photos

    I love everything but those lights really call out to me. Just beautiful.
  10. Our local Mexican restaurant is now open for breakfast. They say the serve American ones but we found out they are tickled pink to be asked to cook a typical Mexican one. No menu, just tell them want you want and sit back and wait. We had probably the best chilaquilas in our lives there. Got them half with red sauce and half with green. Left the meat choice up to them. Green came with chicken and the red with beef. Choice of rice or beans and a salad with fresh salsa cruda and guac. Was even asked if we wanted a beer and this was at 8.A.M. We opted for the endless glass of fresh orange. All of this is my way to telling you how we will be celebrating El Cinco de Mayo Friday Morning. To be honest, most Mexicans we know don't make a big deal of the day. In Mexico it is a minor holiday. September 16 is their real Independence Day. In my world any day I can eat good Mexican food qualifies as a holiday!
  11. All right, Let me know and I will send you the details for finding us.
  12. Well, if you were at Terrible's in Osceola, you were less than an hour from our house. We live just outside Bloomfield in Davis Co. So close........and there's always room for a couple of more Smiths around here! And, there is NO time limit when it comes to serving beer.
  13. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    LOL, if your Brie was runny, you fixed cheesy leeks with leaky cheese. Looks good too!
  14. Just bake or buy tarts....problem solved!
  15. That meal is right up my alley. We were talking about which cuisine we would pick if we were limited to only one. Both agreed that we could live on and love Mexican food every day.