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  1. Saw the first wagon loads of combined corn go by yesterday. No bean activity so far. I so agree about the prices but am very worried about them! The line at the elevator is going to be long in a few days if the weather holds. I agree about the politics....a mess for sure.
  2. What an enchanting place that is! All it needs is a "pick your own avocados" at the end.
  3. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2019

    Oh fun, a one woman, three kitten pajama party! I wanna play too.
  4. Loved being able to "share" the journey. What's next on your travel agenda?
  5. IowaDee

    Lunch 2019

    I would be delighted to eat the other shoe. That looks awesome!
  6. I like having the international items in their own spaces. My husband tends to wander off when he gets bored in the store. I know I can ALWAYS go right to the international aisle and find him engrossed in reading labels. He is like a foodie homing pigeon when it comes to foreign foods. He's never met a salsa label he didn't want to read! If the store mixes that stuff in with the other stuff, it may take a search and rescue team to find him. I'd probably have to bell him like a cat if that day ever comes.
  7. Have to ask...any connection to the annual Sheriff's Rodeo held there for many years?
  8. In my mind, I can hear Alton Brown muttering "multi-tasking sir, multi-tasking" while shaking his finger at you. I, on the other hand, say "go for it."
  9. Nope, we have CWD here as well. BTD is caused by a midge. Usually the deer is dead three or so days after the bite. They say the meat is safe to eat but.......not sure I would. Also spreads to goat and sheep easily and cattle as well. Very scary. Had a beautiful buck die at the edge of the southern end of the pond from CWD several years. I so agree, it is horrifying..
  10. Shelby, a tad off topic but are the deer in your area suffering from Blue Tongue Disease? It is a disaster around here. A friend was creek walking, looking for arrowheads recently and found eight dead deer. Just sickening..... As usual, I'm loving your hunting blog and seeing Chum.
  11. Puffy or not, all I know is that it is watching me! Can you see the face?
  12. I just remembered there was a movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" It came out in 1978. Maybe your tomato has a tie in with a planned sequel? Might be looking for people to star in it. Shelby can be the first egullet movie star.
  13. Hold it up close to your ear and see if it whispers "Take me to your salad". Or "Peel me, you die".
  14. Looks to me as if the tomato is undergoing a round of acupuncture.
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