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  1. Hi EG family- this is IowaDee's daughter- I guess you can call me IowaG. I'm down for the weekend helping dad with some projects, and saw this conversation on the forum. I wanted you to know how much you all meant to her and how much she loved talking food, family, critters and every other topic with ya'll. She was truly my best friend, and I miss her so much. To anyone who says online friends aren't "real" friends...malarkey. Where else can someone in rural Iowa talk about durian (she didn't like it!), birding (this is the first time in 20 years her bird count won't be part of the official Backyard Bird Count for Cornell) and books. I won't talk about what happened with her the last months of her life, but I will say we had a peaceful and lovely last day, sitting on a rooftop patio at the hospital, watching butterflies among beautiful flowers. I will say to you what I said to my friends- if there's someone who brings light and joy into your world, tell them that. The last thing I got to say to my mom is that I loved her. Don't hold off saying that.
  2. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2021

    With your amazing breakfasts, I fully except to be wishing Mo a Happy 90th Birthday! Can't think of a much better reason to ht the floor in the morning!
  3. IowaDee

    Dinner 2021

    Here in Iowa, we trap our scallops. Don't have to pick all that buckshot out of them.
  4. Iowa reporting in.....skinny (unlike the shape of many of the residents!). Too much skinny makes fatties!
  5. When we had a new roof installed several years ago, most of the workers were wearing ankle monitors. This was from an old local company. One of the younger, clean cut kid without a monitor asked to use the phone. I noticed him looking around but put it out of my mind. Guess what, two weeks later the house was broken into and robbed while we were at work. Found out later they used the clean cut guy to ask to use the phone and I fell for it. They also had spotters out to let them know when we left work. We were less than 10 minutes from home. The creeps even took food out of the freezer. Never been caught and the company is still in business. No wonder the Amish had such a ready-made niche to fill. How do I know all this? One of the on site supervisors was married to the Friends of the Library group president..They have changed their hiring practices since then
  6. And if they're that shoddy out in the open, what in the hell went on out of sight? The Amish tore down an entire house of ours and left less of a mess.
  7. I think lucky bamboo is related to the dracena family. They both call for 2.2.2. strength fertilizer. We have at least 10 lucky bamboo plants, they are slow growers I did buy a couple of the ones that had been trained to curl around a center post but the new growth wasn't willing to play along. The two oldest plants, probably five years, are about three feet high and have never been pruned or trimmed. I love the tropical look they add to the house in winter. And you never know when a Panda will come along and mistake one of the plants for the real thing!
  8. The double yolkers we get have smaller than usual yolks so, all in all there isn't much gain in volume. As a kid I was convinced that a double yolked egg would hatch into co-joined chickens. Never did see any though.
  9. She was the first one who showed just how incredibility generous people here are. The above posts are proof of that. I'll miss her bird posts most of all I think. Reading her posts was almost like sitting at her kitchen table wasn't it?
  10. Something to do with making kraut? I have no clue.
  11. I was with my husband while he had several burn debridement treatments. Not something either of us wants to do again. Very glad you are about back to normal. Yes, wear shoes!
  12. Yes, near me is the amazing Seed Savers Project in Decorah, Iowa. Wal-Mart still carries what I think are the real ones. At this point in time I really have no interest in growing my own though. All those who do keep unique strains going should have a special spot at the table in Heaven!
  13. On the same track. I notice, here at least, that poblanos are looking more and more like Anaheims... I always used to think of poblanos as heart shaped but no more. This newer version is harder to stuff. Are we going to end up with a single chili in the future?
  14. Poor misguided worms....they made a right turn and ended up in the plum jam when they meant to land in the tequila bottle.
  15. But there has never been a cleaner worm on the face of the earth!
  16. LOL, I never washed a green until well into retirement!
  17. I'm with you, it all goes for a merry-go-round ride in the salad spinner! Don't want to end up with something that isn't the brass ring!
  18. If you have ever watched the film, The Homesman, you know what constant wind can do to a person....
  19. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, I used to feel sorry for all those snow bound ones who got new bikes and roller skates from Santa. I suppose those same kids felt sorry for me because I couldn't build a snowman or have a snowball fight? The grass is always greener and the snow is always whiter on the other side isn't it?
  20. The food looks amazing but what really fills me with envy is that bare foot. Imagine being able to walk around shoe-less on Christmas... boggles my mind.
  21. I currently have one grocery store and no farmers' market. The store likes the idea of bigger is better when it come to carrots, cukes, zucchinis and more. The baby carrots are pre-packaged and from out of state. Will be very happy when shopping trips involve choices again!
  22. What next? Some chef is going to fill a salad bowl with lettuce, carrot, spinach and radish seeds and call it "Unborn Veggie Salad". All the foodies looking for the latest trend will worship at his feet. Baby carrots are usually just old tough ones peeled down to almost their cores and pretty tasteless.
  23. Don't know if this qualifies, but the label on the meat at my local market says "Grown and harvested in Iowa. I get this horrible mental image of people skipping through a meadow and picking chickens off the poultry tree . Or maybe watching the John Deere beef baler carefully wrap up a side of beef. Rows of wee lambs ripening on bushes......
  24. I have every single issue! Once I realized that they might become collectible, I left them pretty much untouched except for removing the blow-in ads. Never hurts to invest in the first issue of a new magazine. Did that with Playgirl and it proved a smart move too.
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