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  1. Anna was so very nice to me. She will be sorely missed.
  2. OMG! I am shocked! She was very good to me. She sent me two cards when I was in the nursing and therapy facility. She will be sorely missed. RIP, Heidi
  3. Chess Cake? I haven't had it, but it always seems to get rave reviews.
  4. I cut them lenghwise. I like the extra room for piping on "filling."
  5. I was looking for unique recipes the other day. One was ham balls in pineapple preserves. Apricot sounds good!
  6. The three most popular potluck items around here are usually, mac & cheese, baked beans, and deviled eggs.
  7. Yeah, Mom had Tupperware ones years ago.
  8. I have two of the Rubbermaid deviled egg trays w/ lids.
  9. I have three family reunions coming up.
  10. It can be any dish-to-pass and I'm willing to make anything.
  11. What are your favorite summer potluck dishes (recipes)? I usually bake brownies! LOL
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