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  1. Luckily several wonderful bakeries in Portland. I'm old enough that I've gotten numerous bakeries. Hungry Hero Portland Cheesecake Pix Patisserie
  2. hongda

    Using koji to "age" steaks

    Another take on Koji aging from Bon Appetit Bon Appetit
  3. hongda

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    Maybe try something along the lines of this to get the smokiness? Covered dutch oven with a few ramekins of water and liquid smoke. https://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2009/12/oven-smoked-pulled-pork-shoulder.html
  4. Anova on clearance at Target. Ringing up at $64.50 around me. https://brickseek.com/target-inventory-checker/?sku=072-10-0414 Plug in your zip code to check local availability.
  5. I don't post much, but I frequent these forums on a daily basis. I joined back in my mid 20's, and all the regular egulleteers are perpetually in their mid-20's in my head, even though I have aged and had to deal with similar issues with my grandparents, and now my parents generation.
  6. hongda

    Cake Memories

    Reminded me of this video about Valerie Gordon, food anthropologist and baker. Her bakery specializes in bringing cakes back from the past.
  7. Blue apron gift cards now at Costco. 2X$50 Gift cards for $65.....
  8. I love these guys' taste tests.. Tabi Eats
  9. hongda

    Breville Smart Oven Air

    Amazon has matched the $320 price.
  10. This video reminded me of this thread
  11. hongda

    Vietnamese "Red" Chicken?

    Was it grilled, stew, or .... If grilled the closest thing I can find is http://missadventureathome.blogspot.com/2011/07/ga-nuong-chao-fermented-bean-curd-bbq.html
  12. hongda

    Vietnamese "Red" Chicken?

    Think Dcarch is referring to Cha Siu.
  13. This place's Yelp mentions a California burrito with Carne Asada and French Fries http://jalapeno-mex.com/mexfoodmenu/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/jalapeno-mex-food-seattle?osq=french+fries+burrito Down here we have the "Oregon" Burrito, which has Carne Asado, pico, and french fries https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g52051-d4647157-r283232756-Muchas_Gracias_Mexican_Food-Saint_Helens_Oregon.html
  14. Had a wonderful dinner last night at Twisted Filipino Popup. Chef LaMagna aims to introduce more diners to the cuisine of the Philippines. Link This was my first time at a popup, so not sure what to expect. The dinner was coordinated by Feastly which made the process easy. It was an enjoyable evening, with communal tables and lot of entertaining chit chat. The highlight of the evening for me was the sticky rice with bone marrow, it was luscious, bright and bitter in the right places.