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  1. HungryChris

    Lunch 2019

    For medical reasons I'd rather not get into, I've been confined to the house this season (no garden, no clamming). One of the things I miss most, is the shopping, where I would come up with the evening meal, but I digress.... Deb picked up this snow crab cluster for me as a little lunch gift / offering the other day and after just a few minutes in the IPot, it was ready. I am pretty sure that I enjoy crab more than lobster. We have to get more of these!! HC
  2. Beautifully done, great presentation, as always. Thanks, @shain!! HC
  3. Great posts from what looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks! HC
  4. HungryChris

    Breakfast 2019

    BLFGT on a toasted English muffin. HC
  5. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    Caesar salads and garlic, chili and lime shrimp skewers. HC
  6. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    @Shelby, That Greek salad looks good enough to dive into, as does the pizza! It is my belief that the olives and feta cheese are more than half the Greek salad battle. I have found that the feta cheese from TJ's is one of the best around these parts and have switched to kalamata olives after watching one of my favorite Greek salads being made at a restaurant that is sadly now closed. I include romaine lettuce, but I am inspired by yours to try it even without the lettuce. Just looking at yours is an inspiration. Well done. HC
  7. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    @kayb, It is a thing my grandmother always did. Even as a young kid, I used to marvel at how well it kept in the heat. I just never gave any other serving option much thought. HC
  8. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    More fried green tomatoes with crab meat in warm garlic butter. HC
  9. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    I have read that some Whole Foods will make green tomatoes available on request. Unfortunately, the nearest WF is quite a few miles from me, which makes delivery not available. As I have said before, I believe the commodity is there, but is currently being wasted, because it is not yet recognized for the opportunity that it represents, but will ultimately find its way into the marketplace where it belongs. HC
  10. HungryChris

    Lunch 2019

    Off on a small errand excursion today. I wanted sushi and many a recent discussion about Burger King prompted Deb to get a Whopper. Neither of us have had one in many a year. I think Deb was disappointed eating it, and I was happy I chose otherwise just looking on. HC
  11. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    I do get some from a local farmer at the end of the season, but I would like to be able to get them throughout the year and I just think that is only a matter of having the right people recognize that there is a market for them and making it happen. HC
  12. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why green tomatoes are not available year round. Years ago, when I worked in a restaurant, all I had to do was ask my produce distributer for them and he was happy to comply, as if getting rid of them was a problem. I have written many emails to local supermarkets, stating that there would be a market, should any of them choose to carry them. I get the same lame, kind of rolled eye response from them all. I honestly think they are missing out. I doubt that I am the only one who would enjoy FGT year round, if I was able to. I also love green tomato pickles, but have a hard time getting enough to make very many. HC
  13. HungryChris

    Dinner 2019

    Love Salads and fried green tomatoes topped with warm garlic buttered crab meat. The mandatory garlic toast and Crystal hot sauce appeared after the photographer left the building. Unfortunately, I was unable to have a garden this year and was lamenting to Deb how much I missed FGT. Apparently she was telling that to a customer at the truck shop who was kind enough to hook me up with some beautiful green tomatoes from his garden. Thank you Fred!!!! HC
  14. I do not grind a lot of meat, but like to have the ability to when needs arise. I have the KitchenAid attachment and find that it does a fine job. I do make sure the meat to be ground is very cold / semi-frozen. As far as cleanup, I simply take it apart, rinse it under hot water and put all the parts in the dishwasher. My space is limited and the idea of having a separate machine to bring up from the basement has little appeal to me. If I was to start hunting deer again, I would probably change my attitude and approach, but, the KitchenAid is fine for me currently. HC
  15. As a younger and (out of necessity) more frugal person, one of my favorite cuts of meat was the lamb shank, with plenty of salt and pepper, cooked on the grill. They were cheap cuts back then, until Emeril Lagasse made that bargain go away. I still remember watching him talk about them on his show one day, which ended something like: "Lamb shanks, if you see 'em, you get 'em, baby!!" Within a month, the price of lamb shanks more than tripled and I was forced to find something else for dinner. HC
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