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Found 513 results

  1. Anonymous Modernist 7751

    Water Pumps

    So all, I've built my own temp regulator with a PID controller and outlet to control a heating element (I'm currently using my slow cooker). My question: what do you use to circulate your water? I saw the lightobject pump and the reviews say it's not submersible (what does this mean? should I get hoses to connect to the pump parts?). Is there a better/easier to use pump.
  2. Anonymous Modernist 847

    Perforated Spoons

    Does anyone know where I can find the perforated spoons that I always see being used in spherification demos? There is a picture of one being used on this site as well.
  3. Anonymous Modernist 10517

    [Modernist Cuisine at Home] Aromatic Chicken Broth

    I'm trying to make the aromatic chicken broth recipe from Modernist Cuisine at Home (p 266) and am very confused about the spice amounts. The recipe says: Star anise / 4g / 1 star anise Black peppercorns / 4 g / 1/2 tsp The problem is those volumes don't come close to matching the given weights. 4g of star anise is almost 5 whole star anise pods, and matches what appears to be in the photo for step 3. Same for the peppercorns: it appears the volume is off by 4x to get the amount shown in picture 3. Which one is correct? 4 star anise pods in 4.5 cups of broth seems like an awful lot? Neil
  4. Anonymous Modernist 15197

    Soy Milk

    Does anyone have any experience using sous vide techniques for making soy milk? I was hoping that I could vacuum seal the ground soy beans with some water and leave them to stew at 180 or so for an hour, but wanted to see whether anyone has already experimented with this...
  5. We have a whole table for cooking whole eggs. What sort of texture do you prefer?
  6. Anonymous Modernist 16032

    Ultrasound to better infuse flavors

    can some ultrasonic device be used to better and faster infuse added flavoiurs on a meat? I think of equipment similar that is used in cosmetics so that skin absorbs creams deaper...
  7. Anonymous Modernist 2308

    Errata in the 2nd printing

    I just had a look at the errata page and noticed that it was dated April 26, 2011.Are there plans for similar list for the second printing? I assume that while most of the errors on the list will have been corrected (I haven't checked yet), some new ones might have crept in?
  8. Anonymous Modernist 24223

    Optimum Sous Vide Strategies for Bulk Buy Foods

    Hi All, One of the features of sous vide that interests me is the ability to cook and rapidly chill food for later reheating and serving. While this is great for storing your 72 hour-cooked short ribs, I'd like to learn more about strategies to adopt when coming home from the store with freezer-destined meat including steaks, chicken, salmon etc. One option I am considering is the following: Sear > Seal > Cook > Chill > Freeze > Reheat (1 degree lower) > Sear > Serve The other is: Sear > Seal > Chill > Freeze > Cook > Sear > Serve The questions I have are the following: 1) Does cooking from frozen (in any scenario) result in measurably less-favourable results than simply refrigerating? 2) If not, then would there be a preferred option? 3) Does this vary depending upon the protein/vegetable? If so, how? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, John
  9. Anonymous Modernist 18180

    Hazelnutbutter smoothed with Pectinase?

    Topic almost says it all. I love hazelnut butter, but it always turns out grainy. I guess the graininess is from the fiber content, so it should be mainly cellulose held together with hemicellulose and pectin. So my thought was to chop them up and heat them in alkaline water, OR let pectinase work the half chopped deskinned nuts for a while. Then afterwards drain, roast, and grind smooth... So before I start experimenting, I would like to hear if anyone here has anything to say to the idea.
  10. Anonymous Modernist 327

    [Modernist Cuisine] Pasta (3•381)

    Several of us over at the eG Forumshave tried making the standard wheat pasta listed on volume 3 and have found the dough to be much too firm to use with rollers. Was this dough specifically designed for an extruder? If so, how would you modify it to work with a roller? I think most of us have simply added more water to get to a workable texture, but of course you could add more egg or oil as well.
  11. Anonymous Modernist 12636

    [Modernist Cuisine at Home] Freezing Garlic Confit

    Wife is out this weekend and I was thinking I should double batch Garlic Confit while she's away. Has anyone experimented with putting it in the freezer?
  12. Anonymous Modernist 2103

    Determing when brining is complete

    Hello! I was hoping someone could sanity check my work here on the calculation for determining when a brine will be complete using the equation on page 3-171 (6-101). The example uses a 1,000 g of pork chops as an example with 7g for salt and 100g for water, I am assuming this is using Scaling no. 2 with the basic brine based on the percentages...But my question is, If I am using Scaling 1 of the basic brine, how do the numbers correlate for equation. Here's what I did using Scaling 1: Weight of Meat: 275g Weight of water: 523g (water almost 2:1 based on recommendation from 3-170) Total: 798g (meat + water) 1% of total = 7.98g .4% of total = 3.192g So, according to the equation, S = 100 x 7.98 / (7.98 + 523) = 1.503 Then,assuming a final salinity of .7%, T = 275 + (.7 x 275 / 1.503) = 403g!!!! The weight of the meat can't possibly gain 128g right? After doing that, I tried using scaling 2 for determining the calculation (even though I originally used scaling 1). With doing that, I came up with the following result: I set 523g (the weight of the water) to 100%, and used 36.61g for the weight of salt (7% of 523g): S = 100 x 36.61g / (36.61 + 523) = 3,661/559.61 = 6.54 (which interestingly matches the example in the book)... and T = 275 + (.7 x 275 / 6.54) = 304.434g. This seemed like a much more realistic number, so I'm going to use this one. So I guess I'm asking, are my calcuations correct? Is what I did ok? Using Scaling 1 for brining the meat, and then using scaling 2 for determing when it will be ready? Thank you!
  13. Anonymous Modernist 7819

    [Modernist Cuisine] Osso Buco Milanese

    I decided to give the Osso Buco Milanese out of Volume 5 a shot. It turned out delicious in the end, but in retrospect I did have a few questions after making the dish: 1. Is the marrow from the braised veal foreshank to be used for the marrow custard, or is it better to use marrow from new bones? I used both, and it was delicious, but the instructions were not clear to me. It makes sense in my mind that you wouldn't want to use the marrow from the braised shank, but I didn't want to waste any... 2. For the Gremolata Crisp, the recipe specifies to leave rice "specks" in the batter, as well as coarsely ground black peppercorn. I was able to do this, although the ISI Whip manual specifies to strain everything before creaming to prevent particulates from occluding the exit port. Indeed, this did happen to me and I was only able to dispense the foam by repeatedly actuating the valve. Did I just leave the particles too coarse, or did I miss something else? Thanks!
  14. Anonymous Modernist 13704

    Modernist Cuisine at Home - errors and typos

    First I want to say Modernist Cuisine at Home is a great book. I received it for Christmas and can't put it down. There is enough information here to get me started. I've found a few errors and typos already. No doubt there are more. Please add any you find to this thread. Page 192, target core temperature table, strip steak - medium rare Celsius and Fahrenheit values don't agree. 55C does not equal 133F. Page XIV, common conversion factors, inconsistent level of precision. Example 1 lb = 453.592 g with 6 digits of precision while 1 g = 0.002 lb with only one. This must have been left to the intern.
  15. Anonymous Modernist 3281

    [Modernist Cuisine] Tomato Spheres with Basil Oil (4•192)

    If you're answering this, please try to address a few of my comments here if you can! Okay... so i spent the last few weeks acquiring a Beckman GS-6R centrifuge. It's a big machine, for a home, but it can only do about 3900g (for about 3L or up to about 4kg of liquid) as opposed to the 40,000g i seem to see so much in the book. For my first centrifuged recipe, I chose to make tomato water. I'd already made this with agar agar, with good success, to make the quite impressive pasta marinara recipe, but it was a lot of work, really. The centrifuge, after about 30 minutes at 3900g gave me a clear, reddish liquid from a couple cans of pureed tomatos, that I suppose I could have gotten more clear. As an experiment, I ran the same samples for an additional 2 hours at 3900g and did not really see much of a difference. Is there a conversion from 40,000 g to 3900g in terms of additional time to centrifuge for? would I ever get the completely clear liquid obtained at the higher g's? Oh well, I figured, for an experiment, this slightly colored liquid would do. I blended in sodium alginate (from modernist pantry), then I made the bath with water and calcium lactate, as the recipe instructed. I made the basil with canola oil and a dash of olive oil because I didn't have grapeseed oil and I wasn't going to make a special trip to the grocery just to grab that. I figured by "grapeseed oil" the recipe meant, "neutral oil," but if grapeseed oil has some kind of special properties that are important, let me know... Everything was at room temperature. There is nothing in the recipe about temperatures of anything, so I figured that would work. It didn't. when I took my spoon and carefully placed a spoonful of the tomato water into the calcium lactate solution, it merely dispersed. I tried a dropper full. I tried another tablespoon full... i tried more carefully lowering it in, allowing the tiniest bit of the calcium lactate solution to just dribble onto the tomato water sodium alginate solution in the spoon. no good. it just wouldn't work for me. I wondered, did i add too little? I followed the recipe to the milligram... So is there any guess as to what went wrong? Is there anything I can do to get this to work better?
  16. MikeMac

    Blenders: Vitamix Vs?

    I use a Vitamix - love it have both the "standard" container and the whole grains container. Everything works great and its fairly easy to maintain by changing out the bottom of the containers and the "sprocket" on the base unit. Now I am seeing adds for Blendtec and Warring products that sound great. More power better containers that mix faster and run quieter. As I am happy with what I have I see no reason to change and when they all plug into a standard 110 Volt 15 Amp outlet I am not sure how much more power the newer blenders can bring to the task as they are limited by the amount of amperage delivered through the electrical circuit. Am I understanding this correctly?
  17. Anonymous Modernist 16800

    Starting out: creative or chef unit?

    Hi guys! I'm just starting out with modernist cooking and my husband is giving me a sous vide machine for my birthday (so spoilt!!). Anyways... He's asked me whether I want the creative or professional model and I thought I would ask on here what everyone thought was appropriate. I obviously have the choice of either but don't want to just choose the most expensive one just because its more expensive if there isn't actually much point for home cooking. Thanks!
  18. Well after great success with the Caramalized Carrot Soup it's time to move onto the French Onion Soup. I've picked up my Preserving Jars 500ml * 4. Anyone got any tips before I proceed, I'm using a Fagor Pressure Cooker which is fine as this is not a sterilastion canning as I take it. I do not have a tray for the bottom of the pressure cooker except for the steamer basket on a trivet which I'll put the cans on or in whichever way you look at it.. I'm not sure how much water to put in. The PC instructions state to put 2 cups in for >20mins cooking so I'll do that as it is a 40min cook. I think that's it! Anyone have any comments before I proceed? I'll get back to you with the results. Reagrds, Vol.
  19. Anonymous Modernist 10517

    [Modernist Cuisine at Home] Brown Beef Stock

    I just made a recipe of brown beef stock using the pork variation. I accurately measured the amount of meat that went in (I used pork spare ribs as indicated) and the amount of the liquids. When all was said and done I had barely 2 c. of stock. This is the second time I've made either brown or pork stock and the yield has been less than half of what's indicated. Is this normal? How on earth are you supposed to get 4 c. of stock from only 3 3/4 c. of starting liquid? Neil
  20. froggiechef

    Rabbit casserole sous vide

    Rabbit casse­role sous-vide!!! Rabbit seems to be the black beast of mol­e­c­u­lar cook­ing!! every­body online seems to let you know that you get mushy tex­ture if cook for to long ? Can‚’t find water bath timetable and temperature table guidance online for that won­der­full piece of meat ”le lapin”. Any advice from you guys on how to get it tex­tureright ? I am plan­ning to do my mother’s recipe "le lapin, moutarde and mushroom casserole‚" Is it dangerous to cook mushrooms or cream below 70°c for long hours ? Many thanks
  21. Anonymous Modernist 5499

    Jaccard Meat Tenderizer

    Hi Modernist Cuisine and followers, One of the recommended tools suggested by MC was the Jaccard 45-Knife Meat Tenderizer. They are not expensive but the jury seems to be out on whether they make a difference. Does anyone use one? How/when? (i.e. what kinds of meat etc.) Are their any Modernist Cuisine recipes that call for a tenderizer...I would love to make a specific dish twice, once with and once without using the tenderizer to decide for myself. Also, I already have a mallet-style tenderizer for carpaccio, so I am wondering if two tenderizers is overkill or if they are completely different in terms of application and results. Happy to try one out but thought I would run it by the group to see if anyone had experience with them. Thanks, Ian
  22. Anonymous Modernist 11787

    [Modernist Cuisine at Home] Pressure vs Vacuum Marinade

    I'm curious about marinating something under pressure versus in a vacuum. The Modernist Cuisine at Home describes a way of marinating inside of a whipping siphon by adding pressure to the marinade. On the other hand, I own a vacuum sealer that came with a specialized container with a hose in the top that attaches to the vacuum, used to marinate. From what I have read, the principle is that the vacuum helps "open the fibers and pours of the meat, allowing the marinade to penetrate more quickly". Considering these approaches are exact opposites, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or input as to which is better or even some sort of further discussion. Thanks, Matt
  23. Hopefully someone can help here, I reached out the MC via email with no luck. I had gone into work a and brought my guide with me to read. i ended up leaving it in the car during the day. The next day when I went to open it, a bunch of the pages were "glued" together. It's as the the page coating had melted and sealed the pages together. Some came apart with some pulling but a few ripped. Any suggestion on how to separate the pages? I'd hate to tear more page especially considering I just got the set from my wife as an anniversary gift. Thanks for any input.
  24. I've made this dish twice now and both time loved it. Everyone who has had it comments on how it is the juiciest and most crisp quail they have ever had. It also helps that the flavors really work well together and balance nicely.
  25. Anonymous Modernist 13376

    Minimum amount of liquid in a pressure cooker

    I have a Fissler pressure cooker, and I'm ready to use it to make the Caramelized Carrot Soup. However, the pressure cooker instructions say that I must not cook anything using less than the minimum amount of liquid they recommend (250 to 300 ml). The soup recipe calls for about halt that amount of liquid (the melted butter plus the water). Is everyone just ignoring that minimum liquid requirement when they caramelize the carrots? Anne