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Found 513 results

  1. This looks to be an inexpensive sous vide circulator: http://shop.vac-star.com/shop/USER_ARTIKEL_HANDLING_AUFRUF.php?darstellen=1&Kategorie_ID=108&Ziel_ID=1092&anzeigen_ab=0&sort=&order=&javascript_enabled=true&PEPPERSESS=012dd988efb2030eaa390a95cd627fde&w=1331&h=746#Ziel1092 Does anybody have any experience with this equipment?
  2. Anonymous Modernist 13376

    Minimum amount of liquid in a pressure cooker

    I have a Fissler pressure cooker, and I'm ready to use it to make the Caramelized Carrot Soup. However, the pressure cooker instructions say that I must not cook anything using less than the minimum amount of liquid they recommend (250 to 300 ml). The soup recipe calls for about halt that amount of liquid (the melted butter plus the water). Is everyone just ignoring that minimum liquid requirement when they caramelize the carrots? Anne
  3. Anonymous Modernist 327

    [Modernist Cuisine] Pasta (3•381)

    Several of us over at the eG Forumshave tried making the standard wheat pasta listed on volume 3 and have found the dough to be much too firm to use with rollers. Was this dough specifically designed for an extruder? If so, how would you modify it to work with a roller? I think most of us have simply added more water to get to a workable texture, but of course you could add more egg or oil as well.
  4. Anonymous Modernist 16032

    Ultrasound to better infuse flavors

    can some ultrasonic device be used to better and faster infuse added flavoiurs on a meat? I think of equipment similar that is used in cosmetics so that skin absorbs creams deaper...
  5. Anonymous Modernist 2906

    Essential oils

    I don't know where to buy essential oils and i'm wondering if they are all edible ? Dominic
  6. Anonymous Modernist 3762


    Does anyone know where to find peelzyme? It is mentioned in the book, and I'm quite interested in using it to peel fruit, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks, -Brian
  7. Anonymous Modernist 18180

    Hazelnutbutter smoothed with Pectinase?

    Topic almost says it all. I love hazelnut butter, but it always turns out grainy. I guess the graininess is from the fiber content, so it should be mainly cellulose held together with hemicellulose and pectin. So my thought was to chop them up and heat them in alkaline water, OR let pectinase work the half chopped deskinned nuts for a while. Then afterwards drain, roast, and grind smooth... So before I start experimenting, I would like to hear if anyone here has anything to say to the idea.
  8. Anonymous Modernist 13704

    Modernist Cuisine at Home - errors and typos

    First I want to say Modernist Cuisine at Home is a great book. I received it for Christmas and can't put it down. There is enough information here to get me started. I've found a few errors and typos already. No doubt there are more. Please add any you find to this thread. Page 192, target core temperature table, strip steak - medium rare Celsius and Fahrenheit values don't agree. 55C does not equal 133F. Page XIV, common conversion factors, inconsistent level of precision. Example 1 lb = 453.592 g with 6 digits of precision while 1 g = 0.002 lb with only one. This must have been left to the intern.
  9. MikeMac

    Getting the most out of spices.

    Ok I understand their are many ways to extract Flavor from spices. Some spices are best toasted dry some are best steeped in a bit of hot oil some reading I have done talks about fat soluble flavors others are water soluble. Any available reference material on this matter?
  10. Anonymous Modernist 749

    Indoor smoking

    I just ordered a Cameron stove-top smoker (I live in an apartment, so outdoor options are prohibited) and was wondering if anybody had tips for the best ways to get smoke absorption with the limits of this setup. I'd like to try the pulled pork recipe in the book finished sous vide, but the 7-hour hot smoke is obviously not repeatable indoors. My current thoughts are: 1. Cut the food into small pieces to maximize surface area. However, it seems the smaller they get, the faster they'll dry out which will limit smoke absorption. 2. Smoke the food multiple times. I remember reading that once the food reaches a certain temperature, smoke absorption stops. Is this true? Is this actually because of the temperature of the food or is it the wet/dry issue discussed in the book? If temperature is an issue, would smoking, cooling, then resmoking work? 3. Use a heavier smoke like oak or mesquite. Would these overpower the pork or would they effectively counteract the limitations of an indoor setup? If anybody has any other thoughts on indoor smoking, I'd be happy to hear them (foods that work best, wood types, temperature/humidity control, etc). I'm looking forward to trying the smoked potatoes, which specifically mention a stove-top smoker.
  11. Anonymous Modernist 17695

    Oven-safe pan with rubber handle

    In the recipe for omelettes in MCAH, p. 147, the shown pan seems to have a plastic or rubber handle. Does anyone know what model this pan is? I've found it a bit hard to find oven-safe pans with that sort of handle.
  12. Anonymous Modernist 4342

    Basic Budget Food Photography Set-up

    I want to try and start taking some great food photos as I document what I cook (especially out of Modernist Cuisine). I was wondering if anyone have some good advice on what to buy and how to set up and light shots against a plain black and plain white background? I think that shots that Scott takes over at Seattlefoodgeek.com are excellent. Maybe someone can speculate on his set-up?
  13. Anonymous Modernist 3207

    Game Meat and Mushiness in Sous Vide

    I have been flipping through the book looking for a discussion and understanding of the issue with low temp game cookery and the science behind the issues. I use a fair amount of both farmed and wild game meat (including some rather odd ones) and have been both disappointed and amazed with the results, but never sure how and why, and more importantly how to replicate them. I made a balontine of rabbit for a our menu recently and poached it sous vide. I cooked it to 60 degrees in a 64 degree bath and it was perfect. I cooked the same one the next week with fresher rabbits to 60 degrees in a 60 degree bath to pasturize and all the loin meat went mushy. I have also had this happen with lamb leg (not sure if it was just a bit to old or the acidic marinade did it but 24 hours later it was trash.
  14. Anonymous Modernist 6927

    Using manitol to make edible eggshell

    was wondering if anyone knew how to use this product ?
  15. Anonymous Modernist 301

    iPhone application from PolyScience

    Polyscience has published an iPhone application that computes sous vide cooking time as well as 6.5 reductions and other metrics. It is very nicely done, it includes a chart and countdown and coutup timer -- all in all a professional applcation. However, the cook times do not correspond with those in the MC 1-5. Also, all of the recommneded times are not highlighted. Any chance the MC kitchen can develop its own application? Work with Polyscience to offer an alternative? From the data collected, this should be relatively easy. Polyscience sells its applcation for $4.99 via iTunes. I do recommend it, but with temperature reservations. I have verified that the termperatures in the MC 1-5 correspond better for my tastes.
  16. Anonymous Modernist 2103

    Determing when brining is complete

    Hello! I was hoping someone could sanity check my work here on the calculation for determining when a brine will be complete using the equation on page 3-171 (6-101). The example uses a 1,000 g of pork chops as an example with 7g for salt and 100g for water, I am assuming this is using Scaling no. 2 with the basic brine based on the percentages...But my question is, If I am using Scaling 1 of the basic brine, how do the numbers correlate for equation. Here's what I did using Scaling 1: Weight of Meat: 275g Weight of water: 523g (water almost 2:1 based on recommendation from 3-170) Total: 798g (meat + water) 1% of total = 7.98g .4% of total = 3.192g So, according to the equation, S = 100 x 7.98 / (7.98 + 523) = 1.503 Then,assuming a final salinity of .7%, T = 275 + (.7 x 275 / 1.503) = 403g!!!! The weight of the meat can't possibly gain 128g right? After doing that, I tried using scaling 2 for determining the calculation (even though I originally used scaling 1). With doing that, I came up with the following result: I set 523g (the weight of the water) to 100%, and used 36.61g for the weight of salt (7% of 523g): S = 100 x 36.61g / (36.61 + 523) = 3,661/559.61 = 6.54 (which interestingly matches the example in the book)... and T = 275 + (.7 x 275 / 6.54) = 304.434g. This seemed like a much more realistic number, so I'm going to use this one. So I guess I'm asking, are my calcuations correct? Is what I did ok? Using Scaling 1 for brining the meat, and then using scaling 2 for determing when it will be ready? Thank you!
  17. Anonymous Modernist 12377

    Buring Pressure Cooker

    Hi-- I just bought a 8qt Fagor pressure cooker (My first), after getting the cookbook yesterday. I tried to make the pork belly adobo, and after 45 minutes it was completely burnt. I used to think I was a pretty good cook. What did I do wrong? My stove is the regular 6 burner gas viking. thanks
  18. Anonymous Modernist 13231

    [Modernist Cuisine] Roasted chicken in combi oven

    To clarify the instructions, does "cook in convection mode at 62C" mean to cook with 0% steam?
  19. Anonymous Modernist 738

    Infrared/Catalytic Char-broilers

    In MC, I wassurprisedto see the only mention of catalytic technique inchar-broilersas: "(charcoal) radiates heat with an intensity much greater than can be mustered by all but a few exotic catalytic gas grills." p.2-10, ...especially considering a main focus of the book is on 'exotic' methods and modern equipment! Does anyone have a review of current commercial grade catalytic charbroilers? TEC has even produced them domestically in South Carolina since 2006, and recently sold the technology to ITW/Vulcan -so we may see a new line out of Vulcan soon. I've been looking into the Rankin Delux TurboBroiler TB-3 or TB-8 series, and the TEC Searmaster II specifically. Any other brand name review and model is welcomed as well, those are the two i have found most interesting, reasonably priced, and available. Charcoal is a difficult proposition in my commercial kitchen, and indoors in general. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with this type of charbroiler. It becomes difficult at first to give credibility to these devices when claims of "searing in juices" and juice meters are plastered all over theiradvertising, however I would also like to see if anyone has discussion on the different effects of dehydration that wouldoccurbetween this type, gas burner with radiant element/lava rock, and charcoal charbroiler. with the radiant catalytic element type, there is significantly less convection around the product being cooked -which keeps me interested in them. Does anyone have any relevant input?
  20. I make my own Vanilla extract works great I get Everclear alcohol pour out maybe 20% of the product stuff the bottle with split Vanilla beans then shake and store for a couple months and have great Vanilla. I have done the same thing with Rum. I use the over proof alcohol as I was told that it "extracted" the flavour from the vanilla beans better. My questions 1) Do I need to use the Everclear alcohol? Does the higher % of alcohol give a better extraction? What is the best ratio of beans to liquid? 2) What is a good on line source of top quality Vanilla beans? This year for X-mass presents I think I will give people home made vanilla so I will need at least a kilo of beans and in searching on line getting prices all over the map. Any recommendations? Companies that ship to Canada are preferred.
  21. Have a creamy vinaigrette recipe in which I'd like to replace an egg yolk. Is liquid soy lecithin the best substitute and if so what is the equivalent amount of LSL per yolk? Thanks.
  22. Love the new book, but somewhat overwhelming. Looking to hear from others what they have cooked up so far that they really love. Especially those that do not require out of the ordinary equipment. Thanks in advance. Gary
  23. Anonymous Modernist 4342

    Pop Rocks

    So I have been wanting to serve some savory pop rocks for a little while and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with flavoring them. More specifically I am talking about these http://www.modernistpantry.com.....candy.html . It says on modernist pantry that they can be flavored with any fat based substance. The flavors I want to do would be Bacon, Chicken 'N' Waffles, Foie Gras, and White Truffle. My thought is to take some N-Zorbit and make a powder from these substances and simply toss the unflavored popping candy in my flavoring powder. Am I way off? Any different way to do this?
  24. Anonymous Modernist 17880

    $60 Home built sous vide controller - success!!!

    I wanted to share with you that we've had great success with a $60 dollar temperature control kit. We are sous vide converts! Here's a link to the build blog if you are interested in building your own. http://arduinoforgoodnotevil.blogspot.ca/2013/05/modernist-cuisine-diy-sous-vide-part-2.html I don't sell the kits, but there's a link on my blog if you are curious.
  25. Anonymous Modernist 3357

    the giradet method

    Hi on page 2-24 there is a guide to cook you fish under the broiler. I layed the fish on shallots and covered the fish(salmon filet)in white wine with only the skin above the wine. pretty quickly after the fish whent under det broiler the skin startet turning dark, wich only made the proces of burned skin faster after 6 min in the oven the skin was burnt and the fish still raw inside Did I miss something in the guide or do you have any suggestions to what I might do different next time? Sincerely Soeren