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  2. We met with a friend who lives in BA. He chose restaurant Sucre. Very nice. "Early" 8 PM dinner allowed us to have a table by the kitchen. Two dishes were outstanding: tongue pastrami and pork cooked on a spit. There is a glass wine tower n the middle of the restaurant.
  3. Lunch in another parilla Las Lilas resulted in much better quality meat. And I got to try blood sausage. It was pudding like in texture and tasted very mildly. Local Patagonia beer arrived in Stella Artois glass. Puffed potatoes for side dish.
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  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Fresh baked haddock, broccoli rabe and boiled potatoes. HC
  6. Electric Flour Mills

    The Mockmill was designed by the guy who developed the KOMO?
  7. Here. The inventor of the Instant Pot is looking for even greatest sales on Black Friday this year than last year.
  8. I have one. I cannot say that I use it for more than stock.
  9. I'm still undecided about picking one up. As much as y'all are really giving yours a workout, I'm not entirely persuaded that I'll actually use it much. Oddly, it's the yogurt function that might tip the balance. I've often toyed with the notion of buying a yogurt-maker, but just couldn't bring myself to spring for another single-use gizmo. The IP would scratch that itch, and anything else I eventually do with it would be a bonus. Of course aficionados typically describe the Vitamix machine as "life-changing," and I use mine to, uh...crush ice. Occasionally. So I'm still hesitant...
  10. Aldi

    Walmart has good data people telling them what they can overcharge on. You think they have low prices, so you'll buy things without actually checking. Many places that advertise their low prices, or which have a reputation for having good prices, do the same thing.
  11. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    that looks particularly like school cafeteria guacamole though. not something I'd want in a restaurant... or in my home.
  12. The difference is that you probably drank the milk from one (or a small number of cows) cow. Commercially distributed milk is the commingled milk of many hundreds or thousands of cows. One infected cow contaminates the whole batch.
  13. Try a bit more heat - alternating heat and cold to get them to round up. What temperature chocolate are you using?
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    It was hot, hot, hot here today so dinner is more appropriate to summertime than mid-November! Chicken (meant to be chopped and included in the salad, but I forgot), old-time macaroni salad like my mom made, yellow and red tomato, deviled eggs (little peewee eggs - so cute!) and buttered roll.
  15. I just can't cook __________!

    I never made a truly juicy turkey until I bought a Nesco.
  16. Camping, Princess Style

    Travel well and be safe. I have to admit that I'd have probably figured out a way to stay home for a week or two with that lovely snow. Snowbirds follow the sun. What do you call folks who follow the snow?
  17. OMG! I just tried panning for the first time!!! FUN!!!! Should not have done espresso beans for the first attempt, but I did. So there we go. Must have morphed into a human Tigger, eating them....'cause I'm bouncing off the walls right now. Process: started with ChocoVision's panner. Left in 2 of the agitators. 450g espresso beans, coated with gum arabic. Pics include the set up, and the final product. Used approx 900g of 72%, tempered. 40g Confectioner's glaze..and damn! that stuff STINKS!!!!! Will maybe leave the agitators out next time, cause I am inclined to think they are responsible for dinging the chocolate coating and giving a blotchy/ coat. I was irritated at first because, honestly....deer poop looks better than these do. Like, more uniform, you know? (Not that I examine deer poop extensively, but we have a lot of the up here, so I see a lot of it. Whatever.) Anyways, I had the air at 61F blowing in there. I thought I'd need the agitators to break apart the chocolate covered beans, but maybe if I did less at a time, it would be easier to manage. So here it is. (Not proud of it, but thought it was fun to play with.)
  18. Great hard-to-find condiments

    I think you may want to decide if you want to sell under the currently available brands, in their packaging, or if you want to repackage for sale. I don't know the regulations vis a vis being a producer rather than a more passive importer. In any case it pays to shop around: a quick look on the internet came up with a low price of $88/1000g. The only supplier I am familiar with is Herbie's, because that's what they sell at my local store. They seem to only deal in small packs. I'm intrigued by Outback Pride because they appear to be doing good things with the aboriginal communities and are producers, not just marketers. I have bought their sauces from the supermarket so I know they have a viable business. And a social-good story is a selling point. Maybe contact them about pricing to your market. Don't forget the Aussie dollar is pretty low these days. It appears that DMT is found in the bark and leaves so you should be right with seeds sold by any of the bush tucker suppliers. Good luck!
  19. Camping, Princess Style

    YEAH!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful season of travel with the animals and each other. Can't wait ot her what you are doing. Course MY idea is heading to Duluth for the hawk migration in September then down to Corpus Christi. Unfortunately Veracruz has kinda been taken off our tour. Any new places? Anything you are going to look for?
  20. Aldi

    Appreciate the info. Thanks.
  21. Anna , glad to see rice flour worked for you. It is pretty amazing when you see the difference between bread flour and rice flour. BTW, winter is coming, and I am sure any white dusting outside will be taken for snow.
  22. It was 94 F here today. Notsupposed to have to run the air conditioner the day before Thanksgiving. So happy to "ride along" with you as you enjoy your trek.
  23. Electric Flour Mills

    If you are looking for a stone mill, in terms of pricing, most are quite expensive new, though you can find them used on ebay at fairly good prices $150 to $250 or so, and the latest arrival on the market is very attractively priced at around $260 https://breadtopia.com/store/mockmill-100-grain-mill/ I haven't used the Mockmill, or even seen it, but have read a few good reviews, and the price point is pretty attractive for a stone mill. BTW, it would not surprise me if the Mockmill grinds flour more finely than the Komo Classic - I have a classic, and while the flour is fine for bread baking, it is coarser than the flour I get from my Lee Household Mill . I can't actually measure fineness, but I have started sifting freshly milled flour the last few weeks, and far more is left in the sifter when I use the Komo than when I use the Lee.
  24. I thought I should report on my first attempt to include a cookie in a bonbon. I used Ina Garten's recipe for shortbread cookies, rolling the dough between 1/4 and 1/2" thick and cutting circles about 1" in diameter (the smallest cutter I have); I baked them until they were crisp and just starting to brown. I then created a dark chocolate shell (a deep cavity). I piped in a little salted caramel. On top of that, I piped in almond gianduja, making sure the caramel was totally covered. I left quite a bit of space above the almond. I dropped one of the cookies on top, then covered each with more almond. I capped the bonbons and just finished eating one. It is definitely something I will make again. Because the cookie is surrounded by gianduja, it is still crisp--and should stay crisp--though that is something I will watch. I did not cover the caramel with cocoa butter to keep it from softening the cookie, but that might be necessary if its moisture migrates to the cookie. I made several different thicknesses of cookie. The best ones were the thinnest, so in the future I will cut the individual pieces 1" in diameter and about 1/4" in height, then flatten them a bit so that they will come closer to filling the cavity side to side (this would depend on what diameter your cavities are). I think it's important to pipe the gianduja two times, as otherwise the cookie will probably leave gaps, and it is my understanding that air spaces in bonbons are not good. Final bit of information: I tested the free water activity of the cookie (see earlier in this thread for a warning I had received about this issue), and it was only 0.20. For those unfamiliar with such readings, that is very low.
  25. Aldi

    I havent used it yet. Ziploc also has one too
  26. Crumb from the Pain Rustique baked in the GE profile oven
  27. Camel Milk

    We are no stranger to camel milk - check out Lior's posts here and maybe ask her.
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