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  1. Chocolate and orange. I like chocolate, I like orange, I like white chocolate + orange, I even like candied orange peels dipped in chocolate. But milk or dark chocolate flavoured with orange - gakk. And bitter melon. My entire family loves it. I can't stand it.
  2. It's the day one buys Instant Pots.
  3. Beebs

    Cold Noodles--Cook-Off 33

    Had everything planned for cold sesame noodles last night. Except got home and had only buckwheat noodles. So, zaru soba for dinner instead! So delicious....
  4. Beebs

    Cold Noodles In Sesame Sauce

    Yum - love cold sesame noodles! Haven't tried this recipe though. Don't bother with tahini, it's the wrong flavour. If you can't find Chinese sesame paste, add some toasted sesame oil to the PB. Or toast some sesame seeds & grind it up yourself. I use both PB & sesame paste together. Splash of Chinese black vinegar instead of plain white. I also like a scoop of Lao Gan Ma crispy chili sauce in there. And if you can get it, minced salted pickled mustard vegetable (zha cai) - brings it to the next level! Don't be afraid to thin that sauce out or make more sauce than you think you need. I find the noodles get a bit stodgy after awhile from sucking up all that sauce, especially if you're having leftovers for lunch the next day. Oh yeeaaah...this is going on the menu rotation this week, we've got some summer-ish weather in the forecast!
  5. Beebs


    Our family hosted a party with a whole goat on a rotisserie a bunch of years ago, catered by a Greek restaurant. It was excellent! Not too gamey at all. We might be doing it again this year, for my brother's wedding. Either goat or lamb.
  6. Beebs

    Favorite Homemade Sauces for Pasta

    I don't love cacio e pepe - do I lose my eGullet card?? Probably because I don't love loads of black pepper on stuff. Almost forgot about aglio e olio, which is about the easiest sauce there is (notwithstanding C&P...). Sometimes with a bit of crushed chilis or anchovies thrown in for fun. I like this with a side of roast chicken.
  7. Beebs

    Favorite Homemade Sauces for Pasta

    That's lovely looking sauce, Weinoo. I'm in the same sauce category as Smithy & Darienne - boring, whip it out fast as possible, don't think. Generally something in the (canned) tomato variety or carbonara. Our two favourites are puttanesca or arrabiata, which are both quick to make and I usually have the ingredients for them on hand.
  8. Holy moly. The guy was fired for being an a**hole to his coworkers, not for being French. I'm curious what the Human Rights Tribunal ruling would be. My understanding (from employment lawyers) is that the HRT more often than not tends to rule in the employee's favour. I hope Milestones has really good documentation.
  9. Beebs

    Breakfast for a Long Distance Runner

    I envy your friend's non-fussiness for pre-marathon food! That being said, I'm rather surprised she isn't picky about what she can eat before a marathon. Generally, long distance racers follow a rule of "don't do anything new" - meaning, she would be eating the thing before a race as she would for her training runs. Low fibre, easily digestible carbohydrate is best. Yogurt, berries, bananas, whole grain bread, peanut butter, bagels, smoothies, oatmeal, etc. Lots of water. Coffee or tea maybe, for the caffeine kick - some runners swear by it. Have some stuff that would be portable, like bananas or granola bars - some runners like to eat a bit closer to the start of the race, especially if they're standing around for a while. Also, you might ask her if there's anything she eats before bed the night before. Some runners like a light bedtime snack, especially if they're not eating much in the morning. For long distance races, I have pasta with tomato sauce & chicken for dinner, piece of toast & bit of cheese before bed, toast & peanut butter for breakfast. I carry a granola bar to the race and eat that maybe an hr before. Good luck to your friend!
  10. Waiting with bated breath.... I want tasting notes and everything!
  11. Beebs

    Happy Pi Day!!

    Mmmm... I love Pi(e) Day! I have a purchased frozen tourtiere to heat up for dinner tonight.
  12. Something a bit different last night for the schnitzelling - Hong Kong Pork Chop Rice. It's kind of like a cutlet parma. It's not something I usually make at home, but it's one of two dishes I often order at the Hong Kong-style cafes here (the other is Portuguese/Macau Baked Chicken Rice ) Breaded pork cutlet being sliced & placed on top of fried rice. Pork cutlets were tenderized with the pointy side of the mallet & marinated. Didn't do a good job with the frying this time. Too impatient for the oil to get sufficiently hot, so the first couple cutlets were too greasy. Fried rice is frozen mixed veg & Maggi Sauce. Tomato sauce (canned whole tomatoes, ketchup, soy, oyster sauce), bell peppers, onions on top, and cheese. Baked for about 15 mins, with broiling at the end. Unappetizing mess on a plate made worse with hideous lighting. Tasted great. DH super happy.
  13. Those roast potatoes look incredible. How did you do them?
  14. Is there any seafood dish worth doing in the IP (other than seafood stock)? Octopus maybe? Sounds like by the time anything even gets up to pressure, it'll be beyond dead already.