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  1. If the happy recipients of your gifts are in BC, my vote is for craft beer and spirits: https://bccraftbeer.com/ https://bcdistilled.ca/british-columbia-distilleries Some of the distilleries ship outside BC, I think: https://www.thelibertydistillery.com/ Or cannabis.....
  2. Beebs

    Ground Pork

    Steamed pork patty! But it needs the regular/more fatty ground pork, not lean. Also, zha jiang mian - pork sauce with fermented bean paste noodles, kind of like Chinese bolognese sauce.
  3. Beebs


    Basically white beans baked with fat pork/bacon and a load of maple syrup. Mine is just barely kissing French-Canadian - I'm being very, very liberal with the term! I don't like my beans too sweet, so it's a light drizzle of maple syrup, plus a spoonful of tomato paste for umami. Cabbage adds a lot of sweetness. It's even better with Taiwanese cabbage, if you can get your hands on it. At home I just call it pandemic cabbage beans - inspired by avoiding grocery shopping.
  4. Beebs


    I've been chucking it into French-Canadian-ish style baked beans, with a light drizzle of maple syrup. Cabbage gets soft & sweet. Also loads of okonomiyaki. Yesterday's dinner was tonkatsu with a side of finely shredded cabbage.
  5. Here's the "official" Nanaimo bar recipe from the City of Nanaimo: https://www.nanaimo.ca/about-nanaimo/nanaimo-bars Yum! Growing up, my family spent a lot of time at our vacation home near Nanaimo. The NYT Instagram of their not-Nanaimo bar hurts my heart. Oddly, the NYT recipe looks close to the original, except for not enough butter in the custard layer. The dessert pictured is all sorts of wrong, though.
  6. Beebs

    The Congee Chronicles

    @dcarch Congee + you tiao might be Hong Kong style. You can get it with cut up you tiao in the cha chaan teng (HK diner/cafe) or with dim sum here in Vancouver. You can also have the you tiao served along side. I love it this way - preserved egg & salty pork congee with you tiao dipped in. That's some great carb-on-carb action! @liuzhou Those are gorgeous congee mix photos!
  7. My DH eats bananas like a crazy person & really, really wrong. Instead of peeling or cutting it like normal people, he breaks it in half. With his bare hands. It never squishes either, it just breaks cleanly across. I tear off & eat part of the pizza crust first, then the pointy part.
  8. Ooo I love her channel, it's so soothing! If you like Liziqi, check out Dianxi Xiaoge on YouTube. Similar to Liziqi, but she's a bit more interactive with viewers. Dianxi Xiaoge is in the Yunnan region and goes around with a gorgeous enormous Alaskan malamute.
  9. If you leave out the scallions, roll it out differently, put sesame seeds on top and bake it, you get shaobing (sesame oven bread)! https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/food-drink/article/2156813/how-make-your-own-taiwan-breakfast-specialities After my Serious Eats massive failure, I've been fiddling around with my shaobing dough for scallion pancakes. Later attempts have been better.
  10. I'll be following along with interest! I've only recently started making scallion pancakes, but I did try the Serious Eats one. That was a massive failure. The recipe calls for waaaay too much onions - a half cup onions per pancake, without making a roux or sizzling them, ended up a big huge sticky wet mess. Also bland - needs salt. Rolling technique is fine, though. I'm going to try the roux version with vegetable shortening next time.
  11. Yum! Love red cabbage! We had leftover red cabbage yesterday. No apples this time because I'd forgotten to get one. I use way more vinegar, some sugar, and veg/chicken stock. I like the idea of adding mustard, never thought to try it. If you have some beets lying around, throw those in there. Gorgeous colour!
  12. Beebs

    Valentine's Day Dinner

    Right?!! Usually we'll order pizza or fried chicken and put on a movie, but spouse has a course that day till late. So dinner for me will be a couple glasses of wine or cocktails (or - let's be honest - both!). If I can get some decent liver, maybe liver & onions. He hates liver.
  13. Mustard and mayo. Or if I'm feeling fancy, Japanese-style - tonkatsu sauce, kewpie mayo, dried bonito flakes, nori, green onions.
  14. Fish sauce chicken! Lime juice, cilantro, fish sauce, chilis or chili paste, sugar, tamarind if you have it. Slather it all over and pop it in the oven. Glaze with extra sauce/marinade. One of my go-to dinners. I don't put ginger in it, but I don't see why you can't. Or stir fry with bok choy & garlic for a veg side. Plus rice.
  15. I love this topic! One of my Super Bowl snacks was a complete disaster. I never thought I'd complain about brie being too melty..... I made brie & cranberry baked in wonton wrappers. All the brie leaked out, the wrappers didn't get brown enough, just a big greasy mess. Ugh....good thing I had back-up cheese for a cheese plate.
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