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  1. dans

    Favorite cuts of meat

    I'm not sure I have a favorite. Let me give you an overview. Beef: My got to steak would be a ribeye but I've been ordering filet mignon because it is smaller. Strip steaks are good in a pinch. I get boneless spare ribs to make stews I've always got veal shanks in the freezer for a nice osso buco. Lamb: I love lamb. My mother used to make lamb fritters but I never got the recipe from her. She would put the lamb in a port of water and cook until it was tender. I don't know what cut she used or what she seasoned it with. Once cooled and shredded it was mixed into a pancake-like batter and fried up. It was one way to divide our family - those that loved the fritters and those that hated them. This is one of the reasons I married my wife - she loved them. Lamb chops - any kind Rack of lamb Roast leg of lamb. Pork: I Love a good pork chop. Particular favorite is the "porterhouse" style but loin chop in a pinch. The tenderloins are so versatile. I grill them, cut-and-pound them pan fry and make schnitzel, pork parm, etc. I made pork osso buco once. It was delicious and maybe a little too rich. Ham, roast or smoked pork - Bring it on. Poultry: I'm clearly a dark-meat person. I would rather have a leg or thigh than breast meat. Regardless if it is roasted, grilled, stewed. Nothing like a good duck breast.
  2. dans

    Spicy Szechuan sauce help

    There is a Sichuan place near me that has wontons in a spicy Sichuan sauce. It is very orange, slightly sweet, with a dark earthy flavor. No garlic that I can detect. I thought it was a combo of Chili oil and brown sugar. I'll have o go there again and check it out.
  3. David Rosengarten!?!? Is he still alive? Last I heard of him was when he closed down his subscription email letter right after I renewed my subscription. Sorry, I can't support this by buying his books.
  4. I found the Whole Foods in Nashua has some backs in the freezer case. Not as cheap as I'd like ($1.49/lb) but at least I can get some stock made. I wasn't looking for prepackaged/industrial chicken backs. I was thinking more along the lines of a grocery where I could pick some up after they cut up the chickens for sale as pieces.
  5. I'm interested in making stock and am looking for a dependable source for chicken backs. In the past I've used chicken pieces, chicken wings from Costco, and whole chickens. I'd rather not pay a lot for the raw ingredients. At Thanksgiving, Whole Foods was selling chicken backs for cheap money but when I asked today, the were pretty unhelpful suggesting that they could break down any whole chicken I picked out. When I said I was only interested in the backs, they said not very often. Any ideas? I'm north and west of Boston (south of Nashua.
  6. I hadn't thought about doing any gardening this year. I tried the potato tower last year and threw some pea plants in pots with mediocre results on both. We stopped by the local nursery and they had one last pot of tomatoes (Sun Gold) that I couldn't leave behind. I guess I'll be doing some gardening after all.
  7. dans

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    I order from the place next door. They aren't throwing fish around and will cut it whatever way you ask. I just received a notice that they are taking orders for copper river salmon (king and sockeye). We went to the Olympic Peninsula for a wedding one time and stopped at the stall at Pike Place Market. We got a whole salmon cut into steaks and packed to travel. People were raving about the salmon when I cut out the bone, tied it into a "burger" then grilled it up. We have ordered some sent to us on the east coast a few times. Unfortunately, we sibned up with Cape Ann Fresh catch and they have salmon equally as good. Check the two of the out: Pure Food Fish Market Cape Ann Fresh Catch
  8. We were looking at getting a counter top oven in addition to our microwave. We decided to get the GE Profile microwave convection and it has been great! We can use the microwave when called for and the oven when required. It not only cooks, but reheats, and keeps food warm before serving.
  9. dans

    High quality soy sauce

    We have tried shiso soy. We, too, only use it for dipping. Our local sushi place has taken it and showed it to their Japanese customers - we've given them a small bit to taste and it has led to some interesting conversations.
  10. We have used the no-cook lasagna sheets before. They come out OK. Recently we found the Rana Lasagne sheets that I like even better. No-boil and cooks up faster. You still need to use a sauce with more liquid but I'll be using these whenever I want to make lasagna.
  11. Sure. It shouldn't bee too much extra to ship the third mold.
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