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  1. dans

    Lasagna baked in bainmarie style ?

    We have used the no-cook lasagna sheets before. They come out OK. Recently we found the Rana Lasagne sheets that I like even better. No-boil and cooks up faster. You still need to use a sauce with more liquid but I'll be using these whenever I want to make lasagna.
  2. Sure. It shouldn't bee too much extra to ship the third mold.
  3. Tikidoc, No longer interested?
  4. It's about the size of a half-bottle.
  5. USPS Priority mail is $11.50 I didn't check regular USPS service or UPS. If you don't want priority mail let's figure about $6 for shipping. Dan
  6. Too much time at hospitals. I'll get to it this week.
  7. I'll check and get back to you.
  8. The 12 well one with the car badges or the shapes?
  9. I've got a few molds that I'm not using so I thought I would put them up for sale. About half of them are unused and the rest have only been used once or twice. Here is what I have: Single molds 32 piece ribbed domes 16 piece car logo 32 piece @ sign 12 piece oval/round/square/circle mold Double molds 1 piece double champagne bottle mold with clips 24 piece double cork mold with clips 6 piece double grape cluster mold with clips Single molds are $12 each and double molds are $15.
  10. My wife wants to get some macadamia nuts. She wants roasted and low salt. I used to get macs from Purcell Mountain Farms but they only have raw nuts that you have to roast yourself. Does anyone know of a source for these? Thanks
  11. We tried Ostra for my birthday. I really liked it and would go back in a heartbeat. We go to Legal Oysteria in Charlestown on a regular basis. It's pretty good. You will never get a bad meal at Legal but you will never get a great one.
  12. Any updates to this topic? I've been thinking about ordering some tangelos/honeybells but the place my mother used to use has gone out of business. I'm looking for someplace to replace them. I'll probably order some grapefruit too.
  13. dans

    What to do with boneless beef ribs?

    I make my beef stew exclusively with boneless short ribs. I usually by them from Costco in a big package and divide, vacuum pack and freeze them. But if I run our, a few stores near me sell them. So in a pinch I can get them.
  14. This reminds me of the Rodney Dangerfield skit "Broken Leg of Lamb"
  15. dans

    Ratatouille--Cook-Off 42

    I never had the ratatouille when we stayed there. It must have been great! I do remember the chicken in the crock and a potato with black trumpet mushrooms and poached egg. We do a ratatouille au gratin that we like. Basically cubed veggies and tomatoes simmered then covered with fresh bread crumbs and cheese.