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  1. The city is trying to keep everyone from coming (and returning). Now that I know what the tax is, I'll never go there. Sorry Beachcomber. I know it isn't your fault, but you are getting punished anyway.
  2. I took one of his classes. It was such an intense time. We did so many chocolates during the week. RIP JPW, I am glad you are no longer suffering.
  3. dans

    Ramps: The Topic

    I've got some seeds and some transplants. I'm going to see which ones do OK. I was planning on letting them go for a few years so that, in case they do take, I'd have a healthy crop Thanks for the advice
  4. dans

    Ramps: The Topic

    I don't know how well it will work, but I just bought some ramp seeds. If I get only a small crop it will be OK. I may try transplanting some of the ramps I purchased to eat. They usually come with the bulbs and roots. Stay tuned...
  5. dans

    Ramps: The Topic

    I love ramps and would like to grow them instead of buying. How do you do this? Can I just buy some ramps from a grocery and put them in the ground?
  6. We had a microwave and were thinking about replacing it with a toaster oven or convection oven. In the end we decided to get the GE Profile Convection/microwave. It is everything we need although I wish it had more power on the microwave side.
  7. Yes. Shipping charges as a profit center has been around forever.
  8. I am of the belief that eggs can make anything, and make it better.
  9. dans

    Cooking. N.Y. Times

    I was waiting for this to happen when they moved everything to off the main web site. I'm not about to pay $60 per year for access although getting access with a subscription to the paper is better. I wouldn't pay the price to access the Cook's Illustrated/ATK/Cook's Country sites since I have subscriptions to CI. Having to pay on top of the subscription is just greedy.
  10. dans

    Costco membership

    My household is only two people, but I still find the membership worth it. I stock up on things that don't spoil and regularly shop for foodstuffs and freeze portions of them. It is a great place to get things for family gatherings and holiday events, etc. Also, we recently booked a cruise through them and saved quite a bit of money. We wound up with an upgraded dinging plan which we through well worth it. When we got home, we got a gift card as a rebate or something.
  11. dans

    Breville Smart Oven Air

    I ran into a demo of this unit at a department store. The person doing the demo was "from Breville" and she was cooking some thinly sliced veggies (potatoes, etc.). She opened the unit to show me what she was cooking and I noticed that is was very uneven. The slices in the back of the oven where much darker than the ones in the front. I decided against the "air" based on that and the fact that my question about how uneven of cooking was completely ignored.
  12. dans

    Rural restaurants

    I'm not sure what your definition of rural is, but Burlington is a fairly big town for Vermont. Waterbury is smaller so it may fit "rural" better. The Hen of the Wood is a place we always to to make it to when we are in the area - usually the Waterbury location.
  13. We're going on a cruise and have a few days before in Honolulu and several multi-day stops (Kahului, Maui and Nawiliwili, Kauai). Are there any restaurants that we should eat at while there? TIA
  14. We usually got ours from Harrow's. It was a restaurant when I was growing up, but they now only do take home meals.
  15. dans

    Tin lining in copper pots

    DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO RECOMMENDS COPPER LINED WITH TIN. In the USA there was one place that would reline it (in New Jersey IIRC). Tin lined copper will need to be relined no matter how you treat it. I've had the copper-stainless for many years and have been quite happy with it. It heats evenly and cleans easily. I've got quite a bit of it and wouldn't trade it for anything.