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  1. It's a more appropriate posting than the the ones listing the contents of the RG monthly subscription contents. This is after all, in the cookbooks section.
  2. The bacon pasta looks delicious. Can you describe the dish a little more? The pasta looks like gemelli but I can't tell what the sauce(s) are. The cod looks perfectly cooked. If I only liked olives, I might be tempted.
  3. I kept in touch with the first boss I worked for in high school but lost touch when he retired. That was in 1974. Many years later, I saw mention of him on a website and sent him a message. Long story short, my wife and I went to meet him and his wife in Las Vegas where they had moved. When I asked if I could bring anything from New England, he said "Bring me a Baldwin apple. My father used to grow them and we had a barrel full of them in the basement when I was growing up." I did some research and found that there was only one orchard near me that had any baldwin apples and they only had a portion of a single tree. He was very happy when I showed up with a couple. My wife and I stayed in touch, visiting, emailing, calling, etc. until he passed away at the age of 96.
  4. My favorite Champagne. I like it better than a lot of the Tete de Cuvee
  5. I do my grocery shopping on Saturdays. I made a special trip to one of the green grocers in the area since I have my brother and his wife coming for dinner. Corned Beef was still at $8.99/lb. I would have picked up a couple for the freezer but skipping it for now.
  6. In my Irish-American family, most of my siblings don't like corned beef and cabbage. I know this is really an American thing more than Irish. I keep telling them that what our mother cooked doesn't hold a candle to what the dish should be. I corn my own beef and don't overcook the vegetables - especially the cabbage.
  7. This looks interesting. I'll have to try it.
  8. OK, that makes sense. However, my problem isn't storing the leftover dough. That's the easy part. Baking off the first part is what I'd like to solve.
  9. No. Why would this help?
  10. I don't really care for round loaves (except for things like harvest bread). When you make a sandwich with a round loaf you wind up with 2 different sizes of bread. I know I could make it an oval shaped loaf but I'd like to explore regular shaped loaves first.
  11. I've never been a fan of frozen bread. Even as a kid I didn't like it. Now fresh baked bread is ambrosia. I love the way it fills the house with aroma and it is so good to eat.
  12. Thanks. But it doesn't answer my question
  13. I find that I have trouble finishing a loaf of bread before it spoils. I was thinking that maybe I could cook half a recipe and freeze the other half. Is there such a thing as a half loaf pan? TIA, Dan
  14. I noticed a new show on Create called Kitchen Queens. I tuned in a couple of episodes which I thought were OK. I was really struck by how much it reminded me of the Great Chefs series. Anyone else watch these? What do you think?
  15. I've ordered seafood from Pure Food Fish Market in Seattle. No issues having it delivered to MA. It always arrives cold and fresh. For meat I usually stick to Lobel's and sometimes D'Artagnan
  16. I didn't read the entire topic but have you checked to see if your bowl is adjusted properly? Kitchenaid adjustment
  17. I like to look at the presentations in Art Culinaire. The photography is great, the style is "current", and it makes me hungry.
  18. dans

    Online Nuts?

    Ditto. I use SLF for all my nut needs. Some dried fruits, too. I got some dates one year so my MIL could make date nut bread. She said they were too good and to next time, get them from the grocery store.
  19. I've dealt with that plantation in Carolina for a while now. They happily take you order and quickly ship the product. However, the last shipment arrived destroyed and the plantation has been on radio silence ever time I have tried to contact them. Their phones go to voice mail. Email and web contacts go to the bit bucket. I've been wondering about other sources for rice. I see that Anson Mills Is pretty highly regarded. Geechee boys I just heard about. What other places have you dealt with and would you deal with them again? Thanks
  20. dans

    Frozen Pizza

    The pizza shop that I grew up on will indulge me by partially cooking and not cutting multiple pizzas. I take them home, wrap them well and pop them in the freezer. When I'm in the mood, I can cook them the rest of the way without worrying about overcooking.
  21. I've been using Shiso Soy for a while now. They are offering 25% off you order using the code EZAS
  22. Chilean Sea Bass is another name for Patagonian Tooth Fish. Escolar is sometimes called Butterfish or "White Tuna" and has been associated with some health issues in some people.
  23. My late wife's family has a branch outside of Seattle. We went out for a wedding and stopped at Pure Food Fish Market before jumping on the ferry. We picked up a whole salmon cut into steaks. When we got there, I removed the bones and tied them into rounds. I grilled them that night and people were saving the leftovers for lunch the next day. I've since ordered from them a couple of times. Excellent quality, fast delivery, but don't ask the price. As for supporting local. We have a farm stand nearby that has a seafood vendor (and others) come in on Saturday. Every time I stop there, they are sold out of everything. I guess I'll just continue to shop at the fishmonger a couple of town away.
  24. For you sous vide corned beefers, how do you cook the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, etc.)? Inquiring minds want to know.
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