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  1. Looks like this will be the very first time my husband I cook Thanksgiving dinner and it'll just be the 3 of us at home (us and a 9yo). We subscribe to Home Chef, and they're offering a pre-cooked breast and recipe/ingredients for sides. I think I'd rather roast a bird but we have a very small fridge & freezer and I don't know that we actually have the space. And I'm not sure I'll find a bird small enough. Kicking around either a chicken or maybe a bone-in breast. Definitely want mashed potatoes, (fresh) green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. And gravy. Maybe an apple crisp for dessert
  2. An article from Eater, on the Food Timeline that Lynne Olver developed. It is now looking for someone to maintain it. It occurred to me that this may be an appropriate project for eG, actually. If nothing else, it's a website that I think folks here will appreciate.
  3. I would call them. I know the ones in NJ are open to the public currently. They may just not be updating their website because it's not universal.
  4. Not really a food distributor (although I'm interested to know about more), but I have been getting produce boxes and eggs from a farm that usually sells at our farmer's market in town. Instead you pre-order & pay online and they do drop into your trunk at our church parking lot. A lot of nontraditional places are also starting to sell produce and other supplies, such as the fruit bowl place on the corner. Heck, one of the church supply places I order from (I head the altar guild), is selling commercial cleaning supplies including gloves and masks. I bought commercial pack toilet paper as
  5. A lot of local farms have switched to produce bags or such to keep themselves going. If you have a farmer's market, it's worth looking at the vendor list and seeing if they have any new options. I'm getting a bag of fruit & 2 dozen eggs on Monday. Pickup is drive through our church lot and they drop in your trunk.
  6. Allura

    Easter Dinner 2020

    We've been using one of the meal kit places (HomeChef) for almost 2 years now, and it's been nice to have a steady stream of meals now. Not cheap, but my husband can follow a recipe and it got us out of the rut of the same 3 things + too much takeout. Anyway, the reason I'm bringing it up is that we splurged on their lamb chop meal for Easter for the 3 of us. So we had lamb chops with a Greek seasoning blend, a jalapeno jelly sauce for my husband, roasted broccolini, and mashed potatoes with sour cream, parm, and chives. I ordered a cake from the local bakery in the shape of an egg. Too much b
  7. I think the important part of this is to use fresh green beans. The original is canned, and I just can't. Steam some fresh ones and it's pretty tasty.
  8. My mother does a Thanksgiving cocktail to start, if you want to do something more fun. My own is going to be at the in-laws house and step-mother-in-law and her family are Puerto Rican, so there will be pernil and paella. And probably a turkey. Maybe. I'm bringing bakery bought pie because I'm just in crazy mode this time of year. There's generally a second round at my BIL's house the next day that's more traditional, but given they have a galley kitchen I just stand at one end and chat or help as needed. And keep kids occupied.
  9. I've been traveling more for work lately (no place exciting, alas), so I've gotten used to eating solo. I'll admit that I have started picking hotels with a restaurant because sometimes I don't want to deal with going out, and hotel restaurants understand solo diners better. But I bring something to read on my tablet and I don't really care what it looks like. I'm a generous tipper, and while I don't drink, I usually have an app or dessert. I did have one place where the hostess was kind of rude, but someone senior to her realized it and corrected. I've never had an issue with waitstaff. Then
  10. @liderbug, I was curious about this place and found a collection of their old menus online (which I think we have a thread about, but I wanted you to see these): https://www.msubillings.edu/lectures/cooking/pdf/FongLecture.pdf
  11. A couple of years ago I took a food tour in Nassau, Bahamas. All of it was food that was relevant to the culture. So mostly carribbean, but also Greek because there was a wave of settlers from there. So global as it relates to immigration/cultural impact, I suppose?
  12. We've been getting one for awhile now, actually (HomeChef). It got us cooking again, and it's a particularly customizable one, so it suits us. My husband does the cooking, neither of us love to cook, but we're easily bored with the same ol'. At the same time, we're not super adventurous, plus we have a carboholic child. It does the trick at this stage of our life.
  13. This one struck me. Feeding a pet that doesn't know how to catch their own can get pricey. Both dogs & cats need meat and cats are obligate carnivores. I worry more about feeding my 3 fuzzballs in an emergency than feeding myself. I can live on pasta, even if it's not great for me. Are pets popular? I know it varies widely, from pampered pooches to barn cats that catch their own.
  14. Allura

    Easter Menus

    Neither, we'll actually make it. My family's version seems to be different from every other one I've seen. This one is pretty close, though. The one I make is ham, salami, provolone, parm, and ricotta. Although I suspect my grandmother used romano not parmesan. My grandfather owned a butcher shop so my grandmother made it for multiple holidays because she'd use the ends of the cold cuts from the store.
  15. Allura

    Easter Menus

    My mom will be cooking (I'll be at church for the umm, 8th time since this past Saturday. Yay for heading the Altar Guild...), and I believe both ham & brisket are on the menu, because it's also Passover and my father is Jewish. Mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli (probably with cheese sauce) are expected, as well as macaroni & cheese. I'm getting dessert at a bakery, possibly Italian pastries, or whatever cake looks good. It's just going to be 6-7 of us. And of course, we'll be bringing a ham pie, aka Pizza Rustica/Easter Pie.
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