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  1. Does this link help? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_cuisine#Sauces
  2. There should be a print icon. That made a pdf that you ought to be able to save.
  3. Sorry it's not working for you. Check your preferences as far as "prefer new things every day" vs "will eat leftovers". That might help. And I did get an alert 2 days before the trial expired, so there's that. We haven't made anything new since then. My work has been nuts so we've gone back to the standard quick meals and too much takeout (we live right near a highway with many chains on it).
  4. Thought I'd contribute. We're trying out a menu planning service called PlateJoy. We're a family of 3 fairly unadventurous eaters, despite the years I've lurked here. I can't quite justify the cost of the meal kits, but PJ is so far a perfect fit. You can heavily customize preferences; I can get fish but not shellfish, for instance. It does skew a little to "healthy" eating, but I kind of need that. You give it your preferences, then it creates a queue ala netflix, that you can remove meals from. When you need a new menu, you tell it how many breakfasts/lunch/dinner/snacks you want and it generates it from that queue, but it theoretically consolidates to re-use ingredients. Again, more customization because you can vary those numbers. I only get one breakfast because weekends are the only time we vary, for instance. This week's menu included egg cups (baked eggs, basically, something I've meant to try but never gotten around to), an apple/mozz/balsamic flatbread for a lunch, a slow cooker of meatballs and broccolini (prompting me to finally try a new veggie) and 3 "regular" dinners: potato skillet with baked eggs & kale pesto; broccoli/tomato/Italian sausage bake (eh, it could be better), and tzatziki turkey meatloaf with baked zucchini. If instacart is local to you, you can send the whole order there. Unfortunately, our only local store choice is Whole Foods. Instead I shopped at a combination of an online organic delivery (door to door) and Stop & Shop. So far it's all appealing to me and we'll see how it goes. Note it also has an option for more adventurous meals, too.
  5. I've learned plenty of things on the job that I never would have learned in school (although I do have a degree). And I was paid the entire time. Even when I was trying to break into a new industry (copyediting) and given very small tasks to see if I could do it, I was compensated for my time. I don't see why restaurants should do anything less than minimum wage. It's a cost of doing business.
  6. As someone with type 2 diabetes, I've seen a nutritionist for meal planning advice. One thing I've been told (and of course your mom may be different) is that the first meal of the day should be lower carb. In particular, my diet plan called for 30g or less at breakfast. So pancakes or oatmeal and fruit would be quite bad for me. Honestly, a scrambled egg or a pot of hard boiled eggs are two really easy things even if you make something else for yourself. As above, turkey or chicken-based sausages would be good. How about english muffins with peanut butter? You need a protein source in there, particularly for the first meal of the day. For pancakes, perhaps a recipe that includes some ricotta in it?
  7. Press Pot/French Press Coffee

    A press pot/French press doesn't use a filter. When I used to use a filter, I never noticed a big difference in taste in regular and unbleached. But I vastly prefer the press pot method now.
  8. Some of the restrictions on that are dumb. Why no nuts allowed in bread or cereals? Umm...good source of protein & calories? And many of the restrictions make it harder to send with a child going to daycare or a mother going to work (no single serving yogurts, chunks of cheese, individual servings of cereal). Sure, you can buy containers or ziploc bags to make portions, but that requires an initial outlay of those bags/containers and those can get up there in price, stretching a budget. That thing reads like a subsidy list.
  9. Basic Income. Much less administrative costs, no one cares what you do with the money. It replaces ALL programs, so no one plays politics or tries to enforce morality with it. One reason I can see for soda is it's a very simple source of caffeine. No (iffy, possibly yucky) water needed (could you afford the bill or was it shut off), doesn't need to be heated, doesn't even need a cup. Maybe because they LIKE soda. I hate the stuff, but that's me. It's really none of my business.
  10. Food for new moms

    I would also suggest things that can be eaten with one hand, but NOT soup. Even if you're not nursing, you spend a lot of time holding a baby and eating soup over them is nerve wracking. I too was denied coldcuts and craved a chef salad. And carbs bc I was on a low carb diet. If she likes sushi, she probably was denied it. Healthy bc I ate a lot of takeout those first few months because we were EXHAUSTED.
  11. It's funny, my mom, who's 2nd generation Italian-American, refuses to make anything Italian for Thanksgiving. My grandmother was the same way. Thanksgiving was an "All American" holiday. OTOH, it's also a chocolate-less holiday. My mother says we make up for it at Christmas, though, especially on Christmas Eve. But it's always a challenge to come up with an appetizer when you can't rely on the standards of stuffed shells, manicotti, or antipasto.
  12. Single Origin Beef

    There's a few farms near me that will sell you a half or quarter of a cow or a half of a pig. They pre-cut and pacakage it for you, too. The beef runs in the $4/lb area, but of course there's a lot of weight to a quarter of a cow. Generally the more unusual cuts can be turned into hamburger f (or sausage in the case of the pork).
  13. I've been meaning to ask: are these meals during the shows or after hours? I've only worked a smaller (6 week) faire as a vendor, so we didn't stay on site, but I gather it's not so in character for the folks who do camp out. But I know the west coast (and socal specifically) has a very different faire "culture" than most.
  14. I'm particularly interested in this as our church is starting to get involved in settling refugees in our home state in the US. It's a very slow process in the US, and so far they're all settling in one city that already has a large Syrian demographic. I think most organizations try to do that, which may be why you're not getting as many folks. Regardless, your thoughtfulness has given me another idea for something our group could do. Thanks!
  15. I know Kosher prohibits combining meat & dairy, but does that hold for fish? That might be a concern for a chowder. You could do something meat-based if you purchase Kosher meat. You just can't use dairy anywhere else.