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  1. We've been getting one for awhile now, actually (HomeChef). It got us cooking again, and it's a particularly customizable one, so it suits us. My husband does the cooking, neither of us love to cook, but we're easily bored with the same ol'. At the same time, we're not super adventurous, plus we have a carboholic child. It does the trick at this stage of our life.
  2. This one struck me. Feeding a pet that doesn't know how to catch their own can get pricey. Both dogs & cats need meat and cats are obligate carnivores. I worry more about feeding my 3 fuzzballs in an emergency than feeding myself. I can live on pasta, even if it's not great for me. Are pets popular? I know it varies widely, from pampered pooches to barn cats that catch their own.
  3. Allura

    Easter Menus

    Neither, we'll actually make it. My family's version seems to be different from every other one I've seen. This one is pretty close, though. The one I make is ham, salami, provolone, parm, and ricotta. Although I suspect my grandmother used romano not parmesan. My grandfather owned a butcher shop so my grandmother made it for multiple holidays because she'd use the ends of the cold cuts from the store.
  4. Allura

    Easter Menus

    My mom will be cooking (I'll be at church for the umm, 8th time since this past Saturday. Yay for heading the Altar Guild...), and I believe both ham & brisket are on the menu, because it's also Passover and my father is Jewish. Mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli (probably with cheese sauce) are expected, as well as macaroni & cheese. I'm getting dessert at a bakery, possibly Italian pastries, or whatever cake looks good. It's just going to be 6-7 of us. And of course, we'll be bringing a ham pie, aka Pizza Rustica/Easter Pie.
  5. I distinctly remember you posting about it, too, btw, so it's here somewhere...
  6. Allura

    Sonic Drive-In

    Yes, but they don't actually call them that in the NYC area.
  7. Allura

    Sonic Drive-In

    A coney is a hot dog in the Michigan area, not sure if it's other parts of the MidWest.
  8. All of those involve eggs or substitutes. Are you planning to make anything from scratch? I'm not a big baker, but trying to create recipes with substitutes is going to be hard if you're not an experience baker. What about Indian desserts? You might find ones that already fit your restrictions? Sugar-based candies might work. Or maybe partner with a baker? I know on other threads you were talking about using mixes. What are you going to use to distinguish yourself if you're using all mixes?
  9. The filling is similar, but we make a full-up pie in my family, and call it "ham pie". Includes ricotta, a little egg & flour, provolone, ham and salami. My grandfather owned a butcher shop, so my grandmother would use the ends of the coldcuts. I have to make two this year, one for Easter brunch at church and one for before Easter dinner. I will freely admit I use a frozen crust bc I'm not much of a baker.
  10. Usually we go to our church for a pancake supper. We have a new rector this year and she also wants to do a "Low Country Shrimp Boil." Kinda weird to mix both, but it should be fun. Not counting the part where I'm hauling my husband into the church itself so a bunch of us can move the altar and set it up to do Lent truly "old school", with the priest's back to everyone. That should be...interesting (no one's ever seen it moved....).
  11. Honestly, for my 6yo we have a very small list of things he's interested in. If he doesn't want the school lunch, he takes either cold cuts/lunchmeat rolled up with crackers (we call them "lunchables" and he loves it), or a bagel w/ cream cheese & smoked salmon, a sunflower seed butter & jelly or something similar. Mac& cheese in a thermos is popular, too. Simple is fine at that age, don't fall into the "pinterest mom" trap . Heck, my lunch is either leftovers or a salad or the occasional sandwich.
  12. One of the things we're warned against when writing technical manuals is to use warnings "judiciously." In other words, don't put so many that people start to ignore them. If the product is unsafe to consume in a large quantity, it should have a gigantic warning on it. OTOH, "hot product is hot," is stupid. The proliferation of the latter is a problem.
  13. For us it was a combo of part of the family coming earlier to exchange gifts (we're the only one with a young child), and then more folks coming later. Partly, it allowed for some leeway in when dinner was ready. And in our case, my mom's Italian-American and thinks she's required to have SOMETHING available when people first get there, if only to absorb the prosecco, etc.
  14. Christmas Eve in the past would have been Italian pasta & fish and a huge multi-course feast provided by my aunt. I miss it, but they've moved and life changes and I'm not up to duplicating it. Last year we started going out for Christmas Eve, just my parents, sister & bf, and my family. Italian restaurant of course, so I had shrimp wrapped in proscioutto for app and halibut with risotto for main. Christmas day morning at home was just cheesy scrambled eggs and chocolate croissants fresh from the oven (courtesy of Trader Joe's). Early dinner was at my parents' house, and we started with nibbles of proscioutto bread, cheese, and spinach/artichoke dip. Despite the nibbles, we started with pasta bolognese, then prime rib with roasted potatoes, green beans and broccoli with cheese sauce. Dessert was too much: Italian pastries, yule log type cake, cookies, chocolates from See's, brownies. And then we left the kiddo at my parents overnight and went to see Last Jedi yesterday.
  15. Thank you very much! Her allergy is to strawberry, so she should be fine.
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