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Fat Guy

THE BEST: Can Opener

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On 3/7/2019 at 6:35 AM, rotuts said:

the only thing about the OXO is that you frequently have to go around the can twice.


I have an Oxo side cutter and a Kuhn Rikon side cutter.   I have an older Swing-Away.  I like the side cutters the best, but sometimes the can needs a second trip, it seems the bigger cans are most of the culprits.

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I see my savings for the OXO side cutter


providing me w " Some exercise "


for the second trip around the can.


I can't even remember what the ATK  "" Best "


was , no matter


these days, 


a side bitter  is the way to go these days


it does not cut ,, so there will be no sharp edges


it has something to do w realeasing  the tops adhesion to the bottom can.


if you use a ' cutter ' 


look into these


you will not regret it.

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