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    Can racks?

    Deep shelves for small things are a pain. IMO, organization systems / gadgets can become one more thing to keep clean. @dtremit, before "organizing," how about purging / decluttering (sorting through them) first? Are you ever really going to eat the contents of all of those different cans? You might even have some "expired" stuff. (I know you can still eat the expired stuff.) I recently made the mistake of buying a bunch (okay, not that much) of organizing bins and, after that, did a purge / declutter. Now, I have some empty organizing bins that I should get rid of. Point is, I should have decluttered first, then bought the bins. I would prefer something like what @ElsieD posted (pull-out shelves) or even that lazy Susan revolving thing.
  2. Cole slaw looks really good, @David Ross. How did you "shred" your cabbage and carrots? Did you use a knife, a box grater, a mandoline or a food processor? That recipe would probably be good with raw broccoli and/or cauliflower as well.
  3. Just Googled "vintage nambe." Wow! Really nice, classic, modern-looking stuff.
  4. I remember adverts / dedicated food sections coming out on Wednesdays as well. For office workers, Mondays & Tuesdays can be the busiest work days of the week. By Wednesday, you're a little more relaxed and thinking about the weekend, what you're going to eat, etc. That might be part of it.
  5. Sorry you're not getting any answers here, so I'll bump it up. Your cake on top (left side if photo were rotated) actually looks really good, but I guess the point of Bundt cakes is to get the browned crusty part. Maybe some experienced bakers can chime in.
  6. MokaPot

    Oreo Cookies

    @Toliver, I like the "fudge" Oreos. They're not really "fudge," they're chocolate-covered. Really good, IMO.
  7. I have a lot of toilet paper as well. I've always had a lot, but kicked it up a notch with Covid. I don't call it "hoarding"; I call it "stockpiling." That said, I think I overdid it with the TP and can relax for a while. I also stocked up on bulk steel-cut oats. I know a lot of people don't like touching the bins & scoops, but I like the oats in bulk better than what I can get prepackaged. So far, I have survived.
  8. MokaPot

    Food recalls

    Here's the USDA info about the recalled onions: https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts/thomson-international-inc-conducts-voluntary-recall-red-yellow-white-and-sweet-yellow-onions-because
  9. @Marvinator, could you post photo(s) of the entire front and back of one of those pieces? (So we can see the style of the handle, try to guess in what country it was made. See what it's made out of, etc.) Also, I can't tell whether that mark is 3-D or flat. I know it's a small mark, but maybe an alternate photo of that mark would be helpful.
  10. MokaPot

    Cook-Off 60: Banh Mi

    Not a banh mi, but if you have leftover pickles (carrot / radish), you can put it in a tuna sandwich on whatever kind of bread. Really good. I'm sure the pickles would work with lots of other things.
  11. Would love to see what you make with these little eggplants. That is a lot of lettuce!
  12. Curly leaf parsley does have a strong (good) flavor to me. It also has a good "shelf" life, too, IIRC. Maybe it got a bad reputation from being just a plate garnish for so long. I've used it in homemade falafel before with good results, IMO.
  13. Maybe scallions / green onions.
  14. Another surprisingly good thing to put on crackers & cream cheese is chutney.
  15. If the "pan of something" was sitting on a burner, then that was part of the problem. I'm not saying there would not have been a fire, though. I try to keep all my burners cleared off unless I'm cooking on that particular burner. I don't have the option of gas.
  16. Haven't tried the new Lay's flavors. I do like these Maui onion flavored potato chips. They're a Frito-Lay product, I believe. The chips / crisps are thicker than the original Lay's chips. There is a nice onion-y flavor.
  17. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    Looks really good, @liamsaunt . Every time I've tried to order monkfish in a restaurant, they're out of it (86'd). How does it taste, to you? (Supposed to taste like lobster, I heard.) TIA.
  18. MokaPot

    Lunch 2020

    @Kim Shook, food looks great. Is that white stuff (in the cemitas) all cheese? It almost looks like cole slaw as well. Looks like some avocado (above and below the meats) and some mayo as well? TIA.
  19. Made radish emergency kimchi (quick pickle, I guess). Decided that, for this particular kimchi, I prefer non-fermented style. Refrigerated right away after making.
  20. @Shelby, I'd be interested to hear reports on the Harry and David fruit. I used to give the pears, etc., as gifts. I think I've only ever tried the pears, myself. IMO, gift recipients want to be polite and don't really tell you 100% what their opinions about the fruits. So, I'd be interested to hear honest opinions.
  21. Sounds good, @gfron1. What kinds of items are you planning to have in your "Pantry Essentials"?
  22. MokaPot

    Sheet pan Dinners

    Plain roasted carrots (with oil and salt) are amazingly delicious. I don't know exactly what it is or why. Maybe the concentration of the flavor after roasting (evaporation) plus the caramelization. That plus some corkscrew pasta and feta cheese.
  23. MokaPot

    Food after Dental Work

    Another vote for soft scrambled eggs. They're good with tomato soup. You can add some cheese to the eggs. Some sour cream on the side as well.
  24. Well, it's winter in the the southern hemisphere.
  25. MokaPot

    Food after Dental Work

    Gazpacho (deseeded tomatoes) with bits of soft avocado.
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