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  1. This Kyocera ceramic ginger grater is kind of a uni-tasker (can use it for garlic, too), but works well on ginger. It leaves behind the fibers and you end up with a cloudy ginger juice. Good for adding ginger flavor without any chunks of ginger.
  2. @KennethT , Sounds like you plan to put stuff on top of your cabinets (the upper ones) and your ceiling is going to be lowered as well. How about just building your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling (no space between tops of cabinets & ceiling)? The tops of my cabinets are dusty and dirty. I never get around to cleaning them. Just a thought.
  3. MokaPot

    Taming raw garlic

    You can grate the garlic super fine. I have grated raw garlic on the finest Microplane grater and put it into salad dressings (vinegar is one of the ingredients). The garlic ends up garlicky but mild. I think the vinegar, etc., cooks the garlic.
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