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  1. @Matthew.Taylor, are you wanting to use a single batter mixture (like molten lava cake)? Or are you talking about using two different "batters," the tunnel part being a separate batter that you "layer" / spoon between two "layers" of the main cake batter?
  2. @JoNorvelleWalker, I'll be interested to see some food photos from the Sony camera. Hopefully, you find a good tripod soon. I'm sure you'll figure out how to override the 1/30 second exposure. The halogen light bulbs in the dining room are shining down from the ceiling?
  3. Reporting back on my cabbage soup. Came out really good, actually. I did end up caramelizing a bunch of onions (instead of dumping everything into a pot). Other ingredients: celery, carrots, garlic, Italian seasoning (dried herbs mixture), crushed red pepper (gochugaru is what I used), smoked paprika, soy sauce (in place of salt), canned diced tomatoes, and cabbage. I like cabbage rolls and this soup reminds me of cabbage rolls (comforting).
  4. MokaPot

    Eggstatic about eggs

    I've seen Jacques Pepin remove the chalaza (with his hands). I forgot what he was making. Some people strain eggs (raw, scrambled eggs on fine mesh) before using the eggs in their final product. I am guessing the purpose of straining is to remove the chalaza. The chalaza is creepy to me as well. I sometimes remove them.
  5. That's a nice article. It reminds me somehow of the "My Aim Is True" chapter re: Justo Thomas in Bourdain's book. (Name of book is Medium Raw.)
  6. Yes, everything looks delicious. @Shelby, if you like raw fish, have you tried yellowtail? I think you can order it frozen, also called hamachi.
  7. @Kim Shook, I love those stemmed glasses, the color and shape. Perfect match for your lemoncello.
  8. Maybe make it today. If it comes out sketchy, you can try again tomorrow.
  9. Thanks, guys. I have some balsamic vinegar, so will add that. I'll put some smoked paprika - I think that's a major ingredient in the Lawry's. I like the mixture of tomatoes and cabbage as well. Glad to hear people don't follow this diet so strictly. I know that I would not be able to eat only this soup all day.
  10. Thanks, Heidi. I'm planning on eating more than just this soup. E.g., I won't be having this soup for breakfast. (I know my limits.) I do have fish sauce, so I will use that. I need to shop, so maybe I'll get some miso paste or some of the miso soup packets.
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for some ideas on how to make this cabbage soup actually taste good. Got into some bad eating habits during Covid times and want to reset. This is the video that inspired me to try this diet. I bought some Lipton onion soup mix to bump up the flavor, if necessary, plus an Italian seasoning mix (dried herbs mix). I like the easiness of the technique / recipe on this video (dumping everything into a pot) and would prefer not to be browning vegetables in oil. (I realize browning the vegetables would make the soup taste better, but I'm lazy here.) Thank you!
  12. I see what you're saying. I think the problem is for people who are zoned in on the egg whites and don't want *any* of the egg whites to be runny. (But still want the yolk to be runny.) The experience I have is that the egg yolks get set up (to the point of turning a lighter color) while *some* of the egg whites are still runny. To complicate matters, there's also the method of straining out the thinner part of the egg white. IME, poached eggs & over-easy eggs give you the best chance of a set-up white & runny yolk.
  13. That butter sounds great and I'd eat it on bread, not even toasted bread. Does your friend like sweets & desserts? A simple cake with a buttercream frosting? I wouldn't even add any flavors to the buttercream (other than vanilla).
  14. IMO, the chicken thigh looks orange. The rice looks maybe a tiny bit orange. Peas look OK. You didn't ask, but the chicken thigh looks almost superimposed onto the rest of the photo (no offense intended). I still like it as a photo, though.
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