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  1. I would just stick with this. Teriyaki sauce is almost always popular (marinated, little bit of char). Maybe some mandu as a side dish. For your sausage, maybe sausage and peppers on rolls.
  2. Yes, for fried rice, leftover frozen rice is actually easier to work with. I'm guessing you're ( @cteavin )starting with Japanese rice (grains stick together, somewhat). After you freeze it, the grains will not stick together and it will be easier to toss and stir in your frying pan.
  3. MokaPot

    Slaws -- Cook-off 49

    This is more of a salad than a slaw. Salad dressing: white vinegar, olive oil, garlic, & onion Regular head cabbage in large slices, microwaved a bit to soften it Celery Apples (peeled is my preference) Blue or Gorgonzola cheese
  4. Yes, those coffee drinks look amazing. I've never been to Greece, but noticed that French fries are on the menu at all Greek restaurants. I always thought it was a concession to American tastes. Yes, I always order fries at Greek restaurants.
  5. I've enjoyed Hot Dog on a Stick and Cheese on a Stick as well. The lemonade, not so much (too sweet & not tart / lemony enough).
  6. Thank you. I had some RG white beans that never did un-harden. And I cooked them for a long, long time (not in a pressure cooker, no salt, no tomato). IIRC, the garbanzos cooked really quickly.
  7. Thanks, @chileheadmike. I was specifically looking at the Alubia blanca beans.
  8. Hi guys, do the Rancho Gordo beans (packaging) have a harvest date on them? (I've been having challenging times cooking beans and I think it's due to old beans.) Also, has anyone tried the RG midnight black bean lately? If yes, how was it? Finally, looking for a recommendation for a small white bean (cannellini and kidney would be too large). Thanks in advance!
  9. I like oysters both raw and cooked. For raw, I like the brininess and texture. I can understand how the texture might seem creepy. If you don't like raw oysters now, you probably never will. However, I used to dislike uni (sea urchin, raw) and now I like it.
  10. @blue_dolphin, I've been watching "Dessert Person" on YouTube and would be interested to find out whether you've made any of her other recipes.
  11. And green tea does have caffeine, which I didn't know.
  12. That is a cute gravestone. People ask me to make salsa (pico de gallo) and bruschetta, so I'll say those two things.
  13. @shain, the white-ish, round discs look like cheese. Is it cheese?
  14. I have the Kuhn Rikon garlic press. It looks very similar to that OXO but it doesn't have the red cleaner / unplugger thing. My garlic does tend to get stuck in the holes and I lose a couple of cloves to the press.
  15. MokaPot

    Cherry Oh Baby

    Ojai does look inconvenient, considering the two other locations (Thousand Oaks and cherry farm).
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