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  1. Nerd here. Here's what the Cuisinart manual says about cheese. The manual doesn't say anything about slicing cookie dough, as far as I could tell.
  2. One of the classics that I like would be dark chocolate and raspberry. I like the liquor- or liqueur-flavored ones, but I can't think right now exactly which ones.
  3. MokaPot

    Lunch 2020

    Now, that's dedication. You must report back.
  4. MokaPot

    Worst Candy Ever

    Not to be confused with Whoppers® Robin Eggs® (malted milk balls), which I enjoy.
  5. MokaPot

    Lunch 2020

    @KennethT, I had good experiences ordering dishes from this company (Miya). It's Japanese stuff, but I think they have large bowls that aren't shallow. You can buy as many as you need. IIRC, they ship from New Jersey, USA. https://www.miyacompany.com/
  6. I like Playtex "Great Lengths" (they're long and go partially up the forearm) disposable gloves. I looked on Amazon and they're "currently unavailable." But Walmart seems to have them. They are blue and nitrile. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Playtex-Great-Lengths-Extra-Long-Gloves-30-count/14284664
  7. MokaPot

    KFC 2012–

    It's been a while since I had it, but I remember the Burger King original chicken sandwich (the oblong one with just lettuce & mayo) being tasty. I don't know if they put it on the BK value menu. I also eat the McD's chicken sandwich, which is usually on the McD's value menu. Kind of small, but you can order a couple if you're really hungry.
  8. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    So sad to hear about your Mom, @Kim Shook . I love your posts, you have such a generous and kind spirit. I know it's a crazy time, but I appreciate your posts.
  9. Sun brand ramen. Bing cherries, not peak quality yet, kinda small-ish. But not complaining.
  10. The base for strawberry shortcake, growing up, was Bisquick biscuits. Cool Whip as well. IMO, the KFC biscuits would actually be good as a base. I like the crusty texture of the biscuits, but your pound cake looks good, too. I can't think of how to improve strawberries + sugar. Almond?
  11. I like navy blue. IMO, it's a neutral color (in a good way). Looks like you have a lot of light coming through the sink window. If you're still concerned about enough light, maybe some under-cabinet lighting would help. (Underneath the upper cabinets.)
  12. @gfweb , I thought that might have been the case. The Amazon / Whole Foods connection is well-known. I just had such an easy time with my return at WF that I needed to tell everybody about it, haha.
  13. Sounds like @gfweb got the problem worked out. But for future reference, you can do Amazon returns at Whole Foods. I did it once and it was really easy. You don't have to deal with trying to re-package it nicely, etc. You initiate the return online. IIRC, they email you a QRA code for your return. The Whole Foods store should have a designated customer service checkout counter.
  14. I tried this Nissui brand of shrimp shumai for the first time. I didn't take a photo of the shumais unpackaged, sorry. They do not look as lacy & fluffy as the package photo. But they were good, IMO. Would buy again. @heidih, I've bought that El Guapo brand of crushed chili pepper before as well, packaged like that. Good prices on that brand.
  15. What's so good about CSO toast? What's the "ideal" for toast? I'm assuming that ideal toast is not melba toast / biscotti-like toast. Is it like @rotuts is describing, crusty surface(s) and soft (semi-moist) interior? TIA.
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