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  1. 5 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:

    @Kim Shook

    I'm not sure if the confusion is for my inability to eat chicken on the bone but ordering it at least once a year 'just in case I've changed' or the restaurant... 


    In case its the restaurant. Yeah it was confusing. Describes itself as a Japanese restaurant, but its top selling item is Korean fried Chicken, and it promotes 'Australian Fusion'  - which apparently that means everything on the is basically a Schnitzel with occasionally Asian influenced toppings 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ To be fair they are being fairly brave considering their geographical location. 

    😊Confusion was about chicken on the bone.  What about that bothers you?  And can you cut it off the bone and then eat it?  Is it the feel of the bone on your teeth or just the boniness of them?  Can you eat other meats off the bone.  I promise there is NO criticism here - I'm really just curious.  I have a SIL who won't eat chicken off the bone lest she come across a vein, so I was wondering if it is the same kind of thing.  

  2. 3 hours ago, gfweb said:

    Thanks @Kim ShookHow are their meats?

    Better than you might expect.  FL got a lot of bad press some years ago about their meat/poultry.  Some of the stores, at least, were changing expiration dates and selling bad meat.  I think that the exposure about that really caused them to make changes.  At the stores I shop at, I find the quality very good and very clean.  I even find some cuts there that I can't always find everywhere else.  

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  3. Personally, I like Food Lion a lot.  They are usually smaller than the other chains and I get truly personal service at mine.  I have gotten to the point that I buy all of my day-to-day deli items there.  They always have Fiorucci hard salami (Mr. Kim's favorite) in stock and I really love their store brand Off the Bone ham.  I find their produce better than either Kroger or Publix most of the time.  I find the prices competitive and, even though they are small, I can do the majority of my shopping there.  They do not have the spectacular deli/cheese/bakery items that you find at Wegman's and very few specialty items.  It totally depends on how you cook, of course and stores may vary by area (when I am in NC, I find things there that I can't find here).  

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  4. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook


    do love quiche  or what


    there is  Wegmans near me


    can youy give me more infer on the Q ?




    back when , Way Way Way back when ............


    """" People """"""    had Quiche


    and a Spinach Salad  with Raw sliced mushrooms in it.


    they did well I think.


    forgot what was for dessert


    but the wine was probably 


    and Almaden Chabls


    from CA and dry


    Im so sorry I didn't keep on bottle from Almaden


    Fishes , Chickens , Ducks , Turkeys


    probably a bit drunk


    Raising a Glass !

    It was just a quiche Lorraine.  Very simple, but creamy - the way I make mine.  I've never tried Wegman's quiche, but based on their other stuff, I'd imagine it is very good.  

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  5. 1 minute ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook


    WoW !


    what is that gnarley


    chocolate deliciousness on the lower R


    there is a Wegman's near me


    I did note that their pastry area needs more consideration from me.

    It is a chocolate dipped strawberry with tiny little chocolate curls!  It was good, but the piece at 12o'clock was outstanding!

  6. 1 hour ago, chromedome said:

    Californian, actually. She grew up in Huntington Beach. :)

    Though at the time of the infamous chainsaw incident she and her then-hubby lived in the Sierras, if that's any help. 

    So...um...do you know for a fact that the chain saw wasn't used on the then-hubby?

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  7. Our Valentine's dinner included a couple of experiments.  I did a sous vide steak for the first time and also King crab legs:


    The steak was perfectly cooked:


    Texture, temperature and doneness better than any steak I've ever cooked before.  Neither of us had ever had the crab legs before and they were delicious.  We are not big fans of snow crab legs (mainly vehicles for melted butter) and thought these might be the same only bigger.  They were not that at all.  Full of flavor!  I used ghee instead of clarifying butter and the flavor of the crab really came through.  The crab legs were cooked by Alton Brown’s microwave method.  You wrap the legs in damp paper towels and then in plastic wrap and cook on full power for 2 minutes.  You can add herbs (though I didn’t). 


    We also had a green salad, Brussels sprouts roasted in bacon grease with bacon and goat cheese and a baguette with some leftover olive oil/zaatar/sesame seed dipping sauce from our favorite Lebanese restaurant:







    Dessert was some lovely little pastries/sweets and a chocolate strawberry from Wegman’s:


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  8. This morning - quiche and bacon:


    The quiche is from a local producer that used to be a grocery chain.  They were a beloved tradition in Richmond and natives lost their minds when they decided to sell out.  They smartly kept up their production of prepared foods and bakery items that sold through the store that replaced them.  Now that that store has been replaced by Publix, almost all of the stores in this area sell the stuff - including Walmart and Wegmans.  Stores that cater to the local market are thinking ahead!  Anyway, the quiche is very good.  Light and creamy.  We often buy one when they go on sale in the evenings and portion it out for breakfast for the week.  I heated it in the CSO on convection/steam at 325F for 12 minutes.

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  9. I did my first steak.  And I can say that if the only thing I ever did in the future sous vide was steak, it would be worth the purchase.  We were both thrilled.  The steak was just a regular rib eye from Kroger – 2 inches thick and nicely marbled, but nothing spectacular:


    I sous vide it at 127 for 2 hours and then seared it in ghee in a cast iron skillet.  It turned out incredibly good:


    The steak was much pinker than the picture indicates and was that way all the way through, except for the sear on the edges.


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  10. Well, since no one else seemed to be any more informed about ghee brands as I did (😁), I went ahead with the Dellah.  It was great.  I used it to dip the crab into and also to sear a sous vide steak.  Nice feeling to stump eG once in a while.  LOL

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  11. 2 hours ago, Anna N said:



     Jamaican patty and some pickles.

    I love those things, but I have to search out the "mild" and even then they are a tiny bit too spicy for me.  

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  12. The menu:

    Steak – sous vide (my first attempt - wish me luck)

    King Crab legs w/ ghee (I've never tasted these)

    Brussels sprouts – roasted in bacon grease and topped w/ bacon and goat cheese

    Green salad



    Pastries and chocolate covered strawberries (purchased at Wegmans)


    We never go out anymore - even good restaurants seem to serve rubbish on Valentine's Day, at least in our area.  So we stay home and cook something easy and often in our pajamas!  We are lucky because at almost 35 years of marriage, we are still pretty romantic.  We always mark Valentine's day and our anniversaries.  I can almost guarantee that Mr. Kim will walk through the door with flowers.  This year, we've all agreed NO candy.  We still have Christmas candy around the house and are trying to lose weight.  But there will be some little sweet gifts to each other.  I am giving him a framed photo of the two of us all dressed up for my sister's wedding a couple of years ago (I have a half sister less than one year older than our daughter).

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  13. So, I'm using ghee in place of clarified butter to dip our king crab legs in.  I bought Dellah Global Kitchen Clarified Water Buffalo Milk Butter - Desi Ghee because that was all they had at Kroger.  Does anyone one know if this is good stuff?  If not, can you recommend some other brand that you know is high quality?  I have access to Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Wegman's.  Since we are going to be basically drinking this stuff, I want it to taste great.  Thank you, as always!!!

  14. 2 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    thank you


    @Kim Shook


    my stuff is on the pedestrian side 


    these days


    but often tasty


    for me.


    I hope people don't shy away from BaconEnds and trimmings , ham hocks etc


    from the top country ha and bacon places


    they are delicious , intense , and very salty


    but that can be dealt with it seems


    and although shipping costs are on the higher side


    a double order of the various ' samplers ' drops that down


    one then just has to find like minded friends to share the Haul.


    the stuff has such a large characteristic flavor 


    one needs to space those flavors out


    from now on


    when I make myTurkeyMealLoaf


    Ill only use ' trimmings ' that Ive diced , and desalted 


    I want to remember the TML is turkey based


    with just the right addition of Tasty Smoked Pig

    When Mr. Kim orders bacon, he gets it for a bunch of folks in his office.  He took some in a couple of years ago and converted a bunch of folks to Benton's.  Now we get this huge, smelly carton once every couple of months.  Best thing is, we get to pick which packs we want before passing them on.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Anna N said:

    Gotta tell you that I had to Google this!  

    I'd never heard of a Rachel until I moved to Richmond VA from the Washington DC area 40 years ago to attend college.  Now, they are everywhere in the US.

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