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  1. 29 minutes ago, Toliver said:

    Yes, I saw the local Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store carried the sauces. I wasn't familiar with the Polynesian Sauce (what does it taste like?).

    I don't actually know.  I almost never go to CFA - I prefer Popeyes.  I've always assumed it's some kind of sweet and sour thing.  Does anyone know???

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  2. 3 hours ago, Anna N said:

    I know you have tested the oven temperature but when I was having issues not too different from yours I discovered it was not so much the temperature but the signal that the oven is actually preheated to that temperature that was amiss. So the oven signalled that it had  reached 350°F but in fact it was still closer to 300°. Just a thought. 

    We thought of that and didn't put the thermometer in the oven until after it said it was preheated.  It immediately registered around 375F.  

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  3. 3 hours ago, Anna N said:

    Curiosity got the better of me and I found this which looks so much like your platter:



    That's so funny that someone "showcased" it.  I really like this one a lot, but I'm 99.9% sure that I found it at Dollar General!  


    @kayb - I'd love to see that platter!  Maybe in the "Fun Stuff" thread?


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  4. 8 minutes ago, heidih said:

    @Kim Shook Great and comforting Mothers Day spread. I am curious about the egg platter. I've als

    ways wondered - what goes in the middle - such a vacant space. I had one once with 3D bunnies I think in the middle geared to Easter/spring

    Generally, I put a little bowl of radishes or carrot curls (remember them😄?) in the middle.  Got in a hurry this time and forgot.  

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  5. @kayb – the oysters have me drooling.  One of the things I’ve always regretted missing on our NOLA trip was those Acme oysters. 


    @weino – I also saw that Japanese fried chicken on ATK.  I’ve saved the recipe and, seeing yours, I know I need to dig it out of the pile!


    @Duvel – I love seeing your son dig into all the different foods that you serve.  It reminds me of my now 37-year-old daughter when we used to take her to our favorite Chinese restaurant.   She was only about a year and a half old when we started going.  She loved it all!  The cooks got to know her and would send out little dishes of mystery food and crowd around the kitchen door window to watch her eat it.  One waiter said that when their kids would come eat at the restaurant they would always want hamburgers or chicken nuggets, so they loved seeing my little blonde-haired baby eating their food!  


    @liamsaunt – those dinner rolls are just lovely.  I can almost taste and smell them!


    @dcarch – what an absolutely gorgeous lamb chop platter that was.          


    @Tropicalsenior – I agree with you – I prefer to make my hard cooked eggs in the IP.  For some reason, they turn out more consistent and easier to peel that way. 


    We drove up to MD to pick crabs on Saturday for an early Mother’s Day treat for me.  Our usual place was out of blue crabs (they said they still had snow crab  Seriously?  If you are in MD and call yourself a “Crab House” and you are out of blue crabs, you need to close your doors for the day).  We ended up on Cobb Island at a place that we’d never been but turned out to have much better food than the other place.  Fantastic she crab soup:


    It didn’t just taste like cream soup with crabmeat.  Every bite tasted of crab. 


    Good, oniony hush puppies:


    I think these might be food service pups, but they were still good. 


    Crabs and shrimp:


    Good quality and perfectly cooked.


    Last night:


    IP beef and gravy, Duchess potatoes (purchased), and long cooked green beans.





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  6. We had Mr. Kim’s mom to brunch for Mother’s Day.  Table:



    We started with Quick Tomato Consommé:



    Jessica’s deviled eggs:



    Mini croissant and Ina Garten’s Shrimp salad:



    Cucumber/pumpernickel sandwiches and Ham & Swiss on Raisin bread with Dijon and Fig jam:


    The raisin bread ones are grilled.  Jessica made them. 


    Mr. Kim did a Bibb lettuce salad with feta and spiced pecans and my dad’s paprika dressing:



    We had two baking failures trying to make dessert, so we just ended up buying a babka in the store and topping it with macerated strawberries and whipped cream:





    Served with my homemade limoncello:


    Still a bit “hot” for me, but tasty.

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  7. We drove up to MD to pick crabs on Saturday and stopped on our way out of town at a favorite bakery.  Croissant:


    Coffee cake muffin:


    Lemon macaron with blueberry buttercream:


    Pretty much the size of Jessica’s palm.  Really good and tangy.


    Brown butter banana nut muffin:



    On Monday we went to a local deli for our first restaurant breakfast in over a year (the three of us are fully vaccinated):


    So great to be out and the food was as good as ever. 


    Yesterday’s breakfast was all leftovers from Monday and Mother’s Day brunch:



    This morning:


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  8. I was planning on making eclairs for Mother’s Day.  This is how they turned out:


    They all turned out flat like this.  I had two baking sheets of them.  On one they were a little too close together and didn’t puff up as much as they should have.  The other sheet puffed up beautifully, but when I opened the oven and turned off the heat, they all went flat.  The recipe that I used was Pichet Ong's Pate Choux


    Obviously, eclairs were off the menu.  Mr. Kim suggested making a pound cake and just macerating some strawberries.  He baked the Michael Ruhlman Ratio pound cake which I’ve made before.  This was the result of that bake:




    It was horrible.  Mr. Kim tested the oven temperature yesterday with his BBQ thermometer.  When the oven was preheated to 375F it fluctuated between 360F and 388F.  From my reading, this shouldn’t cause a problem. 


    So, I don’t know where the problem is.  Me?  My oven?  I have confidence in both recipes, so I’m guessing the problem is a bit closer to home.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

  9. Well, in spite of having a good, tried and true recipe and doing my best, my choux was a massive fail.  This was how the eclairs turned out after cooling:


    I wouldn't have the slightest idea what was wrong - whether it was my method, my oven, etc., but we had another baking fail right after that, so I'm going to post a request for ideas.  I'll keep track of the recipe and try again later.  So discouraging! 

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  10. On 4/15/2021 at 11:41 AM, blue_dolphin said:

    I've been drinking this 2019 Ténèbres from TJ's for little while.  It's a French GSM but instead of being from the Rhône valley, this one is from farther south in the Languedoc.  Only $5.99.  Very drinkable and worth a try if you like Rhône varietals.  They had cases of it on an end cap for a while but it's now moved to a spot on the shelves with the other French reds.  




    I should pick up a few more bottles. 


    Something I will not be picking up again is the TJ's frozen pie crust.  I'd sworn these off before but in the interest of limiting shopping trips, I picked up a package of them the other day.

    Still as broken as my previous experiences. 


    I let this one thaw 24 hrs in the fridge and 1 hr at room temp.  Frozen pie crust is supposed to be a time saver, not a craft project!

    Too bad as it's a tender, buttery crust with a reasonable list of ingredients.  I'll go back to the doughboy 🙃



    I had that exact same thing happen to me.  I've never had it happen with the refrigerated Pillsbury one, so I'm sticking with those or with frozen ones.  I just wish that they made the frozen ones the same size as a standard pie pan, so I could successfully pretend I'd made the crust.  🙃


    Bought these for the first time this weekend:


    They are delicious.  Dehydrated, but still soft and moist.  And a nice, citrus punch.


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  11. 14 hours ago, cteavin said:

    That's funny. 


    I'm interested in some 'sourdough' pancakes I saw online but at the same time I'm like, SOURdough PANCAKES and then wondered about AFB because it goes on for years. 


    So what happened to that starter you were gifted?

    I made it a few times and then just let the starter "die".  I didn't know you could freeze it and take a break (thanks so much for that information, @Maison Rustique!) and it is more like cake than bread and we got tired of having it all the time.  

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  12. I agree that it would be smarter (not to mention KINDER) of the mining company to feed their employees well.  Isolated from their families, they are well on their way to feeling low and left out of their normal lives.  Institutional food just makes that worse.  Low quality food in this instance screams, "we don't care what you want/like, we know you don't have any choice, so eat it or starve".  It would piss me off for sure.  

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  13. I have received and then made Amish Friendship bread starter and enjoyed it very much.  Here's a recipe for the starter and here's one for the bread.  Friendship Bread is named that because you make enough to give away three portions of the fermented batter and then the starter and keep one for yourself.  I never had any luck finding someone who would take either the batter or the starter.  Everyone I asked was horrified at the idea of leaving something out that long.  🙄

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    8 minutes ago, heidih said:

    That is why I said I was ED (eating disorder) scarred re celery

    I hated V8 long before WW.  My mom loved Bloody Marys, so we usually had it in the refrigerator when I was a little girl.  I tried it periodically and was always completely grossed out!  

  14. Yesterday would have been my mother's 83rd birthday.  She loved anything on toast for breakfast, especially tomatoes, so in honor of her:


    She would have sent that egg right back, though, and asked for it to be flipped and cooked some more 😁!

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  15. I think I finally figured out the burger.  No bun?  And I'm assuming that Australian bacon is similar to British bacon rather than American?  Question about the corned beef.  Is it common to serve it with a sauce?  It looks pretty good - like American cream gravy except maybe it broke?  There seem to be little bits in it.  The potatoes look good - like from actually potatoes and not flakes.  

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