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  1. 14 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook




    loves SV


    its a rare cut here


    and SV  give TT a very fine start


    you have to then finish


    the surface to your liking.

    I'm going to try to talk him into letting me SV the next one.  

  2. @Ann_T – Happy Anniversary AND Birthday!


    @robirdstx – After seeing your porcupine meatballs, I put them on my “To Cook” document.  Hope to have them soon!


    @Shelby – such beautiful tomatoes.  Our last ones were not great.  Hoping for better luck tomorrow. 


    @David Ross – I love macaroni salad and also haven’t had it in ages!  I put that on my “To Cook” doc, too!


    On Tuesday, Mr. Kim smoked a tri tip:


    It was our first time eating this cut.  I liked it a lot and thought it was surprisingly tender.  Mr. Kim thought it was a bit oversmoked and will smoke it for less time next time.  Jessica thought it tasted like hot dogs or pastrami and didn’t care for it.  I would love to try it sous vide, but I’m not sure that I’ll be allowed to do that 😊.  Served with some lovely farmer’s market corn, marinated cukes, an ET salad kit that Jessica brought, and Sister Schubert rolls:









    Dessert was a Pepperidge Farm apple turnover with ice cream:


    This was a real blast from the past for me.  Since my mother didn’t often bake, this was a fairly frequent dessert.  We all liked fruit pies and puff pastry, so it was always welcome. 


    We had dinner on Wednesday with a long time (40 years) friend we hadn’t seen since before the pandemic.  He chose a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before.  There is a famous/infamous (to Richmond VA) restauranteur named Ed Vasaio.  His restaurants are famous/infamous for their fantastic food and rude/abrupt service.  I’ve now been to two of his places and can vouch for the food, but have found the service to be friendly and accommodating each time.  I have a funny connection to him, though.  I grew up going to A.V. Ristorante in NW Washington DC.  It is the first Italian restaurant I ever ate at – the first time I ever tasted white pizza or calamari.  The folks who opened AV’s in 1949 were his grandparents.  He grew up in that kitchen.  So, I guess I’m predisposed to love his food.  And it was excellent.  Mr. Kim had a tagliatelle Bolognese:



    Our friend had a pizza:



    We all had salad:



    And I had the soft shells:


    Under an ungodly and unnecessary amount of basil chiffonade.  Once I scraped most of that off, I was left with the sweetest, cleanest, most delicate and wonderfully cooked soft shells this Eastern shore girl has ever had.  Simply incredible:



    We STILL have some of Mr. Kim’s mom’s spaghetti sauce.  Not enough for all three of us to have spaghetti and meat sauce, but there was plenty when mixed with pasta, ricotta, and parmesan to make baked spaghetti last Thursday:





    Served with tomatoes, corn, and marinated cucumbers (it’s summer – rule is tomatoes, corn, and cukes with every dinner):


    These were not as good as they looked.  They were mealy and had little flavor.  Sadly, we have 2 more of them.






    Sunday – this weird looking platter of BBQ came from Mr. Kim’s BBQ judging on Saturday.  They were allowed to bring home the leftovers of their samples, so all the bites are from him only:


    It consisted of brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and chicken thighs.  Because it was competition these were from 6 different people and the quality varied widely.  Most of it was pretty good, though.  Assortment of sauces and “go-withs” for the meat and baked potatoes:



    Potatoes with nice crusty, salty and peppery delicious skin:





    Squash and onions for Mr. Kim:



    Also, cucumbers and salad - both of which you've seen ad nauseum.  


    Last night was roasted and Old Bay’d shrimp and fried corn:



    Pimento cheese & Ritz and salad:






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  3. @BonVivant – those white anchovies are lovely.  I search those out when I’m making a Caesar.


    Yesterday’s lunch at a local pizza/sub joint.  Ham, cheese, and salami sub:



    With their amazing pizza oven baked fries:


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  4. @blue_dolphin – what was it that made it too salty?  It looks beautiful and perfectly cooked, so I hope you try again.




    We’re already getting good pears this year!


    Post church brunch at a favorite diner.  I had eggs Benedict:


    I always have a hard time turning this down.  This was excellent – a really good hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs.  Mr. Kim had a pastrami and Swiss:


    Which I would probably not have taken a chance on.  They call themselves a diner, but the vibe is really more café.  I would have been wrong.  It was surprisingly good.  Tender and juicy and such good flavor.  And we loved that it was a normal sized portion.  Neither of us care for those fist-sized gobs of meat between two puny pieces of rye. 


    This morning:


    Egg and bacon on an onion roll with a white peach.

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  5. Hi, @AnCand welcome to eGullet!  I'm glad you joined us and hope you will post often - you are in my favorite part of the world.  We visited England in 2011 and my husband has also been in Ireland.  We want so badly to go back and hope we can one day!  


  6. @blue_dolphin - lovely looking breakfast - everything!  But that toast!!!  OMG  🥰  I am definitely a carboholic.


    This morning:


    Farmer’s market peaches and a bacon, egg, and Muenster on a toasted onion roll.

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  7. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook 


    very nicely melted cheese on that sandwich


    I do not think of muenster when I think sandwhich


    I think Ive been making a mistake


    its on the list.



    I was thinking of you the whole time the cheese was getting melty in the CSO.  Also on my breakfast this morning!

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  8. @blue_dolphin – I’ve been wondering about those corn “ribs”.  I’ve seen them all over the place – even the Pioneer Woman made them.  Your experience mirrored my instinct.  Nice riff on the corn and shrimp sauté!  It is great as is, but really lends itself to improvisation, too.  


    When I have breakfast I almost never have lunch unless we go out somewhere.  But I got a little rumbly in my tumbly the other day and this fit the bill:


    ET bagel and cream cheese with extra ET seasoning.


    And yesterday, I went without breakfast because I knew there was some of Mr. Kim’s leftover smoked tri tip in the fridge:


    I steamed it in the CSO and put it on an onion roll with melty Muenster cheese (horseradish sauce and BBQ sauce under the cheese).

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  9. @blue_dolphin – thank you, ma’am!  Its just Duke’s mayo on the tomatoes.  To me, tomatoes just taste right with a little mayo mixing with their juices.  Those sardine and tomato toasts are gorgeous.  I’m a big fan of fishy brunches, so I’d love them!




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  10. This morning - white peaches and tomatoes on toast - both from the farmer's market:




    I said somewhere that the tomatoes we're getting this year are better than we've had in many years and we'll be sad to see them go.  Luckily, we have one farmer's market nearby that is open on Wednesday mornings and I'm planning a tomato run tomorrow!

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  11. Had a kind of sad dinner at a place we’d been to once before.  Not sad because the food was bad (though some wasn’t very good), but sad because it’s pretty obvious they aren’t doing well.  Not sure that this is the place for this little essay, but here it goes.  As with our first visit, we were the only ones in the place and there were no food pickups while we were there.  Our other visit was after church and this one was during what should have been the dinner rush.  It’s especially sad because it is apparent that whoever is cooking knows what they are doing.  We went specifically for the chicken, and it was fantastic:


    Juicy and hot with a thin, brittle coating.  Our sides were mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, and slaw:


    The mac and cheese, which I had and loved last time, was obviously scraped from a steam pan that had been made earlier in the day.  It was hard and crusted (not in a good way).  The beans were just canned ones, but cooked a bit and flavored well.  The potatoes were real with a few lumps, but the gravy was from a mix, I’m sure.  The slaw was certainly NOT housemade.  Jessica got the fish sandwich, which was made with whiting (I grew up calling this Lake Trout – what it is called on the Eastern shore in MD) that was a bit too fragrant, but well prepared.  When we went last the menu was front and back of a printed menu.  This time the menu was extremely pared down from that with only about 4 sandwiches and 3 dinners left and we were told when we walked in that all the hamburgers (regular and turkey) were sold out already (at about 6:35).  I hate to see people work so hard and have so much talent fail.  I hope that they will be able to carry on in some way – catering or a truck maybe. 

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  12. I've been called a picky eater by more than one person.  In spite of that, I eat everything he lists except for green peppers and Indian food.  I don't eat any sushi, so I'm not sure how to count that one.  So, if this is indeed humor, does he really hate these foods?  

  13. 5 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:

    They are not completely anti social,  my hub and 2 others have a "Gentlemans Club" on a saturday night, where they eat nibblies from the dining hall out of polystyrene on one of their porches and try weird booze (so long as no blasting next day)... this week they were scouring op shops (charity stores?) For "Gentlemans Attire" I will try for pictures. But don't hold your breath. They also eat lunch together and smoko everyday, so... I can see why evening solace is a thing. 

    I understand this.  Living with and working with the same folks is not easy.  I think with the pandemic and so many folks working from home, many of us are dealing with the same issue.  The "Gentlemans Club" is a great idea.  I wish Mr. Kim would find one.  I have barely been alone for over a year and I'm getting desperate.  🤪😁

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  14. 18 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:




    Philips grilled lamb with roast root vegetables.


    Dayum!  I don't even eat cooked carrots and I'm drooling.

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  15. @shain – your fatayer meal was lovely.  Just exactly what I love to eat. 


    @Katie Meadow – Matiz is a great brand.  I haven’t had the sardines yet, but they are the cockles that @weinoo recommends for his clam sauce and they were excellent.  I’ve added the sardines to my wishlist!


    @Annie_H – You should contact @Chris Hennes or @Smithy and they’ll help you get your picture problem sorted!  Welcome to eG!


    Lunch yesterday was a split and toasted cathead biscuit:



    With the last of the sausage gravy I made the other night:


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  16. @Ann_T – I showed Mr. Kim your impeccable and perfect poached eggs and we now have egg envy!


    @blue_dolphin - I keep meaning to tell you how beautiful your food and your food photography always is.  The peach and ricotta toast from yesterday is especially lovely.





    On Saturday we ran errands and ended up at The Dairy Bar for brunch.  This was the place that used to be the cafeteria for the employees when there was an actual dairy here.  I had the Tricia’s Special:


    Biscuit, sausage, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, and gravy.  Mr. Kim had the club:



    After church brunch at Jessica’s friends' restaurant, Satterwhite’s.  Mr. Kim had eggs and country fried steak with rye toast:



    I had an open-faced turkey sandwich with fries and green beans:



    This morning:


    Martha Stewart recipe for Honey-Caramelized Figs with Yogurt.  We got the figs from the farmer’s market.  This was delicious.

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