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  1. I've been called a picky eater by more than one person.  In spite of that, I eat everything he lists except for green peppers and Indian food.  I don't eat any sushi, so I'm not sure how to count that one.  So, if this is indeed humor, does he really hate these foods?  

  2. 5 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:

    They are not completely anti social,  my hub and 2 others have a "Gentlemans Club" on a saturday night, where they eat nibblies from the dining hall out of polystyrene on one of their porches and try weird booze (so long as no blasting next day)... this week they were scouring op shops (charity stores?) For "Gentlemans Attire" I will try for pictures. But don't hold your breath. They also eat lunch together and smoko everyday, so... I can see why evening solace is a thing. 

    I understand this.  Living with and working with the same folks is not easy.  I think with the pandemic and so many folks working from home, many of us are dealing with the same issue.  The "Gentlemans Club" is a great idea.  I wish Mr. Kim would find one.  I have barely been alone for over a year and I'm getting desperate.  🤪😁

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  3. 18 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:




    Philips grilled lamb with roast root vegetables.


    Dayum!  I don't even eat cooked carrots and I'm drooling.

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  4. @shain – your fatayer meal was lovely.  Just exactly what I love to eat. 


    @Katie Meadow – Matiz is a great brand.  I haven’t had the sardines yet, but they are the cockles that @weinoo recommends for his clam sauce and they were excellent.  I’ve added the sardines to my wishlist!


    @Annie_H – You should contact @Chris Hennes or @Smithy and they’ll help you get your picture problem sorted!  Welcome to eG!


    Lunch yesterday was a split and toasted cathead biscuit:



    With the last of the sausage gravy I made the other night:


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  5. @Ann_T – I showed Mr. Kim your impeccable and perfect poached eggs and we now have egg envy!


    @blue_dolphin - I keep meaning to tell you how beautiful your food and your food photography always is.  The peach and ricotta toast from yesterday is especially lovely.





    On Saturday we ran errands and ended up at The Dairy Bar for brunch.  This was the place that used to be the cafeteria for the employees when there was an actual dairy here.  I had the Tricia’s Special:


    Biscuit, sausage, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, and gravy.  Mr. Kim had the club:



    After church brunch at Jessica’s friends' restaurant, Satterwhite’s.  Mr. Kim had eggs and country fried steak with rye toast:



    I had an open-faced turkey sandwich with fries and green beans:



    This morning:


    Martha Stewart recipe for Honey-Caramelized Figs with Yogurt.  We got the figs from the farmer’s market.  This was delicious.

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  6. @robirdstx – do you make your own dirty rice?  The only kind I’ve ever had is from Bojangles’s.  I like it a lot but would like to try to make my own. 


    @dcarch – those tomatoes are absolutely gorgeous and bless you for donating them.


    @mgaretz – I’m sorry that the ribs weren’t good.  Glad the fries were.  Such a delicious looking plate, too!


    @weinoo – those duck legs and potatoes look so incredible.  So simple and so perfect. 


    @Shelby – good Lord, girl!  What fantastic looking food.  Your tomatoes are killing me and I’m making deviled eggs next time I do hard cooked ones.  I keep looking at @Duvel's holiday tomato-rubbed bread and thinking that one would need your exactly perfect tomatoes to do it right. 


    Dinner on Friday was a repeat of the Aldi schnitzel:



    With a slice of my MIL’s chocolate cake (made to celebrate Mr. Kim’s birthday) for dessert:



    Saturday was leftover spaghetti and meat sauce from that same BD dinner:


    She does a very nice thing when she’s making spaghetti for us.  She makes her sauce with green peppers and knows I don’t like them, so she makes the sauce to the point of adding the peppers and then sets aside my portion.  She made a ton, so we had leftovers. One of the few leftover meals I care for.  Served with salads:



    Last night was @Maggie the Cat’s Shrimp and Corn sauté with caramelized cauliflower:



    Served with tomatoes and a new (to us) pimento cheese:


    The corn, tomatoes, and pimento cheese were all from one of the farmer’s markets and were SO good.  We have been getting such good tomatoes this summer and are really going to miss them when they’re gone. 

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  7. Ok, y'all owe me.  I took one for the team and bought and tried these things:


    Mr. Kim asked if they were from Yankee Candle rather than Oreo.  Terribly fake tasting.  No recognizable "Apple Cider" flavor at all.  We're hoping that the squirrels will be less discerning than us.  

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  8. 23 hours ago, DesertTinker said:

    Yes, a “personal” seedless watermelon, cut into more or less 1/2” bits. It became my evening snack, topped with a little maple smoked kosher salt (after the LED tea candle was plucked out, of course). The personal melons have been pretty consistently good this year.

    Oh, good!  I can "like" it then.  I thought it was raw salmon at first and passed it by.  😁

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  9. I do all manner of additions with chicken salad, but never have gone beyond sweet relish, mayo, AC vinegar, and hard cooked eggs for tuna.  I may experiment.  




    Fried egg and deli ham English muffin.  This was a lovely mess a couple of bites in.  My plate was swimming in runny yolk and I was dragging the muffin through it.  Heaven.


    This morning:


    Hot Cross buns from the freezer compliments of my MIL at Easter.  



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  10. I envy folks who like melon.  I love the fragrance of it and always thought that it would be something I would “grow” into.  Unfortunately, I never did.  All melons (except for watermelon, which I adore) taste rotten to me – as if they have started to spoil. 


    @Shelby– that is a perfect looking BLT!  And good Lord – that fig crostata🤪! 


    @shain – gorgeous cheese bread.  I would hog all the non-pepper sections😁!


    @Margaret Pilgrim – so sorry about your blah dinner.  Happens to me a LOT.  Not often for you, I think. 


    @Ann_T – I agree with you about lamb shanks.  Wish they were more available here.  I remember that my mom would get them for next to nothing and roast them.  They were so flavorful.  Better than any beef I’d ever had.  I’ve loved lamb since. 


    Breakfast for dinner:


    Leftover blueberry pancakes (with @David Ross' yummy mascarpone butter) and some good strawberries that Jessica brought.


    As I mentioned in the breakfast and lunch topics, Saturday was Mr. Kim’s BD and, trying to avoid crowds of possibly unvaxxed folk, we chose to mostly drive around the Northern Neck of Virginia (around the Rappahannock river – famous for oysters – about which, more anon).  We ate dinner at Halterman’s in Manquin.  Jessica got snow crab legs, baked potato, hushpuppies and maybe the best spoonbread we’d ever eaten:




    Jessica and I are really anti-foil wrapped potatoes (judge-y women run in our family😉), but everything was so good, we just went with it.  But WHY do restaurants do this?  You always end up with gummy insides and wet, limp skin.  Sigh.  The spoonbread:



    I got the fried seafood platter – something I grew up eating on the Eastern shore and have been craving for literally years.  Very few restaurants do this anymore and even fewer do it this well:


    Rappahannock oysters, shrimp, scallops, fish, crab cake, and hushpuppies.  Every single thing was really well prepared and sweet and fresh tasting.  Crab cake:


    Not lump, but good tasting, filler-free sweet crab. 


    Mr. Kim got steamed shrimp, deviled eggs, and a sweet potato:







    We were too full for birthday cake, so we took a gorgeous piece of Lemon-Berry Cake home:



    Last night:


    Yeast rolls, yellow pepper strips, egg noodles, green beans, kraut, Aldi Pork Schnitzel (sorry, @Duvel) w/ a shortcut sauce I made in about 3 minutes in the pan when the cutlets came out. 

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  11. 20 minutes ago, David Ross said:

    I bet you liked the mascarpone butter as much as I do. 

    I keep looking for things to use it on!  It is fantastic!

  12. @weinoo – gorgeous looking tomatoes on your open-faced sandwiches.  Love that you showed them the proper respect and love with Duke’s 😁😉


    @blue_dolphin – love the concept of your BLT and I will try that Iceberg “slab” idea.  I love the crunch of iceberg on a sandwich, but usually have it thinly sliced – almost shaved. 


    @BonVivant – German potato salad is pretty much the ONLY potato salad that I care for.  The others are just cold potatoes with a creamy sauce. 


    On Saturday we celebrated Mr. Kim’s BD with a day (mostly) driving around in the Northern Neck area of Virginia – around and along the Rappahannock river.  We stopped in Tappahannock at the very cool Acme Ice Cream and Antique store for a treat that substituted for lunch:



    Some of the ambiance:







    Sunday after church we ended up again at our favorite deli, Boychik’s.   I had a sandwich with hard salami, turkey, roast beef, slaw, and 1000 Island dressing on rye:



    Mr. Kim had the “British Burger” with bacon and Cheddar:


    They do a great burger – especially considering they are a deli.  The bacon is, of course streaky bacon and not British, but we’re ok with that.  Having had a bacon burger in England, we decided that that was one of the few applications where we preferred American over British bacon. 




    Leftover cheese cathead biscuit.  Split, toasted, and lavishly buttered. 

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  13. @robirdstx – great looking BLT.  I haven’t had one yet this year.  It seems that when I have a good tomato, I don’t have bacon and vice versa!  Or I have both of them but the lettuce is brown!  I need to get my sh*t together or I’m gonna miss the boat! 😁


    Saturday was Mr. Kim’s BD.  Since we are still trying to be safe and not spend too much time around folks whose vax status we don’t know, we took a drive out to the Northern Neck of VA (along the Rappahannock River) and just wandered around.  We had breakfast at Cold Harbor Restaurant in Mechanicsville.  Just an old, classic breakfast and lunch café.  I had eggs, sausage links, rye toast, and hashbrowns:



    Jessica had biscuits and gravy:



    Mr. Kim had corned beef hash, eggs, and a biscuit:





    Ace Baguette Bagel, IP eggs, and strawberries.  The bagels are a new-to-me brand.  They have a great texture, but the ET seasoning is a little sparse, so I just added some to the cream cheese.


    This morning:


    Packaged Belgian waffles with @David Ross’ mascarpone butter and IP eggs.

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  14. On 8/14/2021 at 11:36 AM, David Ross said:

    We have a local grocery store that puts out fried chicken from the previous day in the cold case, marked down, sometimes to $3.00 for eight pieces of fried chicken.  I pop it in the air fryer for about 5-6 minutes and it's crisp and juicy.  Of course not like made from scratch at the time, but still very delicious. I use it in salads, sandwiches and of course just to get my fried chicken craving in.


    Jessica would like to know time and temp for that.  Publix has great fried chicken and she'd love to extend it's time.


    I'd like to know if anyone has done arancini and how that worked.  

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  15. 4 hours ago, ElsieD said:

    My sister brought me an 11 quart basket of ripe, just of the tree peaches this weekend.  I would like to freeze most of them.  Can I just cut them in quarters, remove the pits and freeze them SKIN ON?  I have frozen tomatoes whole and when I use them, i put them  in hot water for a couple of seconds and the skin slips right off.  Same thing with peaches?

    You absolutely can do that.  I forget if you have a CSO or not, but if you do, steaming slightly will do the same thing as the hot water "peeling".  

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  16. @Shelby – gorgeous watermelon.  I could sit with a bowl of watermelon chunks on one side and a salt shaker on the other and eat them all day.  We used to eat them outside in our bathing suits on my grandparents’ farm.  When we were done, we’d feed the rinds to the cows and my grandmother would squirt us off with the garden hose.  And @rotuts is right, all fruit eaten with juices running down your arms are the best. 


    Today is the last day of Mr. Kim’s “vacation” (not much of a vacation for him, poor thing – couldn’t go anywhere and got work related calls every day), so he kidnapped me for lunch today.  We went to a new diner called “Shorty’s”.  Mr. Kim had the Open Faced 1/2 lb. Burger plate:


    Texas toast, fries, burger, sauteed onions & mushrooms, and house made gravy.  Really good, though he felt that the burger was over seasoned.  It was cooked perfectly. 


    I had the pork tenderloin sandwich:


    Which was delicious, but slightly too thick.  Fries were excellent. 

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  17. @Shelby - such a great looking assortment of meals.  Between you and @rotuts, I am now craving meatloaf!


    Thanks to everyone for the understanding towards my rant about my in laws! 


    Dinner last night was breakfast-for-dinner.  Tomatoes and strawberries:



    Cat head biscuits:





    With sausage gravy, fried apples, and scrambled eggs:


    Been craving this for a couple of weeks!  It was just exactly what I wanted!

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  18. I've probably told this here before, but when I was a little girl (4 or 5), my uncle showed me that it said "English Peas" on cans of peas (Le Sueur, probably) and convinced me that these were what the Beatles ate.  I gaggingly ate them for a couple of years until I smartened up.  😁

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  19. I have a peculiar situation as regards salted vs. unsalted.  I used and liked unsalted for years.  Within the last 5 or so years, I started noticing that unsalted butter was smelling "off" to me - just slightly rancid - even when it was fresh.  Neither Mr. Kim nor Jessica can smell it, so I'm wondering if it is connected to my Burning Mouth Syndrome.  I switched to salted and haven't had any problem with it since.  Lately, I'm starting to notice the same thing with sour cream and cream cheese.  ☹️

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  20. 4 hours ago, AlaMoi said:

    recipe write ups with "OMG" quantities / procedures / steps . . . . I simply disregard / toss / click-on-by.

    if it doesn't sound right, it probably isn't right.


    to wit - did a Thomas Keller lemon marinated/soaked chicken.

    a marinade of five lemons set my spider senses off  . .

    and I was right....

    it was inedible.

    Had the same thing happen to me with an Emeril recipe and lemons.  They were used whole - including the pith.  I thought it was odd, but went ahead.  Yep.  Inedible.  

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  21. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:

    Well of course. But I'd hardly call that a "sandwich."

    Club sandwich.  Between two pieces of bread-type things. 😁

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