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  1. On 9/18/2019 at 10:03 AM, Paul Bacino said:

    Made Sugo and Salsiccia which I added fregola to.



    Ok, I had to look up all three of those words.  😁  Looks so good!


    @Anna N - when you say 6 1/2 minute eggs, are you boiling or steaming them or what?  Because that is exactly what I'd like my eggs to look like!


    @BonVivant - dear Lord, those figs.  I think I lost consciousness for a minute.  Just absolutely gorgeous (the food and your photography) and delicious looking.


    Roast beef with muenster and horseradish cream, turkey with lettuce and mayo and my favorite skinny little pretzel sticks that are so hard to find:


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  2. I have been intending to start brining more of my meats.  But in all the research I've been doing on the internet, the timing for brining is all over the place.  For instance - for chicken (pieces or whole), I've seen everything from 2 hours to 24 hours.  I trust y'all a whole lot more than the sites and cooks that I've been reading.  What's the deal???  I truly hope I haven't opened up a can of culinary worms and that y'all don't fall to fussing amongst yourselves.  Help!!!  🤪

  3. On 9/20/2019 at 2:38 PM, ElsieD said:

    I seem to be the only one who can't make toast in the CSO.  I couldn't do it in the first one and neither does it turn out in the replacement oven.

    What is it that you don't like about CSO toast?  It occurs to me that you may simply not like your toast the same way that the rest of us do.  Not a fault of you or us or the CSO, but maybe just a difference in preference.

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  4. 12 hours ago, suzilightning said:

    Actually that was my sick mind attempt at humor playing off Ann's comment with an Elvis song.  I blame it on the amount of country music I listen to and Ken Burn's new documentary...

    Off-topic, but I am loving that documentary.  It is so good that I watched 2 hours of it on MUTE in bed the other night because Mr. Kim was asleep and I was too lazy to go downstairs!  To bring this on topic, the only thing it is missing in the show is FOOD.  You know they had to be eating some good food traveling all around the country like they did in the early days. 

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  5. 27 minutes ago, kayb said:

    I tend to stick to just salt and pepper. I'd say use any spice you like. 


    One trick for gluten-free breading, which I have not used for FGT but should work, is crushed Rice Chex cereal. I've also seen people bread them in crushed Corn Flakes or potato chips.

    We have lots of folks who need GF and I've found that the GF panko is actually really good.  I used them to coat shrimp burgers and I honestly could not tell the difference.

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  6. Well, I didn't make it, but I canned it:


    That is one gallon of, to my mind, the best BBQ sauce in the world.  It's from Short Sugar's BBQ in Reidsville NC.  It's the sauce that I grew up on and every single review I've read about it - including the one in the Southern Foodways Alliance Oral Histories mentions the uniqueness and deliciousness of the sauce.  We buy gallon jugs of it (they recycle their Texas Pete jugs and just slap a SS's label over the TP label) on trips to NC.  I haven't run out of this stuff in probably 30 years!  One of my worst fears is that they will go out of business during my lifetime.  😁

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  7. I couldn't find a thread devoted to this and thought that this was the correct area - obviously if I'm lost just fix me up, moderators! 🙂  This actually might be a good thread to also put the posts about old menus that I started.. 


    Some great things I found at when we were cleaning out my grandmother’s house Labor Day weekend:



    This was special.  She actually wrote things in this:





    But this was the best – two steno pads that were full of her handwritten recipes:


    This was loaded with things that I actually remember her serving, not to mention some of my great-grandmother’s recipes. 

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  8. 43 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:


    Magnificent!    My mother used make the occasional steak and kidney pie.   I haven't had, even SEEN, anything close in many, many years.

    My stepdad - eG member @Ted Fairhead, who passed away a few years ago was English and used to make Steak and Kidney pudding/pie.  My mom loved it, but as a kid, it freaked me out and so I never tried it.  Wish now that I had.  Momma made a much less scary beef pie that we all would eat (even my English stepsisters didn't eat kidneys) that was really just a beef stew in a pie crust.  Always one of my favorite things, though my friends thought it was odd!

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  9. As promised, pictures of my roast chicken that I served when my sister was here last week. It turned out that only one sister came and she left before dinner the last day, so I only ended up having to cook 2 dinners.   


    It was wonderfully juicy and tender.  Mr. Kim had to work late and had some cold and said it was still great.  Cut up:


    The wing tips and the ends of the legs got a little singed before I put foil on.  Trussed up, the chicken was a little tall.  The sides didn’t get as browned as the top.  Minor issues - I imagine this will be my chicken roasting method from now on (when I don't sneak off to Costco for a rotisserie chicken.  Just sayin').

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  10. 8 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    yes indeed !


    always peas


    become more controversial 


    the type of peas :


    personally , " Diner Peas '   ie canned.  


    fresh or frozen fresh  ,  are for Pot Pies.

    <shudder>  I can deal with a few fresh/frozen peas strewn in pot pie or chicken noodle soup or pasta salad, but canned peas give me a full body shudder.  


    @chromedome - yes, BUT it is a store brand, so their supplier could have changed, I suppose.  I've been buying Food Lion brand rice for years - switching between Jasmine, Basmati, and long grain.  Never had this issue before.  

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    (((hugs))) Kim, I feel for you!  You have a lot on your plate and quitting smoking on top of that is hard!  Rant all you want!


    Have you tried using your Instant Pot for rice?  I've been rice-challenged my whole life until I started doing it in there.  


    Using regular Uncle Ben's rice

    1 cup of rice

    1 1/2 cups of water


    8 minutes on high.  Quick release.


    Turns out good every time for me.


    PS.  I swear there was pepperoni under there--probably not enough, though.  Ronnie likes a really meaty pizza....me, not so much.

    PPS.  Your chicken looks perfect and I now want ice cream.  Ice cream is something I can't keep in the house very often.  I will eat it all.  In one sitting.


    LOL!  Thank you, ma'am!  I actually haven't tried the IP for rice.  I guess because I've never had too much trouble with rice.  No matter the kind, I've always used a little less water than called for, cooked until tender (by actual taste, not time - usually a little less than called for), taken off the heat, covered with a dish towel and the lid and let sit for 5 minutes.  Perfect fluffy rice.  Grrr.  I will try the IP next time!

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  12. 1 hour ago, TdeV said:

    My toaster has died. Will a CSO do toast?

    As an item of intense personal interest, will a CSO do toasted cheese? (I grew up with these)

    This is why it is helpful to know where an eG member lives. 😁  Words mean different things in different places.  If by toasted cheese, you mean bread topped with cheese and put under a heating element that melts the cheese to whatever degree you want it, then - YES!  It does lovely toasted cheese.  


    I am one of those who likes the way the CSO does toast.  I place my rack in the position of the 2nd of @kayb's picture above and toast on 3.  If you can tell from this picture, this is how dark the toast gets:


    The inside is a bit tender (not solid crunch like some toasters) and the underside is a little bit lighter with the stripe of the rack on it.  You can flip halfway through to even out the browning, if you like.  Personally, I haven't used my toaster since I got the CSO.  Mr. Kim still does, but he admits that he is intimidated by the CSO.  Jessica is a complete convert, though, and love it.

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  13. @Captain – your Toad In A Hole looks so much better than mine!  Do you do yours in a loaf pan?  It looks much deeper than mine - I just use an 8X12-inch pan and it comes out very flat.  Your gravy looks lovely, too!


    @Shelby – you SAY that is a pepperoni pizza.  I am not seeing any pepperoni.  I see what looks like fungus and HOT🔥.  As always, the crust/sauce/cheese parts are gorgeous!  Also, looking at your chicken quarters done in the CSO, I really think that rather than a whole chicken is the best way to go.


    @Ann_T – I love the plate that your stacked Greek salad is on.


    @SharonEM – lovely tomato pie.  Next time I hope you’ll take a picture of the inside – I would have loved to have seen that. 


    @gfweb – that cauliflower gratin is about as appetizing and delicious looking as I believe I’ve ever seen cauliflower look.  Bravo!


    @dcarch – I don’t think we can ever say enough about that incredible assortment of tomatoes or that bacon blanket.  Bacon blanket❤️


    @Dante – what am I looking at?  I think I see biscuits underneath…???  Is that beans?  Or maybe chickpeas? 


    Mr. Kim was monopolizing the kitchen a week ago Friday night prepping to do some smoking on the weekend, so we ended up at Five Guys:


    This was fine by me!


    That Saturday ended up being breakfast-for-dinner, which we love:


    NC sausage, eggs, and my most successful rendition of home fries ever.  They were tender and crisp and really, really good.


    My sister was visiting from Florida last week for a couple of days.  One dinner was a whole chicken in the CSO:


    Cut up:


    The wing tips and the ends of the legs got a little singed before I put foil on.  Gravy:


    Just drippings and chicken Bisto.  Plated with Ukrops (local prepared food company) Duchess potatoes, slaw, Sister Schubert rolls and leftover Smoky beans from Sunday:



    The other night that she was here I did Steak and Onion Pie.  My gravy was a little too thin, so I added a bit of Bisto:


    A little too much.  Topped with the pie crust (purchased):



    Out of the oven:



    Gravy was a little too thick, but it turned out delicious:



    Served with salad:



    A couple of days ago, I really needed some comfort food for dinner.  It had just been a really exhausting day.  This was supposed to be soft boiled eggs on toast:




    Night before last was almost all leftovers - Hot chicken and gravy open faced sandwiches, Duchess potatoes and Smoky Beans:


    (See, @Anna N, you can have a hot sandwich without peas.  Very good it was, too.😉)



    Old school dessert:


    Fudge ripple ice cream, Hershey syrup, and caramel sauce.  I can’t remember the last time I made myself one of these.


    Last night was Cheesy Chicken Casserole, rice, and broccoli:


    Something is conspiring against me.  The is the second time I have tried to make rice recently and had trouble with it.  Again, it was gooey and underdone.  I am currently trying to quit smoking.  I’m a bit fragile.  I’ve been on Chantix – finished the starter pack yesterday and when I went to get my next batch, the pharmacy informed me that they are out and will have it on the 19th.  It is probably a good thing that I was at the drive-thru and there was extremely thick glass between us. (If you are a FB friend of mine, please do not mention this - to most of my family and friends I have masqueraded as a non-smoker for about 20 years :blush:).   Anyway, the rice made me angry.  Everyone in the house was tip-toeing around me and that just pissed me off even more.  The “fix” I tried was to add more water, crank up the heat and treat it like pasta to get it fully cooked and then I put it off the heat, covered it with a towel, then the lid and let it steam for a couple of minutes.  It helped a little – anyone have any other fixes?


    I’m sorry in advance if I rant a little more than usual in the next few weeks. 

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  14. @kayb– we would never go out to brunch after church if we knew there was a meal like those beans, corncakes, and potato salad waiting for us at home.  I think I’ve said it before, but I’m not a big potato salad person (I think that I just flat don’t like cold potatoes – other than raw ones😁), and that yours is one of the few that I look at and am truly tempted!


    @Franci – do you know what brand of cottage cheese that was that you posted on 9/8?  I really like a drier kind and everything I’ve tried is too wet. 


    @BeeZee – I would make salmon just to have that to put on a bagel!  Looks so great.


    @Anna N – re: kimchi pancake.  I have a question about your batter.  It looks so crisp.  I wouldn’t eat kimchi, but your pancake looks very similar to a  Vietnamese Pancake, which I love and have a hard time finding since our favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed.  How do you make your batter?  I’m thinking that I could stuff one with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts and see if it works. 


    Lunch last Sunday was a potluck at church.  Church provided hamburgers and hot dogs and we just needed to bring sides and desserts.  I made some “pastries”.  Crescent Lemon Honey Buns:



    Crispy Crescent Cinnamon Twists:


    Both made with refrigerated dough. :blush:


    Forgot to take the picture before wrapping!


    I also did Smoky Beans in the slow cooker:


    There were lots of these leftover – recipe says it serves 20, but with all the other food that was available, it could have served many more.  We have eaten these all week.  Good thing we like them so much!


    I took Jessica to lunch one day last week.  We went to Nomad’s, the place that Mr. Kim surprised me with and I posted about.  We both had the shrimp po’boy:



    Then we stopped at a nice little locally owned bakery near us:


    Tres Leches cake, guava and dulce de leche pastries, and a peanut butter with Reeses cups cooky. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I wonder if those containers are Pyrex or real Pyrex?  I recently purchased a German pan with glass lid labeled Pyrex.  Hoping my lid is real Pyrex.


    Pyrex is something I've hesitated to use in the CSO.  Perhaps I'm over cautious.


    Honestly, I wouldn't know the difference.  Mine were bought at Walmart and have all the Pyrex company wrapping and paper labels.  I've never had any trouble with them in the CSO.  Isn't it made to go in the oven??

  16. Company is gone!  I finally have time to post the rest of Mr. Kim’s latest cook.  Off the smoker:



    Before pulling – nice smoke ring:





    Pile ‘o pork:


    It is extremely tasty!

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  17. 14 hours ago, ElsieD said:

    Earlier I had prepped and frozen some corn.  I made a concentrated corn broth from the cobs and used some of it tonight to make grits.  After the grits were cooked, I added fresh corn kernels.  This was plated and on top went creole shrimp, garnished with  green onions, parsley and feta cheese.


    Using the corn broth to make grits is the best idea I've heard.  Genius!  I'm never throwing a corn cob away again.

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