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  1. Hi All, A quick post to introduce myself - I am currently living in the west coast of Sweden (Gothenburg) having moved here from U.K. and having advantage of spending significant amount of time in Italy and Russia. My cooking interests developed when I was quite young and wanted to cook meals for myself and my mother. Having pursued a career in engineering and business unfortunately I never tried pursuing it professionally despite the fact that I am happy to spend whole days in the kitchen or reading culinary literature. Having lived and traveled in different countries I really struggle to point favourite cuisine or style of cooking - everything has its merits and I enjoy variety. In my kitchen I may be making classic Neapolitan Pizza one day followed by selection of Indian Curries next and Japanese Okonomiyaki “pancakes” the day after. I do enjoy variety in food and cooking styles. Saying that the more I learn about food the more I recognise there is to learn - my current interests lay in exploration of modernist techniques, fermentation, foraging and use of the foraged items as ingredients, bread and pizza and probably anything else what can catch my attention. I am also keen to learn about cooking equipment and tools - embarrassing to admit - despite having for years and using items such as sous vide cooker. Smoking gun, Weber Smokey Mountain etc... (you get the gist) every now and then I discover a new basic item which had skipped me before (flour scoop when dealing with 25kg bag of Caputo flour for pizza - was a game changer - so simple yet eluded me for years). Looking forward to learn from all of you, contribute where I can and enjoy this journey! Nikolay
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