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  1. 3 hours ago, Anna N said:

      But the store-bought, no name brand sauerkraut was insipid.   I am sure I have had raw cabbage that has more of a bite to it and more flavour than this.



    This is really odd.  Mr. Kim and I love really sour sauerkraut and find that the most intense is the canned store brands.  The fancy name brand kinds are always too bland for us.  

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  2. Last night was Parm noodles, smothered cube steak & onions, and an underwhelming cucumber and tomato salad.  I found the recipe for the salad online on some blog.  It was one of those “my mom makes the most awesome --- , it doesn’t sound like much, but, believe me, it is truly amazing!!!!”.  I should have known better: 


    Leftover biscuits – split, buttered, and toasted:



    Tonight was breakfast for dinner – ET Crescent rolls:



    Eggs, Edward’s country ham, hash browns:


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  3. Though we had the usual issues with our daughter (disliking the look of something quite ordinary), we never had a problem with 'funny' foods.  Whole fish, ducks with heads hanging up at Chinese restaurants, crabs (including soft shells) - all of that was ok.  But she was almost 4 before she would willingly eat pineapple or pork chops (she was required to try them every time we had them).  She doesn't eat snails, but willing tried them at age 3 - she just never liked them.  

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Toliver said:

    My mom grew up during the Great Depression. She ate Miracle Whip sandwiches (too poor to afford a protein). Loved it all of her life. Which is why I am a MW guy to this day. 

    In college I worked in an on-campus cafeteria. Sometimes for staff lunch, we'd eat our french fries with Thousand Island dressing, which, if you squint, is a sort of combo of ketchup and MW.xD Delicious.

    Kerry, you now have me jonesing for some home-made french fries. For your proposed study, I like MW and I enjoy ketchup (must be Heinz) and even put ketchup on my hot dogs (ducks his head and runs for cover ;) ).

    I used to eat MW and potato chip on Wonderbread sandwiches.  Haven't had one for years.  I bet I'd still like them!

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  5. I finally finished up the inferior Smucker strawberry preserves and opened my fabulous jar of Tiptree Little Scarlet that Santa left in my stocking:



    And we had leftover biscuits:



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  6. 16 minutes ago, lemniscate said:

    The Edwards Country Ham after the long, slow cook was fall apart tender and tangy, salty flavor bomb.  We cut the ham into a more manageable size for our small group prior to cooking and stowed the rest of it for the future use.  The ham looked good in the retro Guardianware serving platter.   There was tons of unctuous pork skin with fat leftover.  So I made cracklins this morning, I think.   I've never made cracklins before.


    Rest of the meal was baked beans, mashed potatoes, classic iceberg salad.  Dessert was peach hand pies and a "Boy Bait" blueberry cake was brought over by an attendee. 





    Dear Lord.  Mr. Kim just came and looked over my shoulder at your post.  I've a very damp shoulder now.  He's off to the shed to dig out some of the Edward's country ham we have there.  I cannot even tell you how much I want some of those cracklins.  Well done!!!

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  7. Hmmm.  Well, I love catsup on scrambled eggs, but haven’t ever tried it on grilled cheese.  BUT, I love grilled cheese with Campbell’s tomato soup, so I probably do and just don’t know it.  And, as I already stated, I like Miracle Whip on certain things.  One of the great “Bastard Condiments” (another thread) is a mixture of catsup and mayo/Miracle Whip.  I embarrass Mr. Kim to death by putting that mixture on cheesesteaks. 

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  8. @MetsFan5 – the corn was good, but not great.  It’s really too early, I guess.  But we couldn’t have the 4th without it!


    @suzilightning– Thank you.  I’ll try that.  My biggest issue is that we have two places here that make what I consider the preeminent hot dog chili and neither of them sell it except on a dog.  They are not saucy at ALL.  They really look like fine hamburger meat (like when you boil it in water for Cincinnati chili), but the flavor is so good.  Not spicy, not especially herby.  Hard to describe. 


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  9. Torrential rain, so no Kings Dominion fireworks, but Mr. Kim did manage to get the dogs on the grill:



    Chips and dip:


    I love California onion dip.  I can make a whole meal out of just it and chips.


    Hanover tomatoes and Duke’s:


    Honestly, the Canadian Campari’s we had with breakfast this morning tasted better than these locally grown Hanovers. 


    NC Slaw and Ukrops (local – used to be a grocery store, now just do prepared foods sold through other stores in the area) potato salad:



    Marinated cucumbers:





    Hot dog chili (canned):


    I’ve got to start trying hot dog chili recipes again.  This glop will not do.  It is mostly sauce, so that when it gets hot is it like soup.  I like hot dog chili that looks like finely ground beef.







    Included fixed up canned beans.  I added my usual stuff (BBQ sauce, onions, garlic granules, mustard) and then some BBQ leftover from Mr. Kim’s most recent BBQ judging – a combination of rib meat, pulled pork, chicken, and brisket.  They were amazing.


    Dessert was peaches, watermelon, and some Ukrops cupcakes that I tarted up:






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  10. 1 hour ago, Kerry Beal said:



    Saw the post about the bacon cooking - stopped at the store for the only ripe tomato I could find. Bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich with Miracle Whip!

    I grew up on the Whip.  I mostly use mayo (Duke's) now, but there is just something about Miracle Whip on a B,T & C sandwich!  I even like plain cheese sandwiches with it.

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  11. Independence Day breakfast - whomp biscuits:



    Sage sausage:



    Orange slices, nectarine, and Campari tomatoes:





    Butter on the sausage and Dukes, salt, and pepper on the tomato! 

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  12. 55 minutes ago, lemniscate said:


    I did an experiment, I looked up Bisto, and then I looked up on hand quantities at World Markets in VA. 

    Bisto Gravy Granules # 364581

    Free Pick Up In Store

    Available for Pick Up Today

    Charlottesville 1615-A Emmet Street
    Charlottesville, VA 22901
    (434) 295-6232


    So if you're in the Charlottesville area, not exactly next door, there some to be had.




    Thanks so much!  I'm about an hour from Charlottesville, but we go there a lot - if I haven't found it before, we'll stop by.  We do have a World Market, so I'll check there.  Also, Publix usually carries it (they are from Florida and therefore carry a lot of British items for the expats, I guess).

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  13. 53 minutes ago, Anna N said:

     I have been thinking more and more about your suggestion and decided even the bread could be saved if I turned it into some nice crunchy, garlicky croutons. Now I wish I could have a do-over!

    It absolutely could.  Even if it has mayo on it, it would work.  Jessica makes her grilled cheese sandwiches with mayo rather than butter and they get nice and crunchy!  Thank you for the idea!

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  14. 7 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    Yet another lovely sunny morning here in Little Current made even sunnier by chocolate dipped ginger!


     No breakfast photo because I ate the half of the club sandwich which Kerry brought home yesterday evening. I really do need to kill my Puritan child! The thought of wasting it did not occur to me but should have. Some things do not do well as leftovers. 


     Kerry has a 24 hour emergency room shift so depending on how busy it is she may be here much of the day. On the other hand I may not see her for many, many hours. Either way I have decided to take a day off from preparing dinner. There are enough leftovers that we won’t starve and it will free up the kitchen for anything Kerry might want to get involved in. She has had almost no playtime since we arrived.

     I fancy a day of just leafing through recipe books and perhaps making up shopping lists of ingredients to seek out when we head into Sudbury this coming weekend.




    Next time your Puritan child demands that you eat a leftover club sandwich, you might try doing what I do, if it appeals to you.  I adore club sandwiches, but can't ever eat more than 1/4 to 1/2 at one sitting.  I turn it into a chef salad the next day.  When I get home, I remove the bread and toss it (a slight pain to the Child, I know) and the next day cut up the stuffing and toss it with lettuce and dressing.  

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