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  1. Marinated cukes, vegetables, and some Maldon sea salt:



    Brats with fried onions, slaw, sweet potato, and cheater creamed corn (frozen creamed corn and frozen kernels):


    The brats were so good.  We usually have them at a friend's house and he cooks them to death.  I was very careful to simmer them to just below done and then crank the heat to brown them.  Still juicy and so tender.  Like eating a whole other sausage!


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  2. @eugenep and @Okanagancook - I'm sorry!  I meant to add that information.  I know exactly what caused the bitterness - the recipe called for one whole lemon, chopped.  All I can think is that there was a typo in the recipe and it should have called for a peeled lemon, chopped.  I really should have caught that, but never gave it a thought.  



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  3. 9 hours ago, Smithy said:


    I'm new to the CSO so I may have missed a trick or three, but I don't think it has the circulation to provide the same convective power as an air fryer. (This peeves me quite a bit, actually, for reasons relating to counter space and marital harmony.)


    In my limited tests so far, the CSO hasn't been as good as an air fryer for "tater tots" or breaded pieces of "fried chicken", much less reheated fried leftovers. It is incredibly easy to overcook, overbrown and overcrips reheated fries in an air fryer. Such a feat doesn't seem possible in the CSO.


    If someone has a good technique for making the CSO match the performance of an air fryer for, say, onion blossoms or reheated fried potatoes, I'm all ears and taste buds.  No doubt @Margaret Pilgrim is as interested.

    I can't speak to the air fryer comparison (I don't have one), but reheating crispy stuff in the CSO is, in my experience, counter-intuitive.  I actually use the Bake/Steam function NOT the convection.  I know it doesn't sound right, but that is what works for me.  I reheated some onion rings from a restaurant the other night and they were better out of the CSO than fresh out of the fryer.

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  4. Well, as far as the recipe went, it was meh (reported on the dinner thread).  BUT, as far as the CSO went, it was a huge success.  The boneless, skinless chicken breasts were salted and left, uncovered, in the fridge for an hour and then cooked at 400F on Bake/Steam.  They were incredibly moist and tender.  They would have been perfect for chicken salad.  They were better than the breasts I've done in the IP and I didn't have to get that out or clean anything since I covered the CSO pan in non-stick foil.  :wub:

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  5. @Ann_T - Happy Anniversary to you and Moe!❤️


    A rather disappointing dinner.  We saw Jeff Mauro on The Kitchen making something that looked easy and good.  It was chicken breasts stuffed with a mixture of frozen spinach and artichoke dip and Feta.  He grilled it and I decided to cook it in the CSO at 400F on Bake/Steam.  The stuffing part went just fine – it was the “cut a pocket and pipe the stuffing in” method.  And the cooking was wonderful.  Boneless, skinless chicken breast as moist and tender as any dark meat I’ve had.  And the stuffing tasted good.  It was kind of underwhelming because you got so little of it inside the chicken.  I had a lot of the stuffing left over, too.  I honestly think that you could do a casserole with the same ingredients and it would work much better.  Started with, what else, salad:



    Stuffed chicken, Jasmine rice, and green beans vinaigrette:


    So, the rice was another issue: for the first time in YEARS, I undercooked the rice.  It was just slightly past crunchy.  Sigh.  Here’s the underwhelming amount of stuffing:



    Before I made this, it occurred to me that it might need some kind of sauce, being boneless, skinless chicken breast.  So, I found an Emeril Lagasse recipe for a lemon butter sauce.  Classic butter sauce – reduce everything down, add cream and then add butter a tablespoon at a time.  I sometimes mess up butter sauces – they break or just end up tasting like solid butter, but this one came together beautifully:



    Lovely smoothness:



    And just the right consistency:


    It was so bitter as to be inedible. ☹️  I wasted a half pound of butter on this.  The best thing on the table was the crusty loaf that I added the leftover stuffing to and broiled:



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  6. We saw a dish on The Kitchen this weekend that I'm going to try out.  They grilled it, though, and I want to cook it in the CSO.  Basically stuffed chicken breasts.  Not rolled up - pocket cut into breast halves and then stuffed and tied.  I'm planning on 375F for 35-ish minutes.  Any ideas?  Maybe bake/steam?  What temp?  How long?  Not starting until later, so there's time for debate! 😁  Ta!

  7. 13 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    Vietnamese crepe...banh xeo




    Fill bottom seared crepe with pork/shrimp filling



    Break off portions, stuff in lettuce leaves with cilantro and mint.    Douse with nuoc cham.




    This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever eaten!  Since I discovered it, don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything else if this was available! You did a beautiful job!

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  8. I had practically nothing to do with this dinner a couple of nights ago.  Another kit salad:



    Frozen chicken Kiev and boxed Parmesan noodles:


    What can I say?  Guilty pleasures all and I had dental work done that day and was still sore.




    Benton bacon butty:


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  9. As much as I like the fact that there is another actual cooking show on TV (as opposed to half hour commercials and competition shows), I've never seen a dish on Milk Street that I would make.  It just isn't my kind of food.  ATK and Cook's Country, on the other hand, make things that I would actually cook.  Having said that, while I completely understand the issues that folks have with Kimball, I find ATK and CC very flat without him.  I find Julia and Bridget tiresome.  Kimball's questions (when he was host) often were the same questions that I had.  Just my 2 cents.

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  10. 5 hours ago, tazerowe said:

    Also, what type of grits did you use?  There is a huge range - instant to quick cooking to normal to stone-ground, that could seriously change the cooking or at least hydration time.

    Actually, this question is for @blue_dolphin.  I'd like to know, too!

  11. 2 hours ago, Anna N said:


     So we take a bite of the omelette. It  does not taste horrible. In fact it has no flavour whatsoever.   But with the hot sauce I could choke it down if I didn’t know there was something better coming.   Or could I? 





    That is some weird texture on that egg.  Vulcan indeed.  And I really don't understand tasteless eggs.  I buy cheap grocery store eggs.  I would like to buy the free range ones from the farmer's market, but I have to watch $$$.  And my cheap eggs, while not as great as the farmer's eggs, taste like...eggs.  Where the hell are they getting tasteless eggs??


    And that menu???  That reminds me of some of those ersatz delis with the vast menus.  The places that order everything from Sysco and just heat it up.  Have fun at the food court.  Can't possibly be any worse!!!

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  12. 5 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

    I baked off another one of those Cream Cheese Radish and Dill Scones from Sister Pie that I mixed up and froze unbaked a while back.  

    Here, it's split and topped with a Broadbent Country Ham biscuit slice.  


    Watermelon on the side.


    THAT is exactly what I'd like for breakfast every 2nd morning.  On the other days, I'd like a runny yolked egg on top of the ham.  Drooley emoji!

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  13. 6 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    There’s a cheese cookie recipe in there that is fabulous. Missing clue cheese wafers - got the recipe from my neighbor 


    This is so funny.  My habit is to look through all new cookbooks and cooking magazines and write down recipes I'm interested in trying (otherwise I'd never find them again).  I only found 4 I was interested in trying in this book.  Look at what the last one was:



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  14. Sunday brunch at SB’s Love Shack (a big favorite with us) with Jessica.  We shared two things.  First was pineapple bread pudding done French toast style, topped with maraschino cherry whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup:


    Really delicious.  We ate more of this than we thought we would.  The whipped cream could SO easily have been overdone and was not.  Perfect with the pineapple.


    And a crabcake Benedict – 2 lump crabcakes, poached eggs and Old Bay hollandaise:


    Really nice crabcakes compromised by red bell peppers.  Luckily, they were fairly mild and when I picked them out, the flavor wasn’t completely pervasive.  Wished they’d done classic Eastern shore crabcakes, though. 

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