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  1. 54 minutes ago, liuzhou said:


    It was swimming in sweet mayonnaise. As usual here.

    Ah!  The mayo does look a bit heavy.  Just wondering - our traditional Christmas fruit salad has mayo, but it's just regular mayo and no sugar added.

  2. A couple of slow cooker things that I made for Mr. Kim to take to work for a breakfast gathering.  Bacon, Egg & Hash Brown Casserole:



    Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread:


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  3. Football feast:


    Habanero Cheddar, Stilton w/ mango and ginger, Cheddar, dry salami, Double Gloucestershire with onion and chive and Drunken Goat.  With assorted crackers.



    Pretzel bites (from Costco) stuffed with Blue Moose Red Pepper Artichoke Cheddar dip (don’t know if “red pepper” referred to bell pepper or cayenne, but I couldn’t taste either – YAY!) and heated in the CSO.  In the bowl are Romano and sour dough cheese crisps from Aldi. 


    My mother is coming home from rehab tomorrow so on Sunday Mr. Kim, Jess and I went to Capt. Billy’s at Pope's Creek in MD  for crabs.  Cream of crab soup and hushpuppies:



    Crabs and shrimp:







    Last night - The Salad:



    Swedish meatballs and egg noodles:



    Roasted Brussels sprouts:


    Slightly overcooked.  I love the flavor of roasted sprouts, but haven’t ever had much luck with that method.  My usual method of cooking Brussels sprouts (as taught to me by Collette) is to steam until not quite done, then cut in half and sauté in VERY hot butter just before serving.  Since you can do the first step a good while before sautéing, this method is very forgiving, and the timing is easy. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, highchef said:

    yes! roast, then simmer them down with a little oj, apple juice, cider...just something fruity and make a plum sauce. Great on pork ribs. google a recipe for a starter batch but I use whatever I have on hand to get a carmalized fruity viscus sauce that will stick on meat finishing up on the grill. star anise is a must and I always use ginger (fresh but dried will deliver as well) and whatever sugars I have on hand.  have a mouli ?

    I don't have a mouli.  I was thinking of pressing them through a potato ricer.  

  5. 36 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    Ive never heard of Golden Coral


    an all you can eat place


    I looked them up


    they seems to have a zillion dishes.  they must rotate


    however , the only dal question is are the mashed potatoes made from real ' freshly cooked ' potatoes ?


    they is one in MA . but its a ways away.


    guess Im lucky !



    Can't speak for them all, but our GC does use real potatoes to make their mashed potatoes.  And the fried chicken and pot roast are good, too.

  6. Ok, I'm outing myself on this one, but there are two restaurants that serve a ranch dressing that I would go out of my way to have.  One of them is Libby Hill Seafood - a NC chain.  The food is fine - typical fried stuff - but whatever prepared or mix ranch dressing they use is fantastic.  The other is GOLDEN CORRAL.   Crap.  I didn't want that to come out.  So, we occasionally crave a whole country spread - fried chicken, meat loaf, creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, collards, butter beans, sweet potatoes, etc.  Around here, the only place that has that is Golden Corral.  They also have that fantastic ranch dressing.  I will slink off now.

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  7. I know this will sound crazy, but they serve "roast beef" once a week at the rehab center that my mom is in right now and it is amazingly tasty and tender.  I'm quite sure it is NOT an expensive cut of meat.  But it isn't chuck or eye of round.  It is usually cooked medium-well and sliced fairly thin.  It has a thin layer of fat on one side.  Any ideas?  

  8. On 4/18/2018 at 6:31 PM, Toliver said:

    I understand the rolling in the powdered sugar before baking. I know there are chocolate crinkle cookie recipes that use the same method. After baking, the contrast of the chocolate and the white of the cracked powdered sugar is part of the "charm" of the cookie. Using this same method for a white-powdered-sugar-on-blonde cookies doesn't strike me as contrast-y enough so it's an odd method to use.

    As for the "Key Lime Pie" flavor...at least they tasted the citrus, though erringly so. I wouldn't consider it a fail. Just unexpected results.

    Funny how the world works.  I saw a box of these in Wawa last night.  First time I've ever noticed them.

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