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  1. 12 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:


    If you do that this year, please do post some photos.  I would love to see what a roasted peep looks like!


    Edited to add that I did Google "Roasted Peeps" but most of them looked skewered and toasted, as one would toast a marshmallow for making s'mores.  Roasting sounds like something that would be done in an oven, rather than a campfire, though I've never seen one, hence my curiosity.


    I should have said toasted.  Skewered and flamed over a candle.  

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  2. Salad:



    Spaghetti Bolognese:



    Buttered and toasted potato rolls:


    I have to have some kind of bread to eat with anything saucy - gotta drag the bread through the leftover sauce.  I couldn't face stopping at the store today, so leftover hamburger buns it was.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Shelby said:

    Ok, so this is going to be kind of long, but maybe it will help some folks.


    Strangely, this event happened on the same day that I got my back -up CSO.


    A quick preface:  We have well water and no water softener so our water is quite mineral-y and whatever else is in there lol.  I only use water that I've filtered with my Brita pitcher to fill up my CSO's, but I'm sure some stuff gets through the filter and into my machines.




    I decided Tuesday night to steam clean my oldest steam boy while I was cleaning my kitchen.  About 15 mins. into the 45 minute long steam clean it began beeping at me and telling me that the water reservoir was empty.  It wasn't, it was almost clear full.  Which means that it's time to decalcify the unit.  So, I dug out the instructions and proceeded to do that.  About 4 minutes into the decalcification process, it did the beeping thing again, telling me the reservoir was out of water, which it wasn't.  I started over...etc. etc.  but the steam boy wouldn't complete the process.  So, I turned to google which didn't tell me anything except that someone else had the same problem and went to one of those Fix Ya sites and posted about it.  The answer came back that if the decalcifying process was interrupted by the machine saying that it was out of water, that meant that the sensor that tells the machine that it needs water had failed and you needed to buy a whole new CSO because that part wasn't sold and/or replaceable.




    I had a new CSO coming....but I have a special place in my heart for my first steam boy.  We have history together.  I can't just give up on him.  And, if I use my back-up, then I have to buy another back-up!


    I wondered if, since I have such hard water, that something internally could be clogged and maybe cleaned and he would be back to his normal self again.  What did I have to lose?  I wasn't going to be messing with the heating elements which work fine.  If I couldn't fix the water problem, then Ronnie would inherit him and he would live in the man cave garage and be used for toast.


    So, today I opened our steam boy up, cleaned a part and he's good as new!!!


    Here is what I did:


    Unplug the machine.


    Remove the outer water reservoir and make sure the tray underneath is empty, too.  Also, making sure you do this over the sink, or you have a bowl to catch the water, unscrew the black cap located in the back of the machine and drain that water out from the internal water reservoir.


    (this is the outer water reservoir, obviously lol)





    It looks like this after you remove it




    You're going to unscrew that silver face from the unit which also includes removing the handle that is underneath.


    Once you get that removed, you will see this:



    (as you can see, I didn't drain the internal  water reservoir by unscrewing the black cap on the back--that's the white container on the right.  Don't make that mistake.  If you don't, when you remove that thingy that looks like a tube with a slinky on it that connects the drain from the outer water reservoir to the inner one, you will pour water all over your kitchen floor.)


    You can see just at a glance that there is gunk in that connecting tube.  I decided that might be the problem.


    Closer look at how it's connected





    I disconnected the side that is hooked to the black outer drain first.  I decided to gently blow into the tube (not hard at all because I didn't want to blow gunk into the internal white colored water reservoir).  Yep.  Very hard to blow.  Very full of gunk.


    So I removed the whole thing




    Right here is where I had to stop and clean up all the water that I stupidly didn't drain out.  Sigh.


    More gunky pictures





    I needed a small brush to get in there and scrub around.  I dug through my junky kitchen drawer and pounced on this:




    I have no memory of buying this, but it worked perfect.






    I had thoughts of trying to get to the white internal water reservoir to see if I could clean the inside of that while I was there, but it looked a bit more challenging...and since I really thought that cleaning that tube was going to work, I didn't attempt.


    I did insert a bendy straw into the white internal water reservoir and blow into it.  I didn't sense that there were any blockages.  Very easy to blow into.






    After a thorough cleaning of that tube, I put our steam boy back together, crossed my fingers and pressed the steam clean button.  


    He did great!


    So, maybe this will help others save their beloved steam boys and girls :)


    And, now, like @rotuts would say, I feel like it's close to time for a personal beverage.







    You are my hero.  

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  4. 17 minutes ago, lindag said:


    Perhaps there was not enough filler for all that meat.  Also I see there's no egg in your recipe which would have helped bind it.



    There was an egg.  @Toliver suggested adding another to help bind things.   





  5. @lindag, @ElsieD, and @Toliver  – thanks so much for the questions and comments.  I used both beef and pork.  The beef was 80/20.  But, I just realized looking over the recipe that it calls for 1 1/2 lb. of meat and I used 2 lbs.  Could that be the issue?  I don’t have the meatloaf recipe you talked about, but I do have a Cook’s Country cookbook with a meatloaf recipe that looks simple enough.  I think I’ll try that on the rest of the meat I’ve got in the freezer. 

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  6. This almost ended up in the “I will never again…” thread because I’m not sure I’m ever making meatloaf again.  For most of my early adult life, I couldn’t make meatloaf to save my life.  It tasted fine, but fell apart – no matter what recipe I used.  Mr. Kim and I used to joke that my meatloaf made great spaghetti sauce.  Then, about ten years ago, it suddenly started working for me.  They held together and served great both hot and cold.  I haven’t made one in a long time and got a craving.  So, I used one of my usual recipes - Barbeque Meat Loaf.  I didn’t put it in a loaf pan – just patted it into shape on a sheet pan and put it in the oven.  When I went in to brush it with sauce 20 minutes later, it had begun to spread out over the pan.  Luckily, I’d put it on top of foil, so I just gathered it up with the foil and fitted it into a loaf pan and finished baking it.  It was obviously much too loose to take out of the pan, so I chilled it completely. 


    When I took it out and sliced it, it was still very crumbly:


    I ended up heating it in the microwave and piling it on toasted buns, topping with the sauce and an onion ring and serving it that way:


    So frustrating.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong considering this is a recipe I’ve used before.  Sigh.  I also served leftover pintos and collards:



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  7. @JoNorvelleWalker – Lovely dinner on Saturday!  Do you make your slaw with Napa?  And those potatoes – Jeez Louise!!!!!


    @Shelby – Your bread is GORGEOUS!!!!  How do you make such lovely bread?


    @Ann_T– Hoping things go well with Moe!  I’ve been thinking about you two!


    Some recent meals – took dinner to some friends last week.  My MIL’s  Mandarin Tossed Salad:


    (I forgot to put the oranges on until halfway through dinner).  Shrimp burgers:


    (one on GF bread).  Frozen sweet potato fries:



    We finally celebrated Jessica’s 35th BD (the actual date was 1/27) at our favorite restaurant in Charlottesville VA - Al Carbon:





    Street corn, pinto beans and plantains. 


    The incredible chicken:



    Chicken cemita:



    Breaded beef cemita:






    A simple one – salad:



    And kielbasa, fixed up Kraft and green beans and potatoes:



    Mr. Kim ordered some Father’s bacon:





    I had some Armenian sweet bread in the freezer:



    French toast, bacon and fruit:




    We really liked the bacon and thought it was as good as Benton’s.  But the next morning I had some that was leftover and found it a little too smoky and salty. 



    I finally used my Instant Pot for the first time.  I did collards and pintos:




    Also Shake ‘N Bake pork chops and fixed up Kraft.  And cornbread, of course – got the skillet good and hot – look at the sizzle:




    I was thrilled with the flavor of the greens and the beans.  Both needed a little bit more cooking time than the recipes called for, but that is an easy adjustment. 


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  8. 13 hours ago, chord said:

    Cornbread strata with ham, tomato, and swiss cheese



    I would never have thought of cornbread for strata!  What a great idea.  It looks and sounds marvelous!  Care to share the recipe?

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  9. 4 minutes ago, gfweb said:

    Where do all the tri tips go in the East?  I can find one at Wegmans and WF occasionally, but mostly they are scarce.

    Exactly.  I think I've seen one once at Wegman's.  I'm quite sure that our butcher could get them for us.  She does whole animals.  I mean it's in there somewhere.  I just don't think to ask.  

  10. I did something tonight from Jeff Mauro on Food Network called “General Tso’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich”.  Chicken thighs marinated in hoisin, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, orange sauce, and cornstarch, then fried and bathed in a sauce made from the same marinade plus ginger and garlic.  You top it with an “Asian” slaw.  Fried thighs with and without the sauce:








    They were actually pretty good – a little sweet.  I left out the hot peppers and next time I make them, I’ll add some white vinegar to the marinade to add a little acid.


    Quick pickle of radish and cucumber:



    Southern green beans and potatoes:


    Didn’t go with the rest of the meal, but SO good!

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  11. 17 hours ago, Matthew.Taylor said:

    The only person I really disliked was Ruby from season 2 (I think it was 2, I watch on Netflix and it calls it season 2, but I heard it was actually like 5 or something). She was just so whiny! Every time she was on it was always the same: “oh it’s just so terrible, it looks awful!” “It’s wonderful Ruby.” NEXT WEEK: “oh it’s just so awful!”


    I started to hope she’d get eliminated just so she’d stop whining.

    I haven't seen that season, so I don't know her at all.  But I have to confess a sneaking love of her reading her Tweets about Paul ("The Tool") Hollywood.  😂😂😂

  12. 2 minutes ago, heidih said:


    Interesting - most of the ones from food trucks here that I've tried have little spice heat. That comes from the condiments. 

    I am a total sissy when it comes to spice.  I have to be careful how much regular BBQ sauce I use on ribs or it will build and overpower me.  

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  13. 1 hour ago, Paul Bacino said:

    Made a Lamb Pastor tortilla.



    I'm going to have to figure out a way to cook my own al pastor and cut back on the heat.  I haven't been able to eat the ones I've tried, but love the combination of pork and pineapple and GRILL.  

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  14. Nice to see so many folks from my now-hometown of Richmond VA –

              Evrim Dogu and Evin Dogu, Sub Rosa Bakery

              Mama J’s

              An Bui, Mekong and The Answer Brewpub

              Sandeep “Sunny” Baweja, Lehja

    Though, I do wish they’d stop putting Richmond VA in the mid-atlantic.  They are confused.  We are the south. 😊

  15. @liuzhou – from what I can see, you got a wonderful crust on that burger.  That crust is my favorite part of a burger. 


    @mgaretz – that tri-tip is gorgeous.  I really need to track one down. 


    A couple of recent meals - finished up leftover chicken and waffles from a first time visit to a new restaurant:


    Chicken was heated up in the CSO on bake/steam and then I toasted it and the waffle.  Bite:


    The waffle was malted and incredibly good. 


    Sunday night we had an Academy Awards watching buffet – a lot of the components were from the freezer.  My dad’s chopped salad with creamy Parmesan dressing (leftover from a church potluck on Friday night):


    Iceberg, Swiss cheese, black olives, chickpeas, tomatoes, salami and English cucumbers.


    The tail end of some fruit from the fridge:



    Orange rolls and pineapple upside down biscuits from Xmas:



    Mini quiche and country ham (the ham goes on the pineapple biscuits):



    @JohnT's sausage rolls:




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  16. 3 hours ago, KennethT said:


    Holy crap! Did Murray's open a store local to you or do they ship?  I love Murray's!

    Murray's is now in the Kroger stores in my area.  We feel very lucky!

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