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  1. @Porthos - You are dealing with a LOT.  I can't even imagine how comforting it was to cook that lovely sounding meal!  You're in my thoughts, my friend.


    Quick Halloween dinner once the Trick or Treater's were gone - grilled cheese with Dijon, American, Gouda and Mozzarella:


    Done with mayo instead of butter.  Really good.  And plain old Campbell’s tomato:



    Last night was chicken and dumplings and broccoli slaw:





     The chicken and dumplings were really good and I’m not sure that I can recreate it exactly!  I used a bunch of stuff from the freezer (stock, chicken breasts, peas & carrots), made a roux – then made some more when it didn’t get as thick as I wanted it.  I used those frozen noodle-like dumplings.  I’ve never used that kind before, but we really liked them.  Maybe not quite as well as the fluffy ones.  Those I always make from whomp biscuits.  Hey, if it’s good enough for my grandmother, it’s good enough for me!

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  2. I agree with @kayb, the sausage is awful.  I tried it recently because someone else wanted to eat there and, unlike @Thanks for the Crepes experience, I found it just as nasty as ever.  Must be a regional thing.  Luckily, we have both a Hardee's and Bojangle's nearby and they have wonderful sausage and MUCH better biscuits than McD's (and Bojangle's serves theirs all day).  Never a need for me to go to McD's for breakfast again.  

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  3. @Toliver - I'll watch for it.  I think we missed it last year.  I am humbled to admit that once a year, I want one.  I further confess that last year I bought these and made my own.  Not quite the same, but I haven't thought about that sandwich again until seeing this post pop up.  😄

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  4. 17 hours ago, Robenco15 said:

    Made some pasta for Cacio e Pepe. Realized at the very end that I made a full amount of sauce for only half the amount of pasta. Still tasted fantastic and will definitely be doing this again and again, but it resulted in probably too heavy of a sauce for this pasta dish. Therefore, you could argue the presentation isn’t quite right. Easy to cut in half for next time. 




    That looks absolutely delicious and dreamy.  Exactly what I'd like to be eating tonight.  I really need to get out my pasta machine that I asked for and received about 6 years ago and have never used. 😏


    @kayb - not sure if you mean green pea or split pea soup, but if you mean split pea here is a really good, easy and quick recipe that Mr. Kim made one time when I was not feeling well.  It made me happy and has been our go-to split pea soup since.  I'm sure that your Aldi ham will fit in just fine.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Porthos said:

    Waiter to his customers: "Is everything okay? You haven't photographed your food."

    I have a set of nephews that used to always check with me when I'd set up the Xmas Eve buffet to make sure I'd taken my pictures before they started serving themselves. 😄  Nice manners!

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  6. 4 hours ago, Shelby said:

    They look like what I call Hatch chile or Anaheim to me?


    Fried up some bass along with spinach salad and potato salad





    I like that big slice of egg in your potato salad.  I'm not a fan of most potato salads, but if it is really mustardy and eggy, I like it.

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  7. I wouldn't dare post pictures of the dinner I am eating now.  After a full day of baking for our church bake sale Saturday, delivering a cake to a friend who had a knee replaced last Tuesday and won't be able to attend, dashing by Kroger to pick up some supplies, trying to convince my mom that she should shower tonight rather than in the morning (I lost and she will argue with me then, too), I am sitting down to a toasted white bread ham and American cheese (deli sliced, not wrapped) sandwich, Ramen (college-style - boiled and seasoning packet added) and Fritos.  😏

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  8. One of Mr. Kim’s work friends is a hunter and gave us some wild boar sausage that he’d made.  We grilled it along with some brats:


    It was very good – not as strong as I was expecting and we liked it a lot.  Even Momma (we didn’t tell her what it was).  I did some caramelized onions to go with:



    Served with butter beans, baked potatoes and Crescent rolls:



    Close-up of the sausages – boar is on the left:


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  9. I was looking for something to do with some past their prime bananas and leftover melted semi-sweet chocolate that Jessica had from making chocolate dipped strawberries.  The consensus in another thread was chocolate chip banana bread.  I decided to try a Betty Crocker recipe for a cake mix fix up.  I re-melted the chocolate, spread it in a pan and chunked it up.  Chocolate Chunk Walnut Banana Bread:



    It tasted wonderful, but I think my chunks were a little large because they all migrated to the bottom of the loaf:



    But the flavor and texture were very good:


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  10. Friday breakfast for Momma:


    Egg and ham.  And I finally got some of the dinner I made for Mr. Kim, Momma and Jessica the other night when I had a meeting:


    Sausage gravy and biscuit and fried apples.

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  11. I decided on making chocolate chunk banana loaves.  I re-melted the chocolate a little while ago and spread it in a pan and chopped it up into nice sized chunks.  I'll keep one for us and put the other one in the freezer for our church bake sale on the 3rd.  Thank you all for the ideas!  I'll post a picture later.  

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  12. 5 hours ago, lindag said:

    I prefer substantial pieces like this.

    Me, too.  That is almost exactly what my stainless is like at home.  I am NOT the right person to chime in because I tend to detest most modern design.  I adore what is called Hotel Silver (not really silver, but it has the sheen and the look, but not the heft).

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