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  1. I found a sirloin tip roast on sale and was unsure how to cook it.  Got some good advice on another thread and went with sous vide.   Out of the water bath:










    I had home made beef stock and some beef fat in the freezer, so I was able to make very good gravy, Yorkies, and roast potatoes.





    Without gravy and with:




    Completely unseasonable, but really good and really satisfying.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Tri2Cook said:

    Nice review so I hate to criticize the reviewer but it looks like I'm (possibly unjustifiably) going to anyway...

    "The meal ends with a sort of haute parfait: a single dish packed with cherries, almond cream, yogurt mousse, a cherry-hibiscus gelee, milk crumb and a cherry-hibiscus macaron. After the meticulously composed savory courses, it is a whirlwind of flavors and textures when, really, I just want another doughnut."

    That reads to me like a politely stated "I'm not a dessert guy". I have no idea if that's the case or not, just has that feel to it. If it is the case, nothing's gonna make him be a dessert guy. But if you're not a dessert guy, why include the dessert as part of your review? A restaurant has no control over whether or not a person is into dessert, they're just serving you what you ordered (the tasting menu in this case, which includes dessert). Or maybe I'm just overly touchy on that subject because desserts are what I really enjoy doing and I got a bit fed-up with the dessert backlash thing where everybody was suddenly too cool for cake and ice cream and complained about silly things like "well the candy was delicious but it was sweet". :D

    I agree.  This happens a lot with all kinds of reviews.  I detest "reality TV" and never, ever watch it.  It wouldn't be fair for me to review one that is for folks who do like it.  I've seen reviews where the reviewer admits that they don't care for something and they will often include what their dining companions say about it.  

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  3. 5 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Lunch today at the Other Half Cafe (the other half of the other half being a pawn shop) - the medical student chose the chili option - I had the corn soup option (that would be posole). Lunch includes the soup, fry bread, a drink and dessert.







    I like the looks of that cheesecake (?) - lots of graham cracker crust and what looks like canned cherry pie filling.  A trashy treasure!

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  4. It worked great!  I pulled it at 7 hours and temped it through the bag.  Took a chance that it was tender enough.  It tasted good and wasn't overly chewy at all!  Thanks, @rotuts


    Out of the water bath:









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  5. Found a box of one of my guilty pleasures at Publix – frozen Chicken Kiev.  Served with Charleston rice, broccoli, some wonderful corn, and Sister Schubert rolls:




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  6. Didn’t really go with dinner, but needed to be cooked, so I did some mushroom and yellow squash for Mr. Kim:





    Salad with some croutons I made with the black Russian bread from WF:


    Topped with French dressing which I’ve inexplicably had cravings for recently.  Brunswick stew and Sister Schubert rolls:


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  7. On 7/20/2019 at 1:50 PM, chromedome said:

    Same here. Even at my broke-est, when my kids were growing up, we always had butter for table use no matter how we scrimped on everything else. It was that one little luxury that made everything else bearable.


    This.  My mom was a single mom from the time I was 5 until she married my stepdad ( @Ted Fairhead) when I was 10.  We lived in a one bedroom apartment (she figured it was more important to live in a nice place than for us to have our own bedrooms).  We ate a LOT of hot dogs and spaghetti and fish sticks.  But butter was the spread she used.  

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  8. Well, I took one for the team.  I tried a BK taco today.  Now, I am not a big fan of BK anyway.  Once every couple of years I crave a Whopper (my SIL calls Whoppers "the burger that keeps on giving" since you end up tasting it for the rest of the day) and its fake smoke flavor.  I'm sure I would like their fries if I EVER had one that was hot.  And Mr. Kim and I have a shameful love for their original chicken sandwich and indulge every couple of months.  I am not ashamed of liking fast food, but BK just doesn't appeal to me.  Be that as it may this thing was horrible:


    See that oil slick?  It was just a grease bomb.  And the edge that wasn't greasy was NOT crispy - it was just hard.  Another nauseating view:


    It was greasy, it tasted bad.  It was seriously too bad to be drunk food.  Keep in mind that I love Taco Bell tacos.  These were nothing like Taco Bell.  Horrible.  You're welcome. 

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  9. @rotuts here is a picture of the sirloin tip roast:


    The four inch measurement is how thick it is.  I'm going with your method (probably Wednesday).  A little salt and pepper and then bag it?  130F for 6 hours.  Anything else I need to know?  I have beef stock and beef fat in the freezer and plan to make gravy tomorrow and roast potatoes, sprouts, and Yorkies to go with dinner.  

  10. Honestly, this is how I always do it.  Yes, it has to start out tempered.  And it is not perfect - you don't get that lovely mirror finish and the perfect snap.  But it does work pretty well.  I usually heat it to about 85F and then sit the bowl on a heating pad set to 100F and keep checking that it doesn't go over 90F.  

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  11. 1 minute ago, Shelby said:

    Maybe you'd like Spam more if you diced it?  Get more crispy bits that way.

    @caroled just suggested that.  I might try that since I was ok with the taste.  But, you know, bacon actually exists.  Do I really need to work that hard to eat something that I'm "ok with the taste" about? LOL

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  12. So, it was finally disclosed that it was @suzilightning who sent me the Spam:


    It smells funny.  Perhaps sniffing was not a good idea:



    I fried it crisp:


    Um... It WAS nice and crispy on the outside. And the flavor was fine. But the texture inside was NOT good. It was mushy. It was seriously like a slice of porky mush in a crispy sleeve. Not for me.


    Served with an egg, some good Italian multigrain toast, and the perennially disappointing apricot.  It looked so lovely.  And it had a decent fragrance.  But, as always, it was dry and tasteless.  I don't think I've had a good apricot in at least 50 years.  ☹️


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  13. 4 hours ago, gfweb said:

    Is this tri tip?


    If so, I've been happy with SV for 3 hours

    I don't think it is exactly the same cut.  This is almost a big cube -  8x7x4-inches.

  14. I have a 4.3 lb. sirloin tip roast.  I haven't ever cooked this cut before, so I'm looking for some advice.  If possible, I'd like it to be carve-able - not fall apart like pot roast.  I was wondering if it would be suitable for either the IP or for sous vide?  Thanks!

  15. 1 hour ago, Smithy said:

    Tonight I steam asparagus and butter in the CSO while my darling cooked brats* on the grill. It all looked lovely, and as though it would be ready for dinner at the same time.


    Then I remembered the toast.






    My darling wants toast with almost any dinner. After 21 years of marriage, I still have trouble remembering that fact.  In any case, our "toaster" was preoccupied with cooking our vegetables. I do not think it will get better with time; I think we'll get a better toaster before too long





    I find him wanting toast with every dinner so endearing.  It seems like something Winnie the Pooh would want: "Toast and honey with dinner, please".  

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