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  1. This was from December of 2020 (I guess I missed it) David Chang’s Memoir ‘Eat a Peach’ Reviewed: An Employee’s Trauma - Eater
  2. Miles, Rachel and I are so sorry to hear of Brooks' passing. We've never met but we feel like we have known you, through his writings, and his conversations. I hadn't seen him in a long while but he's a character I will always think of when we remember our travels to Louisiana or eat the cuisine. That's how much of a mark he left on people.
  3. This was provided to me by his employer this morning.
  4. He moved out of the NOLA area a few years ago to go work at Flying Tiger Brewery in Monroe (after having left LA for several years to go work at a brewery in Raleigh), then left after about 2 years, and moved to Natchitoches where he worked at Cane River Brewery. People in in the NOLA.com food group on FB (Where NOLA Eats) were shocked to hear of his passing, many having lost track of him. He had moved around a lot in his last 5 years.
  5. This was posted by his employer, Cane River Brewing, in Natchitoches, LA, this morning.
  6. There are many ways to remember Brooks Hamaker, such as the time Brooks, Rachel, and I got lost in the Louisiana bayou searching for Poche's Market, Restaurant and Smokehouse (in the era before GPS), which always became a running joke between us. But I think the one I think of most is our "Last Supper" at Pampy's in New Orleans, the ill-fated restaurant of Pampy Barre' and renowned creole-soul chef Austin Leslie. The visit was chronicled on eG Forums here: It was also the last time we saw Austin as it was 2 months before Katrina and he passed shortly after. But it was a meal for the ages. Brooks was such a tremendous foodie, had so many stories. And he knew everyone and made every dining experience that much better because of his conversation, and his unique personality.
  7. Brooks Hamaker, also known as Mayhaw Man, one of the original members of the eGullet Society, passed away this weekend. He was a character that was bigger than life, a foodie and master brewer of huge renown in many circles, in Louisiana and all over the world. He was responsible for introducing to me and Rachel, and many other people to different folks in New Orleans, and had a personality that could never be duplicated even in fiction. I will miss him dearly.
  8. An interview I had with the Bergen Record this morning about Bourdain's impact on internet food discussion https://www.northjersey.com/story/life/food/2018/06/08/anthony-bourdain-internet-foodie-pioneer/686000002/
  9. Local coverage by NorthJersey.com, some quotes by me in it. https://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/2018/06/08/anthony-bourdain-star-chef-and-leonia-nj-native-dies-61/683956002/
  10. Still processing it, obviously. He meant a lot of me, and to Steven.
  11. Actually, if you are going to spend on the order of $600+ on an appliance an extended warranty is not a bad idea at all. The reasoning is that the first time a board blows, the parts/labor costs $400 or more. In the case of the GE Cafe dishwasher we had, which we spent around $1400 on, the $100 extended warranty covered 2 logic board repairs after the first year of warranty (the first year had a logic board repair as well, under original warranty) and on the 3rd visit in the 2nd year they just plain decided to give us a check for $1400 to buy a new machine.
  12. The article mainly covers equipment made in the last 10 years or less, when most of the manufacturing changes and industry consolidation occurred.
  13. I wrote this for ZDNet today. Submitted for comment. "This is the bottom line based on what I have learned: Your appliances are total crap. Not only will they not make it to the stated 10 years warranty, and not only will the appliance manufacturers figure out how to not honor it out of the box, but you'll be lucky in most cases if the current models being sold by these large manufacturers will make it to 3 to 5 years of use without a major equipment failure, tops." http://www.zdnet.com/article/iot-sucks-but-your-home-appliances-are-unreliable-slabs-of-junk/
  14. Better flavor? Maybe. But more work. Also adding fat and seasoning into the mix after microwaving accomplishes similar results, because you are then going to bake the entire mess. You could also roast the cauliflower and food process it. But then you are getting different texture results. The kugel ended up not being that popular at Passover with Rachel's extended family when other starchy things were available, so it was kind of disappointing. We ended up bringing 80 percent of it home. So we mixed up the remainder with parmesan cheese and bacon fat and fried it as "latkes" in a pan. I probably have 4 or 5 portions of "batter" left in the freezer. So screw the kugel. Make latkes
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