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  1. An interview I had with the Bergen Record this morning about Bourdain's impact on internet food discussion https://www.northjersey.com/story/life/food/2018/06/08/anthony-bourdain-internet-foodie-pioneer/686000002/
  2. Local coverage by NorthJersey.com, some quotes by me in it. https://www.northjersey.com/story/entertainment/2018/06/08/anthony-bourdain-star-chef-and-leonia-nj-native-dies-61/683956002/
  3. Still processing it, obviously. He meant a lot of me, and to Steven.
  4. Eye of the tiger https://t.co/RTgniVpLsw

  5. RT @Rick_Bayless: Nice! RT @jperlow Mexican Chipotle Pumpkin Pork Stew courtesy @rick_bayless @MarthaStewart https://t.co/qaoWGKwrNo

  6. Ribbed for her pleasure https://t.co/vbXCcZfzBX

  7. @Foodiechats @Sartori_Cheese Salsa di Parmigiano dip. Great for crudités and crackers #foodiechats https://t.co/itfxvWHKO8

  8. Star Trek's 50 years of technology, optimism and naiveté https://t.co/pXdabC3E5H via @networkworld

  9. Labor Day A. O. K. https://t.co/0d2ykPI6Ss

  10. @jsnover don’t give them any ideas

  11. Yipes https://t.co/qY0iuAs52w

  12. Shivas smell like smoked fish and babka. Both comforting and sad.

  13. What If There Was A Black Hole In Your Pocket? https://t.co/sPwissLr3v

  14. Deerfield Beach @ The Patio Bar Deerfield Beach https://t.co/QMULdNaHC2

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