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  1. Pickly stuff:


    Kosher dill, sweet kosher cheater pickles and marinated cucumbers. 



    Chips, crescent rolls, sauerkraut and hot dogs with onions, BBQ sauce and apricot jam.  We are seriously eating a lot of crap lately.  But it tastes good, is easy and – MOST IMPORTANTLY – it is comforting. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, kayb said:

    @Kim Shook -- I blame you for this. Well, you and the fact I went to the grocery while hungry, someone one Should Not Do. I am, for the evening, the proud owner of a bag of Lemon Oreo Thins. I do not expect them to last the night.


    Thankfully the package is small.


    Cue evil laugh.

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  3. 1 hour ago, kayb said:

    Re: fried bologna. A slab of fried bologna, nearly charred around the edges, on two pieces of of mustard-slathered Wonder bread (or Sunbeam), with dill pickle chips and a slice of American cheese? Food of the gods.


    A thick slab of bologna on the grill, painted with a thin coat of barbecue sauce, ain't half bad, either.


    The BBQ bologna at Cozy Corner is the one that still haunts me.  

  4. I'm not singling (that word doesn't look right) her out, but it is a good example of what I've seen a LOT of lately: these utterly useless measuring cups.  Look at that rippled edge - how in the world do you measure anything accurately with those?  I'm seeing so many of these designer measuring cups - clunky, breakable and unusable.  

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  5. 32 minutes ago, chromedome said:

    Yup, me too.


    The version of corned beef hash I grew up with was that fried with onions and leftover mashed potatoes. I still make it up every now and again, when I'm feeling nostalgic. That, or a fried-bologna sandwich.

    I love fried bologna!  We had a fried bologna sandwich in Memphis that I swear is THE food I think about most often since.  And we had some awesome food in Memphis.

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  6. 3 hours ago, HungryChris said:

    Fresh pasta with local pesto to which I added a bit of garlic and fresh zucchini, served out on the balcony of our rented Air B&B here in Rapallo, Italy. It has taken me a few attempts, a few harsh words and so on to get to the point I can put together a decent meal on the induction cook top, but tonight was pretty good.




    Is it the pasta that is such a vibrant yellow?

  7. 20 minutes ago, kayb said:


    The casserole doesn't have a strong eggplant taste, but then, eggplant doesn't have a strong eggplant taste. I knew it had cracker crumbs and cheese, and made an educuated guess as to milk. It has a buttery flavor, too, and a crumb-and-cheese topping.


    In yesterday's iteration, I roasted five small-medium globe eggplants for 40 minutes at 400F in the CSO on steam-bake. Let them cool, halved them and scooped out the flesh; it made about 2 1/2 cups when lightly mashed up. Stirred in two beaten eggs, about four ounces of grated co-jack cheese,  a quarter-cup or so of half and half, and about 2/3 of a sleeve of Ritz crackers, crushed into crumbs. Stirred that up and smoothed it out in a deep-dish pie plate. Topping was the rest of the sleeve of crushed Ritz, and about another 2 ounces of grated cheese. Baked at 350, steam bake, 30 minutes in the CSO.


    It was close. Real close. Could have been a little saltier; I didn't salt, as both the cheese and the crackers are fairly salty. I might use grated Velveeta next time, and I think the topping would benefit from grated Parm. There was too much topping; I needed about half as much. I might add some melted butter next time. And it would have benefitted from some black pepper. Other than that, it was pretty much spot on.


    Thd other eggplant treatment I really love  is to take cubes of eggplant, toss them in a mixture of honey and miso, and roast them. Yumm-O!



    We MIGHT like it.  We are not fans of eggplant.  But I think it is more the texture than the flavor (as everyone says, it doesn't have much of that).  Wish we could get back to the Cupboard!  We loved that place!

  8. 3 hours ago, heidih said:

    @Anna N  It has been eons but I once used Spam successfully while at a vacation rental with hungry males. The stovetop was iffy and the oven a joke so the BBQ grill was my cooking area. I picked up a can and sliced and grilled it for breakfast. It rendered fat and got nicely sorta crispy on the edges. Now I am almost thinking of picking up a can. They have low salt and other versions now! 


    Ok, true confessions, then.  I'm emboldened to mention that I grew up eating canned corned beef.  My mom would slice it and fry in butter to serve with eggs and fried potatoes.  I don't do it very much any more, but served with copious ice water, I quite like it still.

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  9. 18 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

    Fig, bacon and brie grilled cheese



    Based on this Blackberry, Bacon, and Brie Grilled Cheese from Fine Cooking but using some of the figs in caramelized honey that I made the other day. 

    No butter on the bread, instead it's fried in bacon drippings - oh yeah!

    Oh, dear LORD!  That sounds incredible!  I wholly approve of the fig jam substitution!!!

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  10. 8 hours ago, Duvel said:


    Sometimes I am simply speechless what the convenience sector comes up with (and people actually buy) ...

    Why speechless?  My husband has just a few minutes in the morning to devote to feeding himself.  This is a product that he'll use maybe once or twice a week.  He likes to have some protein in the morning and if there aren't any hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, he'll usually go with yogurt or cheese.  This is just another option.  And the ingredient list is fairly simple: POTATOES, CHEDDAR CHEESE ([PASTEURIZED MILK, CHEESE CULTURE, SALT, ENZYMES, ANNATTO (COLOR)], MODIFIED CORNSTARCH ADDED TO PREVENT CAKING, NATAMYCIN [A NATURAL MOLD INHIBITOR]); COOKED UNCURED BACON BITS - NO NITRATES OR NITRITES ADDED EXCEPT THOSE NATURALLY OCCURING IN CELERY JUICE AND SEA SALT (PORK, WATER, SEA SALT, SUGAR, CULTURED CELERY JUICE, CHERRY POWDER); CITRIC ACID.

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  11. 1 minute ago, suzilightning said:

    I have all the makings of the ever present Texas dip - Velveeta, Rotel and hot sauce(Cholula chili lime in my case) and bought me some corn chips.  I eat this maybe once a year.

    Add some hamburger meat and THIS is what I was asked to bring to every gathering at a friends house.  No matter what delicious treats I brought, her kids ALWAYS wanted this!  

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  12. 11 minutes ago, chileheadmike said:

    Congrats. I got mine in KC in 2005, I think. Great class and a lot of fun. I'm still trying to convince my wife that ribs should not "fall off the bone".  



    Yep!  If it falls off the bone, it's pulled pork - NOT ribs!  

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  13. 2 minutes ago, rotuts said:



    what's in the cups before you add the egg(s) ?


    these days Im a big fan of do-ahead , but try to make it tasty in the end.


    thus a lot of Fz SV downstairs.

    Here's a link to the website with a list of the varieties.  A couple of them have green peppers (shiver), so be careful!!!

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  14. Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but it can be placed elsewhere, if needed.  Mr. Kim's birthday was in August and he decided that what he'd like to do is to take a class that he'd heard about that would get him certified as a BBQ judge.  It was sponsored by Kansas City BBQ Society.  The class was at our most local BBQ place – about 5 minutes away.  He said it was MUCH more in depth than he thought it would be.  And folks were there from all over the East coast.  They were very jealous that he was just around the corner.  He came home exhausted, happy and FULL of BBQ.  Not sure where this will go, but he's thrilled to have done it.


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  15. I can't for the life of me find it, but someone here mentioned using this and said they quite liked it:


    They had them at Kroger, so I decided to try the potatoes, Cheddar and bacon one:


    It was actually pretty good.  I prefer the potatoes and the bacon to be crisp, but everything was fresh tasting and it certainly couldn’t be easier.  And not terrible nutritionally, either.  A little high on sodium (440 mg), but good on carbs (3gr).  I wouldn’t want Mr. Kim to eat them every day, but a couple of times a week would be ok.  As Jess points out, I could put these together myself.  But will I is the question!😉


    Another morning:


    Just ham, eggs and Cheddar with some CSO toast!

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  16. A couple of recent dinners - 

    Baked penne with Bolognese:



    Extra sauce:






    Wonderful ATK Garlic Bread:


     I've made this before and it makes a little more work than regular garlic bread, but worth it, I think.  The real trick is after it has cooked a few minutes on a baking sheet, you flip it over and put another baking sheet on top of the bread and bake a little longer.  That really puts a great crust on the bread - almost like grilling it.


    Shake and Bake pork chops, green beans, candied yams and fried green tomatoes:


    I no longer apologize for Shake and Bake since @Marlene once confessed that it was a favorite! 😁

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  17. My sister, niece and 8 month old grand nephew were up from Florida for a couple of days visit.  Their first day, I did a sandwich platter with ham, roast beef, cheeses and turkey.  I also did this good corn dip with corn chips and tortilla chips:


    It's just corn, Rotel tomatoes, sour cream and Fiesta Ranch dip mix.  Very good.  A church friend brings it to our pot lucks and it always is a favorite.

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  18. On 9/10/2018 at 5:27 AM, CantCookStillTry said:

    Boring but pretty desk salad. 

    I have never been friends with Salad, probably because I don't like Cucumber or Tomato, but I'm trying. 

    Would probably have been a lot better if I remembered most salads have some kind of dressing! 


    Edit: I know there will be a specific post somewhere in the last 9000 years of egullet that I should ask this question but if someone wants to send me an idea for a dressing to suit this salad - that would be great 😋😆



    You might do a scaled down version of this.  Meaning - layer your ingredients and top with the mayo and sugar.  You could (and should) do it the night before and toss just before serving.  Very simple, but very good.

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