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  1. Owtahear

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    I am trying to master this dish. I see Sorrel in Whole Foods right now, and it is salmon season, so I was thinking of making another go at this later this week.
  2. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

  3. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    Tis the season. Halibut in a brown butter, caper and Marcona almond sauce Asparagus Morels sautéed then poached in a port cream sauce Arugula and grape tomatoes tossed in lemon and olive oil.
  4. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    Oh man, I love that Pinot!
  5. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    DERBY DAY!!! Mint Julep+ Argula and Gorgonzola salad drizzled with 30 year old Balsamic Vinegar + Veal Parmigiana and Spaghetti.
  6. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    Salmon season is upon us. With some sautéed spinach and asparagus. And old school shrimp cocktail wth St Elmo Steakhouse cocktail sauce.
  7. Owtahear

    Lunch 2019

    I am horrible, I started diving into this before I took the photo. Also, I forgot to include the Soup Dumplings.... But this is Spicy Beef Noodle Soup at LJ Shanghai in Cleveland.
  8. Owtahear

    Lunch 2019

    OK......you win!
  9. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    I turned the leftover lamb into a Sichuan style Cumin Lamb. It is completely improvisational, and I through in some veggies cause I felt the need. But it worked out well.
  10. Owtahear

    Cooking plain old chips

    I know this. Most places in the states advertising "fresh cut fries" get an epic fail. What they should do, is fry them earlier in the day at a lower temp (325F?) until soft and starting to get a golden color, then take them out. Drain them or wrap them in paper, or something, but leave them alone. Then to serve, fry at 375F to order for 3-5 minutes until nicely crisp. It is unavoidable there will be some oxidation (brown) but it is about the texture and flavor. I don't know why places don't do this? It makes it easier (quicker) to get the fries (chips) out to order, and they are what the customer wants, crispy, and will stay crispy while being fluffy inside. It's not that hard!
  11. Owtahear

    Dinner 2019

    Easter Leg of Lamb. Garlic/Rosemary/Herbs De Provence rub Simply grilled over lump charcoal on a Weber. Made Barbecued Carrots from a recipe from the Publican (Chicago, Paul Kahan) Twice Baked potatoes Salad Rolls Owen Swift Papillon Wine
  12. Bingo! That's exactly what I do. I know I have seen something....but usually will look it up. Like I said, they are fantastic resources for ideas and techniques.
  13. Too many!!! Someone asked me, how do you know which ones have which recipes to follow? I usually tell them, I don't really copy specific recipes in practice, all of these books I read are really just for ideas, techniques, but I rarely copy a recipe verbatim in practice.
  14. Owtahear

    High quality soy sauce

    I love a really high quality soy sauce. I can eat my own fingers just by dipping it into. I love trying new soy sauces, small batch, very terroir oriented. But I have to admit, Kikkomen's Low Sodium soy sauce is pretty damn good.
  15. Owtahear

    Easter Menus

    HamLambpalooza for me this weekend. Baked ham, home made potato salad, and empandas on Saturday. Sunday.......Leg of Lamb. I got one from Pure Bred Lambs (Elysian Fields), this is where the French Laundry gets their lamb will rub with garlic. rosemary, preserved lemons, Served with a mint/carrot top chimichurri. Pommes Anna (I think unless I change) Barbecue Carrots ala Publican Salad with greens, lettuce, artichokes, olives, roasted red peppers and red onions with a homemade vinaigrette and crumbled bleu cheese Ciabatta garlic toast. Lotsa of excellent wines....beer and yes, Lent is over...I will have bourbon!!!