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  1. I got a recipe I can't wait to try and show with Rabbit. I do it with chicken thighs, but the original prep was supposed to be rabbit.
  2. Owtahear

    Superbowl 2021

    Ahem. It's, "the Big Game". Trademark rights you know.
  3. I second this. This is fantastic stuff liuzhou. I really appreciate it.
  4. Owtahear

    Dinner 2021

    I love making my own confit. I found one way, I put chopsticks on the bottom of the dish, but the legs on it, then cover it with fat. After it is done, there is usually a little of aspic like jell from the leg that is absolutely the best tasting thing in the world.
  5. Decide in small, immediate family Christmas dinner. Ordered Aged Standing Rib Roast from Pat Lafrieda. Fondant Potatoes (or my take) Green Beans Almadine (family tradition) Going old school with Wedge Salad Gruyere and Black Pepper popovers on a take of Yorkshire Pudding Au Jus of course Fresh Horseradish sauce Assorted Hors D'oeuvres Such as Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters, Cheeses.. I am going completely old school here. No Modernist Cuisine. Reaching back to the roots........
  6. I have used it in crepes believe it or not.
  7. Sous Vide is overrated....oh damn, did I say that out loud?? I heard baking soda and salt. But I think the key is if you have skin on top of the fat, and maybe salting and leaving the exterior exposed in the fridge for a day or two to help dry out ala poultry.
  8. Well, we were going to skip family dinner because of COVID, but it is immediate family and everyone is local and it is not big (7 people) so I just ordered a Prime, 30 Day Aged Prime Rib Roast from Pat LaFrieda. It was down to them and Flannery, but I went with LaFrieda. I am so excited.
  9. That's a great question. But if you are also familiar with Elysian Farms Lamb, that IS Pure Bred. I live in Pittsburgh, they are just 40 miles south of the city so I actually visited. That is the legit lamb supplier for places like the French Laundary, etc.... But yes, you are right, I often wondered about the oft cuts such as ribs, shanks, kidneys, etc...
  10. Right now, I am trying to perfect (or duplicate) Chicken in butter sauce in the style of Florence. The key here is the quality of the chicken....AND the butter. https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/florentine-butter-chicken
  11. YES! You are after my own heart. I have made a few versions of this....still trying to perfect. Pic 1 is trying is an attempt, Pic 2 is doing chicken wings in the laziji style.
  12. Yes, that's exactly it. I am not ordering seafood from Bill and Ted's Excellent Seafood. Browne, Honolulu, Harbor, are all used by top chefs and seafood purveyors across the country. Besides most of the fish I am ordering is fresh. And then I cut, vacuum seal and freeze. I trust the oysters or scallops I am getting from the aforementioned places much more than I would a local fish market because I am 500 miles inland, and that seafood market, even if it is excellent in reputation is merely a "middle man" and I am ordering from the same places they are. Yeah, D'Artagnan is
  13. Thanks. I definitely plan to try Flannery and I have looked at some of the seafood online at Catalina but have yet to purchase any.
  14. Owtahear

    Dinner 2020

    Italian beef braciole with Sunday "gravy" meatball sauce
  15. Cream of Chanterelle Soup It was good, but maybe late season, the chanterelle's weren't as flavorful as I had hoped.
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