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  1. It is not at all unusual in the southern US to find really good food.  I've heard reports of really excellent tamales in Mississippi and I've eaten great fried chicken, cheeseburgers and BBQ myself.  And on our trip to England, we had some surprisingly good sandwiches at a gas station (see here).

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  2. 31 minutes ago, TdeV said:


    This looks lovely! Recipe? (eGullet search did not help).


    Earlier this year I was really really sick with "flu" which lasted for 45 days (during which time it morphed from "flu" to something in my lungs). Drugs didn't help much. Eventually it went away. As it turns out, even one of my doctors got it!


    Here you go!

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  3. 1 hour ago, robirdstx said:



    Yogurt topped with fruit (on the patio)


    As reported in the Dinner thread, I have been sick with some kind of mystery respiratory ailment for about a month now.  I would give a lot if someone would bring this exact thing to my house every day.  😁


    Not eating much, but yesterday was craving a fried egg - with some toasted black Russian bread:


    and a lovely eat over the sink plum.  


    Today was a white bread and PB foldover.  Hey, you do what you can do, right? 😉

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  4. On 7/16/2019 at 8:54 AM, Shelby said:




    @Shelby– I keep meaning to tell you that I also have this dish!  Was it your grandma’s?  Mine was. 


    @liamsaunt – everything you cook looks delicious and lovely, but that Persian rice is simply incredible!


    So, I’ve been sick with some mystery ailment for about a month.  Three different medications, chest xrays, breathing treatments, etc.  Basically I am coughing my head off, running a low grade fever, and have no energy.  Not cooking much.  Not really even eating much.  A few recent lazy meals - rotisserie chicken:



    With salad bar salad and corn (the only thing I cooked – and that in the microwave):





    Mr. Kim was out one evening at a poker game, so I boiled some pasta and dumped cold sauce from the fridge on it:


    And toasted some of that frozen garlic bread he got the other night! 


    Mr. Kim took shrimp to his poker game – leftovers for my dinner the next night:



    Last night was @maggiethecat's Shrimp & Corn w/ Basil:


    This is one of the few dishes that I make over and over again.  It is our official summer meal.


    Salad and marinated cucumbers:





    Black Russian bread:





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  5. 11 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I thought typical grocery store pasta in the US was already cut in half.  I remember grocery store spaghetti being much longer than it is now, sold folded in half.  Quite seriously.


    You are probably right.  I don't ever remember US brands being longer, but when I buy imported pasta, it is often folded in half.  Honestly, that stuff is always going to be broken in my house.  One twirl of that is enough to fill an entire fork!  😉

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  6. 6 hours ago, weinoo said:

    I offer that it contains neither, but sliced chicken (or turkey, if you must), bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, on toasted, good quality white bread.


    This sounds like a lovely and delicious chicken BLT.  For those who like avocado, that might be a nice addition, too.  But it isn't a club sandwich in my world.  

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  7. I vote for toast in the CSO also.  Here at eG, we've been bitching about toasters for many years.  I don't think I've ever had a really good one.  But I do like the toast that my CSO makes.  I like toast that is super toasted on the outside and still a little soft inside.  YYMV.


    I've discovered the joys of leftover rice and pasta on Super Steam.  I've never been satisfied with the microwave for either one.  Happy now.

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  8. On 7/14/2019 at 3:50 PM, Anna N said:







     she ordered the toasted club which was quite satisfactory except for the inclusion of American cheese.  Since when does cheese belong on a club sandwich?





    Oh, dear Lord, let's not get into the Club sandwich controversy again.  I am still bruised from the last time.  LOL 😉

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  9. 3 hours ago, Anna N said:

      But the store-bought, no name brand sauerkraut was insipid.   I am sure I have had raw cabbage that has more of a bite to it and more flavour than this.



    This is really odd.  Mr. Kim and I love really sour sauerkraut and find that the most intense is the canned store brands.  The fancy name brand kinds are always too bland for us.  

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  10. Last night was Parm noodles, smothered cube steak & onions, and an underwhelming cucumber and tomato salad.  I found the recipe for the salad online on some blog.  It was one of those “my mom makes the most awesome --- , it doesn’t sound like much, but, believe me, it is truly amazing!!!!”.  I should have known better: 


    Leftover biscuits – split, buttered, and toasted:



    Tonight was breakfast for dinner – ET Crescent rolls:



    Eggs, Edward’s country ham, hash browns:


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  11. Though we had the usual issues with our daughter (disliking the look of something quite ordinary), we never had a problem with 'funny' foods.  Whole fish, ducks with heads hanging up at Chinese restaurants, crabs (including soft shells) - all of that was ok.  But she was almost 4 before she would willingly eat pineapple or pork chops (she was required to try them every time we had them).  She doesn't eat snails, but willing tried them at age 3 - she just never liked them.  

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  12. 34 minutes ago, Toliver said:

    My mom grew up during the Great Depression. She ate Miracle Whip sandwiches (too poor to afford a protein). Loved it all of her life. Which is why I am a MW guy to this day. 

    In college I worked in an on-campus cafeteria. Sometimes for staff lunch, we'd eat our french fries with Thousand Island dressing, which, if you squint, is a sort of combo of ketchup and MW.xD Delicious.

    Kerry, you now have me jonesing for some home-made french fries. For your proposed study, I like MW and I enjoy ketchup (must be Heinz) and even put ketchup on my hot dogs (ducks his head and runs for cover ;) ).

    I used to eat MW and potato chip on Wonderbread sandwiches.  Haven't had one for years.  I bet I'd still like them!

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  13. I finally finished up the inferior Smucker strawberry preserves and opened my fabulous jar of Tiptree Little Scarlet that Santa left in my stocking:



    And we had leftover biscuits:



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