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  1. So, I've got my CSO all set up where the old toaster oven was.  It clears the upper cabinet by 8-inches and you can get the water thing out without moving the CSO.  But, I'm never using it!  It is so amazingly clean and shiny!  I'm really going to hate getting it dirty the first time.  But I have to try it out soon so that we can get the box out of the living room!

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  2. 2 hours ago, boilsover said:


    Wow.  Real wood makes such a better appearance than that ugly, slippery plastic.  I'm not a huge Cutco fan, but I'd like to find a set like this.


    What other treasures lurk in mom's kitchen? 

    Two smallish iron skillets, a nice-sized gravy boat with plate and ladle, a pretty green casserole with high sides (perfect for lasagna - I hate being limited to the height of a Pyrex dish when I make lasagna), a lovely small Royal Worcestershire covered dish like this, my grandmother's silverplate -  1847 Rogers and, of course nearly-vintage spice tins still full of odorless, tasteless powder!  LOL

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  3. 2 hours ago, Anna N said:

     So we finally did get around to trying the onion petals. I would describe them as onion-flavoured, beige Cheezies or as simply another salt delivery system. But because they are all salty and seemingly nothing more than air, I suspect one could soon become addicted to them.  I shall try to avoid falling into that trap.   Need a bigger bang for my calorie bucks. 

    Sounds like upscale Funyuns.  So, yes, addicting.

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  4. 26 minutes ago, Shelby said:



    Ah, yes, Kim.  Another  member of the no GBP club.

    Well, I don't discriminate.  I detest all peppers.  Though, for some reason, I like pepper jelly and if I roast jalapenos I find it tames the heat and I quite like the flavor in some dishes.  

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  5. 5 hours ago, Shelby said:

    A while back we got into a discussion about Rice-A-Roni and I said that I had never had the Spanish rice version.  A few days later I got a package in the mail--Spanish Rice-A-Roni from @suzilightning .  Made my day :) .  I've saved it until our tomatoes from the garden started coming in (it tells you to add a can of tomatoes to the mix).  We really liked it!  


    Homemade salsa 



    The famous Rice-A-Roni






    Spanish Rice-A-Roni is the one that I put a lb. of ground beef in to make it a main course.  (As you can see, I've deleted the horrible pepper pictures 😉)

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  6. 1 minute ago, Shelby said:

    Kim, two of my faves---Mtn. Dew and Funyuns!


    (I fear you're burning the candle at both ends--get some sleep young lady (((hugs))) )

    That's why you got the shout-out (do they even say that anymore?).  No worries.  I'm going to bed in a few.  I got a delicious 45 minutes in the grocery store all alone when Mr. Kim got home to be with Momma.  Heaven amongst the produce!

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  7. 2 hours ago, Toliver said:

    Very cool! I wasn't aware they had non-knife utensils available, as well. My mom had the CutCo kinfe set so the handles look very familiar to me. 

    Are you aware if there were any more utensils offered by CutCo?? 

    They do.  But as far as I can see, they no longer sell the sets like I have and no longer offer the wooden handles.  There are plenty of them on ebay, though.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Anna N said:



    Impromptu dessert idea.  Mango topped with ginger snap crumbs. I liked the flavour but the crumbs were a bit too fine and quickly softened. Needs more work. 

    Maybe make what amounts to a crust - a little melted butter added and pressed into a dish and baked until solid.  Then crumbled.  Might hold up better.

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  9. @Okanagancook – oh, dear lord.  That piggy.  That bubbly skin.  I believe I lost consciousness for a bit.


    @Nicolai – what a perfect meal.  Not to mention the wonderful after dinner entertainment.




    Leftover pork, green beans and new potatoes, Noodle Roni, stove top pork stuffing w/ jarred pork gravy.  Just letting it all out here.  Momma was happy!  It was pretty good.  

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  10. 13 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    Hard to tell how thick the roast was from the pictures.  But from Baldwin's tables, if it was 2 inches or more thick, three hours was not enough cooking time to heat it through.





    Oh, God!  Just looking at tables like that gives me hives.  And it's in METRIC!!!!!  😲  But it was probably 4 inches or more.  It was a pork loin, after all.  I've never seen a 2 inch pork loin.  Thank you for the link.  I'll try to look at it later when I'm feeling a bit smarter.  😉

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  11. 26 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook


    Congratulations !


    what do you think made this less of a mighty fine success ?


    Time in SV will get you tenderness , and temp will get you done-ness


    Id only suggest  


    if you like rare-med rare beef


    try the lower temps and think of it as ' beef '


    if you like  140  


    Fine !  I don't care for lower temps for CkBr's nor turkeyBr's


    so to each their own


    I do love tender pork @ 130.1 though

    The only thing was that it was set at 135.5F and after 3 hours it was only 130F. by my Thermapen.  But it was an inexpensive piece of pork from Kroger and not some rockstar pork from the butcher and it was so GOOD and juicy - that part was a huge success!

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  12. So last night I did the pork loin.  It was not an unqualified success. I set it for 135.5F – and when I took it out after 3 hours, the meat temped at 130F. I ended up roasting it in the oven for a while.  Rubbed and ready to dry brine:



    “Sucked” and ready to hit the pool:






    I decided to use the broiler to sear it.  It looks like it got too dark, but that’s just the picture – those little bits were delicious:





    It was really good.  Incredibly moist and porky.  I changed the rub recipe slightly.  The recipe called for something called Smoky Salt Seasoning.  We love smoked stuff, but we don’t care for smoke seasoning.  I omitted that and added some garlic and onion powders and some Penzey’s Mural of Flavor (my go-to substitute for seasoning salt).  The garlic and onion were fine, but I think I overdid the Mural of flavor.  We ended up deciding that we are actually medium-well pork people, so I think that just short of 140F. will work best for us.  Thanks for all the advice.  We are thinking steaks next. 

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