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  1. 2 minutes ago, suzilightning said:

    No, sweetie......you aren't.

    I have a McDonald's and Wendy's within 2 miles and never eat there since it's so near to home I know I can make better food so close




    But we LOVE Taco Bell.

  2. 4 hours ago, Jamal12 said:

    Hi Kim, 

    I am a Londoner, I joined  an IT job 16 years ago and have been since.  Apart from the intense heat that keeps melting my chocolates it is good here people love 🍫 and they can afford it too.  I also have diploma in cooking so not yet a chef but love cooking.  Want to open a chocolate business here because World Cup Doha 2022 is coming and that would be massive.  If I can get my self skilled and certified  in chocolate making by then  I could do well because the world is going to be here.  So they can taste my chocolates.

    whereabouts are you from in the UK?

    Take care


    Actually, I'm not from the UK.  I live in the US.  But, I had a British stepdad who fostered my lifelong love of all things British and I finally got a chance to visit in 2011.  I've never been anywhere that felt more like home to me and I hope that we can make it back someday.  If you'd be interested here is my trip report.  The chocolate business sounds perfect - also the timing.  Keep up posted!

  3. 13 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I haven't found myself south of the Mason Dixon line in decades* but in southern restaurants for breakfast I was most fond of grits.  Quite exotic.  Coarse yellow cornmeal, biscuits, ham, gravy, more gravy...


    But when you say "polenta" I reach for the finest, whitest cornmeal.



    *except in New Jersey (look at a map).


    Oh.  The polenta that I buy is fairly coarse.  I've never thought to use fine cornmeal for it.  I need to try that - I have a feeling that polenta made with fine meal would be much less likely to pop at me when I fry it up as cakes.  Thanks!

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  4. 10 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

    @Kim Shook would any of the Wegmans “ready to eat” items appeal to your mom? I started a thread in the Kitchen Consumer topic and their items. Their gazpacho is prettt good, same with the beef on weck. 

      That grilled cheese looks delicious! I buy Wegman’s pre-cooked ham slices and throw them in salads and potatoes au gratin. I don’t really cook that much since my husband is so busy at work I feel like it’s interupting him to ask what he may want for dinner (and I never know what he had for lunch or if he had it) and he comes home so late that frequently he doesn’t want a full meal. So having certain pre-prepped things, like Wegman’s bacon wrapped scallops and Caesar salad are super handy. 


    That is a great idea!  Thank you.  I'll look next time I go.  I've taken her there in the past and she loved the stuff on the hot bar.  It never occurred to me!

  5. On 7/12/2018 at 8:53 PM, robirdstx said:

    I know it’s Summer, but sometimes you just get a craving for Stew!




    Pork Tenderloin and Vegetable Stew made with Patak’s Vindaloo Hot & Spicy Simmer Sauce in my Instant Pot and served with Garlic Naan (heated from frozen in my CSO on Bake Steam for 6 minutes)


    I do this, too.  I was really having to resist the urge to bake bread yesterday.  I don't have time to bake bread!  But it took a lot of willpower!  


    The Salad:



    Spanish Rice & Hamburger stove-top casserole and fresh butter beans:


    Admitting right now that the rice dish is just hamburger and a Knorr Spanish rice packet with hamburger and cheese.  I've been making variations of this dish for the past 35 years.  We like it a lot.  Started when we were first married and broke and for less than $2, I could feed both of us dinner and lunch.  

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  6. Lunch for my mother - grilled cheese and ham:



    Slaw and baked beans:



    So what's the deal with old people and this wanting to eat 3 times a day????  I am spending my whole day preparing meals and washing dishes.  😉

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  7. Ok, I am thinking of getting started finally using the Anova that I got for Xmas.  I took a 2 1/2 lb. pork loin roast out of the freezer this morning.  I am thinking of using this recipe.  I have a Foodsaver, so I can vacuum it.  But I don't have a smart phone, so using the App is not something I can do.  And, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an old fashioned instruction manual.  I am NOT smart, ok?  I went to the website and have poked around a bit here and I'm finding lots of the charts perplexing.  From what I can tell from the recipe, I rub it with the salt and seasonings and let sit in the fridge for 5+ hours.  Vacuum pack the pork.   I bring the temperature of the water to 137F, put the vacuum packed pork in the water and let it set for 2 1/2 hours.  I'm assuming that I need to temp it.  Do I just stick the thermometer in the pork through the bag and immerse it again if it isn't up to temp?  Then I sear it.


    PLEASE tell me if you think I need another set of directions or if you have any ideas for me.  I'm sure I'll be asking a LOT!  Thanks!

  8. 24 minutes ago, chromedome said:

    Fryers in the 2 1/2 to 3lb range are pretty standard up here. Bigger birds are actually quite difficult to find in supermarkets; if you want a large roasting chicken they often have to come from the farmer's market or equivalent.

    I have a terrible time finding fryers that small.  My best bet was a store that used to have a small kosher section.  They have closed that section and now I'm at a loss. I love the little ones for frying.

  9. On 7/9/2018 at 6:08 PM, Shelby said:

    While putting up some sweet corn from the garden I was toying with using the cobs for something.  @rotuts and @ElsieD both suggested a broth--rotuts reminded me of Vivian's Corn Stock located on pg. 232 of the cookbook.


    Using some of the inner husks would have never occurred to me.  I didn't use any salt or anything to season it--I'll do that when I thaw it out and use it.  It's very corny and good though :)





    That's a great idea!  I've never made corn stock, but I use the denuded cobs to flavor the liquid in my corn chowder.  It is amazing how much flavor that adds.  I would freeze all our leftover cobs all summer, but they are gnawed on and I don't think anyone would appreciate gnawed cob stock.

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  10. Yesterday's breakfast was this cinnamon rolls that Mr. Kim brought home from our favorite/local doughnut place:


    The plate it is sitting is a dinner sized one.  It was still tender and flaky this morning.


    This morning was waffles, sage sausage and bananas:


    Those waffles are frozen.  One of life’s little adjustments to having my mom living with us.  She likes a big breakfast every morning and she actually likes them.  Nothing like scratch, but not too terrible.  They are what i grew up on, after all.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Shelby said:

    Honestly, mine was like pork belly--only less meat....it's gelatinous, rich.  Just plain good.


    Ronnie got home and had a bite, and he didn't like it.


    More for me lol.

    I don't really do gelatinous - except for congealed salads 😉.   I have, however, had fried strips of pig ear and they were incredibly good.

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  12. The night before my birthday, my MIL invited us over for a celebratory dinner.  She made chicken Kiev.  When was the last time you saw that?  It happens to be one of my favorite things, a taste developed in the 1970’s, I think.  And I used to make it when I was trying to impress Mr. Kim with my culinary prowess.  But it is such a PITA that I haven’t made it for years.  And hers was delicious!  I don’t have a picture from that night, but I have a picture of the leftovers that I reheated tonight:





    For my birthday last night Mr. Kim and Jessica took me to Shagbark, a fairly new restaurant.  We started with the Crispy Chicken-Fried Chesapeake Oysters - sweet corn cake / mâche / Jim Kite’s country ham / baby spinach / tabasco butter:


    Perfectly fried oysters and the corn cake was a great pair with them.


    Slow-Simmered Vidalia Onion Bisque - jumbo lump crab / Edward’s slab bacon / fresno-rhubarb hot sauce:


    I am definitely bisque-ing up my onion soup.


    Up-South Fried Green Tomatoes – Edwards bacon & sweet corn succotash / marinated blue crab / Powhatan pea tendril salad / blue cheese vinaigrette:



    And the Ham and Cheese – Sam’s deviled ham and Bundy’s pimento cheese with bread and crackers (Sam and Bundy are chefs):


    We shared all of these incredible and delicious dishes. 


    For our main courses – Mr. Kim had the Olive Oil-Roasted Scottish Salmon -
    Jim Kite’s country ham / roasted creamer potatoes / Swiss chard / parmesan / horseradish emulsion:



    I had the Rosemary & Mustard-Braised Border Springs Leg of Lamb -
    toasted couscous / orange marmalade  / Buttercup cheese / Marcona almonds / roasted garlic tapenade toast / grilled fennel  / preserved tomatoes:


    Horrible picture, but truly one of the best lamb dishes I’ve ever tasted in my life.  And that tapenade toast was so perfect with the lamb. 


    Jessica had the Chesapeake Rarebit – jumbo lump crab / applewood smoked bacon / parmesan sourdough / roasted red peppers / Worcestershire:


    Completely delicious.  I asked (for subsequent visits) if the chef would object to leaving off the peppers and the server said he’d be happy to!!


    We ordered and shared two desserts - Limoncello Crème Brûlée - citrus liqueur  / toasted fennel and Averna wafer / vanilla bean whipped cream:



    And Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding - toffee glaze / bourbon gelato / roasted oat streusel (I thought the blueberries were an odd touch, but the oat streusel!!!):


    Outstanding meal.  Before we were finished with our appetizers we were planning who to bring back here!


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  13. For my birthday gift, Jessica took me to the Jefferson Hotel for afternoon tea.  Mr. Kim went, too. Menu:




    Jessica and I had the Jefferson blend and Mike had the Richmond blend.


     I adore Hotel Silver and would start a collection if I weren't trying to pare down my others.


    Tea goodies:



    Cucumber on pumpernickel, chicken tarragon salad, cheese-arugula wrap and country ham rolls:


    All really good, but the chicken salad was a standout.  For me, it is really easy to find tarragon overdone, but this was perfect.


    Savory scone – sun dried tomatoes and cheese:





    Savory scone, sweet scone, chocolate and yellow slices and a cookie:


    The sweet scone was an abomination – they had put mini M&M’s in them. 


    More sweets:


    Macaron, strawberries, lemon curd mini tarts with blackberries and blueberries and a little chocolate mousse filled tart.  Everything was delicious, but the strawberry and the mousse proved that you shouldn’t choose festive-ness over flavor.  Those little sprinkles have a flavor – actually, a fairly strong one and they compromised and cheapened the pure flavor of the fruit and the chocolate.  Since it was my birthday celebration, they brought out a lovely cupcake:


    The cake was excellent – like a poundcake, really.  I’m not a big fan of buttercream and since the cupcake had been refrigerated, the frosting was pretty stiff.  What a lovely gift for this Anglophile!

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  14. On 7/9/2018 at 5:57 PM, Anna N said:

    We had lunch at the Pinewood Motor Inn in Espanola (Click).  We both ordered the prime rib sandwich. I had mine with fries and gravy and Kerry chose to have hers with a Caesar salad.   At least this time there were croutons and I believe some dressing in the salad.    


    Now I feel I have to tell you when I read the words “prime rib” on a menu this is what I visualize.  What arrived was something that I suspect closely resembles the burnt ends so  beloved by BBQ fans. Apparently our server, too,  thought that she came from the Deep South where such things might be appreciated. Her “youse” sort of grated on the nerves in Espanola.  But she was pleasant enough. The coleslaw was delicious and we ended up enjoying our lunch anyway as we always do.  



    Oh, that gravy on those potatoes!!!  






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  15. I love that hot dog.  What a dumb idea.  Like Chik-fil-A deciding to replace their delicious slaw (oddly it is hard to find good slaw either in a store of restaurant) with the so-called "Superfood Side salad".  No thank you - when I am eating fried chicken sandwiches, I want SLAW.

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