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  1. Holy crap, I haven't signed in here in so long that I don't even know what email address I used to use. Yeah I had great luck for about a dozen years using the Poppery II hot air popcorn popper, and have only ever bought my beans and supplies from Sweet Maria's. About 2 years ago I bought a Behmor roaster from a friend, and that would be a great investment for anyone who is remotely serious about being a home roaster. As simple or as insanely nerdy as you want to make it. If you're brand new, hot air popper is the way to go. You can get one for super cheap on eBay, j
  2. For my wife's birthday I decided to try my 2nd ever recipe from the Milk Bar Cookbook (first attempt was crack pie....really good). I love the book, and figured if I was successful with one of Tosi's layer cakes, I should have a good shot at making the majority of the recipes in the book. Other than my slightly smaller than called for quarter sheet pan causing a little bit of over-hang around the cake edges, I really didn't experience any hiccups. This Chocolate Malt Cake is insanely rich....with the small size (6 inches in diameter) one would think getting 8 or 10 servings out of it was un
  3. Dinner on Saturday night....fish tacos made with Gorton's fish sticks.
  4. I’ll throw this in just out of curiosity…how about non-alcoholic offerings in a craft cocktail bar? When drinks are painstakingly created around a particular spirit, I’d like to hear any opinions or experiences about removing alcohol altogether and what the realistic expectations should be. Is asking for no booze any better than asking for “bad” booze? I was still drinking when the speakeasy/craft cocktail trend started, and I would enjoy one or two just to be sociable when in NYC or Chicago, but it was always just to prime the pump for bourbon consumption on a scale little seen in the moder
  5. Honestly, I think all I ate was a couple of bites of funnel cake to make sure it was ok and half a meatball from one of the tasting stations. It was one fast and furious evening, but Howard Hanna and Michael Smith put out some amazing looking plates of food. Howard did some fried cod that in hindsight I really wish I'd eaten. Thanks for the congrats! Chef Pope is an incredibly nice guy and I know kryptos would agree that he is a patient and efficient teacher as well. rotuts- I don't think they keep their webpage updated with any consistency. There are a few local spots like that, social me
  6. All I know is, as someone who became a parent a little over 2 months ago....I can't imagine a scenario other than being drafted into a war where I would have missed the birth of my daughter. My wife didn't like the guy for the majority of the season, then started warming up to him, and last night when we watched the episode she hated him again. Hindsight is 20/20, but he would have been far more likeable as the chef who skipped his first chance at TC to be with his wife and competed during the next season....vs. the dude who missed something like a birth and then got sent packing.
  7. Thought I’d do a quick followup here….WE WON! The event was Monday night and benefited a local school for visually impaired children. They auctioned off the 4th judge’s spot as we were cooking, and I think that alone went for $1100, so this was a pretty significant fundraiser and event. The chef I assisted was Alex Pope who currently owns and operates the butcher shop Local Pig here in KC (got a recent mention in the New York Times), and the other chefs were Howard Hanna from The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange (my favorite restaurant in KC), and Michael Smith from Extra Virgin and Michael S
  8. The cheftestants walking into a hotel room to find Padma and Nigella in bed in their robes is a moment that has no equal for me.
  9. Seriously, thanks for all of the advice so far! I was emailing w/the chef this morning and needless to say he does not have the performance anxiety that I do. His initial thoughts were to plan for a pasta course and maybe a fried dough based dessert...it's all about what can be done fast and can more than likely accomodate almost any secred ingredient (last year it was parsnips). The judges are not random people off the street, but they also won't be expecting some Jose Andres minibar action either. I'm going to start thinking in that direction, work on a couple of sauces, get my knives sha
  10. Wait....Nigella has gotten too skinny? I'm glad I saw this before I watched it on DVR. Just criminal.
  11. Figured this was a good place to ask about the best preparation for an event in a couple of weeks where I’ve been asked to assist a local chef in an Iron Chef-style charity event. This is the first year that three top KC chefs are being partnered with one civilian-ish assistant (they are calling us their sous chefs, but I don’t want to soil that title, lol). Anyway, secret ingredient, one hour, three dishes for four judges, pantry will be stocked with secret ingredient-friendly items, and I believe all cooking equipment will be provided with the exception of specialty tools for sous vide, va
  12. Congratulations! I always have an assortment on hand, and we're very lucky to have plenty of chefs in the KC area who use a variety of RG beans.....the best recent dish was from Max Watson at Remedy- pork belly and pancakes topped with fried scarlet runners. Steve, when you're back in town you've got some good eating to do!
  13. Ditto on ScoopKW's crazy earth-mothery hippy talk as well, lol. When I try a new restaurant I'm never expecting it to be my new favorite place, where in two short years the whole staff is like family and they send treats home with me for my pregnant wife....but I know from experience things like that happen, so I generally give a restaurant a good bit of wiggle room to work with me.
  14. No ice in the water glass. I've started noticing this trend quite a bit over the past few years...refrigerated bottles of tap water, but no ice. It's easy enough to ask for it, so I don't get too emotionally involved, but unless there are some compelling non-alcoholic beverage choices I stick with water. During a 2-3 hour meal it's nice to have a cold and refreshing sip at the ready.
  15. Pretty funny, but I've been doing these same reviews (but not as family friendly) out loud WHILE walking through Williams Sonoma for years.
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