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  1. 1 hour ago, Panaderia Canadiense said:

    I am weirdly proud of this. It's a simple mocha cake with praline walnuts underneath, for a very small kid's birthday


    Doing the happy dance over here in VA!!!!  So glad to see you, @Panaderia Canadiense!!!!!!  I love your sweet, sweet cake, but I really just love seeing you back!!!  You were very much missed - I've been perusing the old food blogs lately and loved rereading yours.  

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  2. I hate the ridiculously short cord on the Anova.  It usually has to go on top of the stove, but we are doing lots of stove top sides tonight.  So, it ended up in the living room on a folding table (one of the big stable ones).  Mr. Kim had to go to the shed and dig out a heavy duty orange extension cord.  😡

  3. I’m still sick, so with a lot of help from Mr. Kim and Jess this was dinner:


    Slaw dogs, corn and fixed up canned baked beans.


    Found these new-to-me Smash Mallows:



    Chocolate Graham crackers, strawberry preserves and Smash Mallows:



    Properly roasted Smash Mallows:



    Sorta S’mores:


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  4. A couple of recent breakfasts - ET bagel with cream cheese and bacon and scrambled eggs:



    And breakfast sausage and a fried egg on a buttered and toasted bun:


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  5. I have a couple of questions about cooking steak.  Planning on serving tonight - I should have asked earlier - sorry for last minute!  


    We have 3 boneless strip steaks.  I'm thinking 2 hours at 125F, then a quick sear.  We like medium-rare.  


    Should I salt before sealing?  How long before?  I usually cook by the "sear then roast" method and I let the salted meat sit uncovered in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.


    Anything else I haven't thought of?


    Thanks and happy Memorial day!

  6. 4 hours ago, RWood said:

    Made a cake for my mom's cousin. She loves basic white birthday cake, so I tried the WASC recipe for the first time. I only make scratch cakes, so using a mix is a no no for me. But, this actually tasted better then just a plain mix. The additions helped improve the texture greatly, didn't seem like a mix as much. She loved it though. 

    I used the Ruby chocolate for the ganache drip since I was going for a pink color anyway.  


    I'm interested in this.  I've been on a decades-long hunt for a good white cake.  Can you direct me to the actual recipe you used and what adjustments it called for?  Thanks so much!

  7. 6 hours ago, chefmd said:

    My cousin and I are in Richmond for a quick visit.  We were impressed by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  And Edgar Allan Poe Museum is very interesting.  But I travel to eat ;).  Lunch at Sabai.  https://www.sabairva.com/. Green papaya salad, pork belly, dry beef were outstanding.  Calamari were not my favorite but my cousin loved it.  Entirely too much food.  Entirely consumed.




    We haven't made it there yet, but are looking forward to it.  The VMA is an outstanding museum for a city the size of Richmond.  

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  8. Tuesday night dinner started with a salad:



    Kroger had some of there Ukrop’s (a now-closed local grocery store revered by the Richmond VA area) prepared foods on sale the other night and we picked up a baked spaghetti intending it for a few lunches for Mr. Kim during the week.  It turned out to be a fortunate thing because I was hit with what has turned out to be the worst cold I’ve ever had.  So – a little while in the oven and:



    Quite tasty baked spaghetti:


    I have been in a codeine coma on the couch since then and haven't cooked a thing.  

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  9. I found a recipe for “Mini Sausage Quiches” that I wanted to try out.  I thought it might do for when I was hostess for coffee hour at church sometime.  I had to make a lot of adjustments to the original recipe.  They turned out something between a quiche, a breakfast biscuit and a breakfast casserole.  They were quite good, though and reheat very well. 


    I have no idea what is going on with the monsters in the 2nd row. 





    I think they are overly sausage-y and not eggy enough.  And they are awfully fiddly.  You are supposed to cut ONE roll of Crescent rolls into 48 pieces and line 48 mini muffin cups with the dough.  I found this endeavor completely impossible and ended up using almost 2 rolls of dough.  Which made mine a little overly bready, I think.  This is definitely a work in progress, but I think I can get them where I want them with a little more work.

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  10. 42 minutes ago, gfweb said:


    Amish chicken pot pie is nothing like this normal looking pot pie. 

    Regulation Amish pot pie is a noodle soup like deal with no pastry at all. 

    This manufacturer is not all that far down the road from us and well into PA Dutch country. I’d bet all their sales are not local. 

    FWIW I think their product is probably better than the authentic one. 


    Oddly enough, I think I knew this somewhere in the back of my mind.  I think Cooks Country made it a while back.  I've even bought "Amish" noodles/dumplings.  Thanks!

  11. 12 minutes ago, TdeV said:


    Looks great, @Kim Shook. Recipe?

    Here you go!  You should know that I made these ahead of Christmas and these were in the freezer since November.  I just thawed and heated in the CSO at 350F.  I sliced them in half and added a little bit of butter, but the best way to eat them is to slide a slice of country ham into them.  

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  12. I love gummies - almost any kind of gel-type candy except for sour.  Lately, I've found some really amazing and tasty ones.  I found these cupcakes at Wegman's in the bulk section:


    That's a regular sized jelly bean for size comparison.


    These Legos are the same size as real Legos and fit together the same way:


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  13. One recent dinner started with salad:


    Mr. Kim wanted everything, I just wanted lettuce and cucumbers.  I bought this frozen chicken pot pie at Yoder’s Mennonite market when our church ladies group went on an outing recently:


    The ingredient list looked pretty good (though the fat, calories, carbs, and sodium aren’t any different from mainstream brands).  Baked:




    It was actually very good – nice balance of ingredients, lots of chicken and gravy and a great, crisp crust.


    Mother’s Day was a bit hectic – too many places to go and too much to do to have a nice “just us” time.  That is important to our little 3 person family unit.  So, on Sunday, after church Mr. Kim and Jessica kidnapped me.  They spirited me off to Captain Billy’s Crab House in Pope’s Creek MD.  I think every time we’ve ever been we’ve gotten the same things – cream of crab soup, hush puppies, steamed shrimp, and steamed crabs:









    We got an extra half dozen crabs that I picked so we would have leftovers.  Last night’s dinner:


    With pineapple upside down biscuits, butter beans and corn.




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  14. Not an answer (I'm in VA and don't know your area), but I wanted you to know that if you don't get much response, it is not because folks are ignoring you.  For some reason, the regional boards just aren't terribly active these days.  Hope you have good luck, but I didn't want you to think you were being ignored!  

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  15. Back in February @gfweb made a beautiful looking sous vide pork loin and Brussels sprouts meal (only the pork was SV).  A few of us fangirled it for some days and Shelby beat me to making it 😁.  We had company Wednesday and I decided to make the pork.  Thank GOD @gfweb was up on on eG at 11:30 the night before and was kind enough to give me some guidance.  I rubbed the loin with a little salt, pepper, thyme, sugar and garlic powder and sealed it and let sit in the fridge overnight.  I SV'd it at 144F (MIL would not have eaten it with any hint of pink) for about 3 hours.  Then I seared it at high temperature on top of the stove:



    Sliced and topped with braised apples and onions:


    and served with the truly amazing sauce of chicken stock and apple juice, this was incredibly moist and tender and everyone just loved it.  My FIL had three servings.  


    Thank you so much, @gfweb for the inspiration, the guidance and for staying up late with me!!

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  16. We had Mr. Kim's stepmom and dad over for a belated Mother’s Day celebration Wednesday night.  Back in February @gfweb had made a delicious looking sous vide pork loin that I’ve been wanting to try.  I know they like pork, so this seemed like perfect timing.  I got some late-night advice from @gfweb on proportions and Brussels sprouts, thank goodness!  Pork loin cooked and seared in a pan:



    Sliced for serving with apples and onions:


    The picture of the sliced pork doesn’t do justice to how tender and juicy it was.  I set it for 144F because I know that my MIL wouldn’t eat it pink and it was absolutely perfect. 


    I have problems with my hands, so peeling apples, potatoes, etc. can be a problem.  Mr. Kim got me this toy for Christmas:



    It made quick work of the apples that I needed:


    But I don’t have a lot of confidence in the longevity of the peeler.  It feels extremely flimsy.


    Here’s the unappetizing-looking, but gorgeous-tasting sauce of apple juice, chicken stock, Dijon, and a touch of lemon juice (because I had a lemon half sitting around):



    Served with slow cooker lemon red potatoes:


    This is something nice to have in my recipes – they go in the slow cooker about 3 hours in advance of serving and the only thing you do is mix up the sauce and toss it with the potatoes while they keep warm in the cooker.


    @gfweb also gave me some pointers on Brussels sprouts, but mine were not a complete success:


    They tasted great, but cooked very unevenly.  I think I need to get ahold of a good oven thermometer.  They just didn’t get as charred as I wanted them too.  @gfweb originally suggested doing them in a pan stove-top, but I was doing so many that I needed to do them in the oven.  I also did my weird Lettuce in Cream salad:


    It is an odd recipe that I picked up somewhere at least 20 years ago.  The only ingredients are iceberg, light cream, sugar and white vinegar.  It is really one of those “greater than the sum of its parts” dishes. 


    Marinated cucumbers:



    Also yeast rolls from the store:



    I also did sugar-free lava cakes for dessert (in deference to the diabetics in the family):


    Incredibly rich and very good. 


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  17. We had Mr. Kim's stepmom and dad over for a belated Mother's Day celebration dinner Wednesday night.  Since there were 3 diabetics at the meal, I made a sugar-free dessert.  A couple of years ago, my niece made SF lava cakes and they we so good, I've made them a few times since.  Just packaged SF brownie mix, tweaked a bit, SF dark chocolate and SF Cool Whip:



    You don't really get the full lava effect with these, but there is still a nice gooey chocolate filling:


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  18. 14 hours ago, kayb said:

    Out and about today, so I treated myself to another sample of the great barbecue with which we're blessed here. This is a "pig plate," specifically the "child adult" size, which I kinda thought was appropriate, at the Dixie Pig in Blytheville, another Delta institution.


    An oddity in barbecue-dom, it offers salad instead of slaw. 


    The salad was the first thing I noticed!  "....the HELL???".  Then I noticed the other oddity in barbecue-dom - what looks like fresh cut fries!  Wow!  I've never had excellent pig (which it looks like that is) with anything but from-frozen fries.  I love frozen fries, so that's fine.  I'm still boggling at the salad, though.  😄

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