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  1. Just now, MRE said:


    We're on the same page here in California too. Some of the birds are running 6-8 pounds. They're like small turkeys. I won't have anything to do with these Frankenschickens. I bite the bullet and am able buy the free range blah, blah, blah, birds in the four pound range, and just break them down and freeze them.. Smaller chickens just don't show up any more. When I look at the breast meat of the big ones in the case, regardless of supplier, they almost always show evidence of white striping, and likely suffer from wooden breast. Not interested in chicken breast with the texture of cartilage. We eat a lot more pork these days instead.

    I can sometimes find a kosher bird that is smaller.  But they are usually frozen, so I have to plan ahead.

  2. 48 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    You guys are all so freaking organized.


    No wonder I can't get anything done.

    Just the opposite, actually.  My mom was an incredible hostess and the most organized person I know.  I am NOT.  That's exactly why I need such a detailed timeline.  Momma would have never needed such a thing.  When she went grocery shopping, she'd write down things she was out of and then just get 5 different meats and vegetables to go with them for the week.  She was awesome.

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  3. 5 hours ago, gfweb said:

    I do two kinds of lists.

    For shopping, the S-note feature on my Samsung phone is perfect.

    For big meals with a bunch of people coming over, I use a paper list of the dishes listed in chronological order of their preparation with annotations on prep (eg "salt at the end").

    For big meals, I do a timeline in Word - like this:


    Thursday, 12/22

              Thaw stew

              Set table

              Frost Ann’s cake


    Friday, 12/23

              Cook & slice turkey breasts


              Cook & slice ham

              Pickles & olives in shed

              Make Daddy’s salad dressing

              Thaw croutons

              Set up bar


    Saturday, 12/24

              AM   slice lettuce

                       Make fruit salad – w/out bananas

                       Check candy bowls

                       Thaw lemon tarts

                       Cook potatoes for stew

                       Put out butter

                       Cut up ham


              NOON        stew in slow cooker w/ potatoes

                                 Put out goodies & cover (not fudge)

                                 Goody Bags


              3:30   rest of stew on stovetop w/ potatoes


              4:30   put out breads/rolls & cover

                       Put out crackers & cover

                       Put out turkey, ham, cheeses & cover

                       Pickles & olives

                       Add bananas to fruit salad

                       Put out fudge and tarts


              4:45   11`    q        1q`


    I have NO clue what I was supposed to do at 4:45 on Saturday. 🙄


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  4. 3 minutes ago, kayb said:

    I will eat Chick-Fil-A food only when (a) starvng, and (b) the grandchildren insist on going. Nasty stuff.


    Lemonade's good, though.


    I think I am just naturally trashy.  I adore Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A.  Jessica got a BOGO chicken sandwich deal and brought me one the other day.  It was not hot anymore, but I piled on the Dukes and it disappeared (I guess I could have CSO'd it, huh?).

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  5. 15 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    4 to 4 1/2 pound chickens?  Small?  Up here we called those ostriches.  

    I've bemoaned the paucity of 3 1/2 to 4 lb. chickens here at eG before.  I was looking for a small chicken last night to do my first CSO meal and the smallest one I could find was over 5lb.  I ended up with half pound thighs and a giant Dolly Parton breast.  I don't know how anyone makes fried chicken anymore.  Those giant pieces are not good for that.

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  6. You know, I know a lot of people don't eat at Chick-fil-A because of the corporate culture and not wanting their money to go to causes that they find repugnant.  I absolutely believe that money talks and try to spend my money where I can support the causes that I believe in.  But here's my issue - the owner/manager (not sure which) of our local store is gay and all my gay friends and children (Jessica's crew) adore Chick-Fil-A and eat there all the time.  What's a liberal to do????

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  7. 3 hours ago, Porthos said:


    I live and die by lists. If I'm making a packing list for going away for the weekend I don't list "clothes", it's "t-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear" and such.


    I word-process my grocery lists also:



    I do this...when we have a working printer.   It's nice to just write everything down according to recipes I'm going to make and the list that lives on the fridge and then cut and paste to get it in the order of whatever stores I'm going to..

  8. 3 hours ago, Tri2Cook said:

    My wife used to brown the sausages, dump a little maple syrup and a little water in the pan, then cook it and toss them around until a maple glaze coated them. The first time she did it, I questioned why she would do that to some perfectly good sausage but it was actually pretty tasty. Not something I often do myself but it's nice now and then.

    Oh, I am definitely trying that.  Sounds like the sausage version of candied bacon!

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  9. Fantastic chicken.  Nothing on it but salt and pepper:



    Out of the oven:


    The best, most crisp and delicious skin I’ve ever made.  Really good chicken.  Very moist and tender.  I did thighs for us and a breast for Momma and even the breast was great.  And I overcooked it!  I got all wrapped up in getting the rest of the stuff done.  The breast was registering 175F and the thighs 195F!!  But they were still wonderful.



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  10. Dinner tonight was my first try at cooking with my CSO (Cuisinart Steam Oven):


    Incredibly moist, tender chicken thighs with the best, crispiest skin.  Served with yellow squash and onions, dressing and boiled potatoes.  And gravy:



    Dessert was blackberries, strawberries and cherries - all from the farmer's market:


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  11. 9 hours ago, suzilightning said:

    I adore sage flavored breakfast sausage.  My pop(grandfather) used to take commericial breakfast sausage and 'doctor' it with sage until he was happy with it.  I would just eat his sausage with maple syrup and be a happy camper.....

    I'm a sage sausage and maple syrup girl, too.  I can't tell you how many LOOKS I've gotten when folks see me dipping my sausage into syrup!

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  12. 3 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    If you cook a breast and thighs together I recommend 450F steam bake, not the lower temperature.  For crisp skin don't treat the chicken with anything but salt.  I like to salt an hour or two ahead.


    From memory I think the CSO is rated up to a 4 1/2 pound chicken.  I really would consider cutting a whole chicken in half and steam baking skin side up.


    Ok, there are 3 thighs and one breast salted and sitting in the fridge now.  According to the directions, you cook chicken pieces 12 minutes per pound at 450F.  I have a 1 lb. breast (ridiculous) and 4 7oz. thighs.  So, how long do I cook it for?  36 minutes and start checking temp at 30?  Thank you!!

  13. 1 minute ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    Indeed, after a chicken your CSO won't be a virgin.  My preferred method is to get a Cornish game hen and cut in half, steam bake at 450F -- but a whole chicken works as long as the chicken is not too big.  If you like thighs, try 300F steam bake for an hour...makes less mess of the oven!


    Oooh!  We love thighs!  Can I do a breast at the same time as the thighs?  My mom isn't a fan of dark meat.  Also game hens.  But those are usually frozen and I'd like to do this tonight.  I'll try the thighs if I can't find a small chicken.  Thank you!

  14. Just now, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I forget if you're a bread baker?  How about chicken 450F steam bake.  That would be my suggestion.


    I love to bake bread, but I'm just not up to that right now.  So, a chicken?  You mean a whole roast one?  You mean a chicken that would spatter chicken grease all over my lovely shiny CSO????  LOL - just kidding.  But, a whole chicken - I could do that.  Pop over to the store and have a chicken to start the week out.  Good idea, thanks!!!

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  15. My first CSO try – toast:



    And the stripey side:


    Great toast!  Toast is kind of a PITA in my house.  Since I keep my toaster on a shelf under the island (anyone who has read my blog knows that I have about 2 feet of counter space), I have to get it out every time I want to toast.  And with my mother living here now, that is every morning.  In my other toaster oven you had to cook it so long to get it dark enough that it ended up being crunchy all the way through.  This was perfectly dark on the outside, but tender inside. 


    So, I'm trying to try out different things quickly to make sure everything works and get rid of the box.  What is something easy and quick to use the one of the steam functions?  And is there any other function I should try since I know the bottom and top work?  Thanks!!!

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  16. 57 minutes ago, chromedome said:

    Nah. That's what happens when people who have no idea about tartar sauce start making it for the tourists. :)


    Seriously, when I was a kid I knew NOBODY who ate tartar sauce. Fish 'n' chips came with vinegar or ketchup, and that was pretty much it.

    That's what my English stepdad said about tartar sauce in Britain.  He left in the 1960's.  But when we went in 2011, all our fish came with it.  He was surprised.

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  17. So, I've got my CSO all set up where the old toaster oven was.  It clears the upper cabinet by 8-inches and you can get the water thing out without moving the CSO.  But, I'm never using it!  It is so amazingly clean and shiny!  I'm really going to hate getting it dirty the first time.  But I have to try it out soon so that we can get the box out of the living room!

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