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  1. Might I humbly suggest "Julia and Jacques Cooking At Home". While it might be americanised for the purist, I would guess that you would never have a problem obtaining ingredients.
  2. While I understand "Restaurant Wars" are an important part of "Top Chef", I feel that if any of the contestants were to open a restaurant that they would hire a good FOH person along with the best possible servers. That said, I believe that as chefs they should all be employed in the kitchen and let Bravo furnish the Maitre'd along with the wait staff. Of course, one of them should be in overall charge as "the owner" with clearly defined responsibilities and authority. The fact that Fabio figured so prominently in the decision to give his team the win makes my point. To repeat, this is "TOP CHEF" not "TOP SCHMOOZER". Edited to add....As for the love interest, GIVE US A BREAK!!!! What a load of codswallop!
  3. Typical Fox runaround. Tonight's show was a repeat and was not as shown in my Tv guide fom the paper. Next week is also a repeat!
  4. Here in Eastern NC I really am on a desrt island as far as good cuisine goes, so therefor it would be Roast or grilled leg of lamb.
  5. Ted Fairhead

    Dinner! 2008

    Kim we seem to be on similar wavelengths. I did this Pan roasted Game Hen, from "Cuisine At Home". The sauce has orange zest as did the chicken. Delicious!
  6. It was apple sliced very thin. and the glaze was a fresh strawberry syrup. alanamoana Posted Today, 05:01 PM Ted Fairhead, what's creme chatillon? Fresh whipped cream with a touch of lemon juice and confectioner's sugar to taste
  7. Check out Penzey's spices gift packs. I just got one and it was really exceptional www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/shophome.html
  8. After the remarks that Jen made at the beginning, I thought they surely would have had her mouthing off about the final winner.
  9. Ted Fairhead


    I think I have my answer. When I opened the package there were two small tapered pieces of beef, and I suspect that they were the tail ends of filets that couldn't be sold except maybe chopped up as stew meat. The instructions on the back said to grill, turning every 4 minutes until they reached 160F....I did grill them but only to 130F. The so-called "oven roasted au jus" was extremely strong almost to the point of being bitter, but when I trimmed the outside the meat was passable, but this was not a purchase to be repeated
  10. Ted Fairhead


    I purchased this cut of beef recently. At the risk of sounding dumb, I have never seen such a cut before. Its about 12 inches long and only about 2- 3 inches in diameter. It says on the cryovacked package that it is a beef filet packed in oven roasted "au jus". Obviously plain roasting would dry it out in no time. Any suggestions on preparation?
  11. Of course I'm reading it(lol). My Mum used to wrap a couple of pounds of English bacon in Christmas wrapping so she could always say it was a gift if she were asked about it. The Christmas puddings, like the fruit cake mentioned upthread, contained suet, so officially, they were illegal. Dear old Mum, she looked like an Irish pixie so she was never stopped anyway.
  12. Visiting my brother in the south of France, we have driven over the border, a few kilometers, to purchase stuff, particularly marzipan and saffron in Spain. Last time I went, just over a year ago, I purchased a couple of plexiglas boxes of saffron, about 2-3 ozs in each. However when I use it in various dishes I don't get the rich yellow color nor do I taste anything. I also noted that some of the threads remain in the bottom of the pan when making a sauce without dissolving. Is it because its old? I have tried rubbing it in my palms before adding to the dish. I can't believe that it is not real saffron having bought it at the source as it were!
  13. "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is available on Netflix if you happen to subscribe
  14. Obviosly Tom Colicchio is a great chef but in the context of judging "Top Chef", I think it would be great if Tony Bourdain were the chief judge. Don't you think it would make great television? Especially if Tony were to exhibit the side of his personality that we saw on this show. Tom would be a great addition to the guest chef roster.
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