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  1. Oh my. This looks promising. Please keep us updated as the batch progresses!
  2. In the Pantheon of favorite kitchen gadgets, where does your new Zojirushi stand?
  3. Sohla El-Waylly has a recipe for this on the Serious Eats website, https://www.seriouseats.com/homemade-spicy-chili-crisp. I've made it a couple times. The heat is supplied by the chiles so pick what you want there. I love this stuff...it's an umami bomb that goes well with practically everything. Edit for spelling
  4. Even if you don't mix the fried garlic and shallot into your chili crisp until you eat it, mixing in the oil they were fried in is next level.
  5. Scoop! Great to hear from you again. Glad things have progressed well for you. Your stories are much appreciated. Good luck with the coffee (who do you sell your berries to?) and the teaching gig. There's always room for more teachers.
  6. The OG has entered the room...
  7. Could these be Decapterus macarellus, or related?
  8. Looking forward to the rest of this thread. Thank you, liuzhou, for enlightening us.
  9. So sad. RIP. David gave so much to this community. He embodied the reasons I came to this forum and stayed. A life well-lived, indeed.
  10. Shelby, you are so generous to share your kitchen and garden life with us! Thank you for taking the time, again. I wish I ate so well back when I was getting up early and working outside all day. Love your energy and willingness to try new stuff.
  11. I think you're on to something here.... Although the liquid in a braise never gets over 212 degrees the air directly above the liquid certainly does so if you are actually braising (as opposed to poaching) whatever portion of the short rib is above the water is cooking at a higher temp than the submerged part. I was always told to submerge short ribs when cooking them so they don't dry out. Never really considered why just another thing on the list.
  12. Sad. One of the original American chefs who were book smart, humble, and actually loved to cook even though it broke down his body too soon.
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