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  1. Lasagna Wars

    Ha! The judges are my co workers. Libarians one and all.
  2. Lasagna Wars

    Pork and beef are ground. Chicken is cooked whole then chopped. There's also a fine dice mirepoix, garlic, red wine, and chicken stock involved. And yes the paste is added to the meat.
  3. Lasagna Wars

    I was thinking maybe leaving more pasta to fold over then dust the finished top with roughly chopped parsley. The shear volume of holiday cooking is starting to really effect my planning.
  4. Lasagna Wars

    The recipe uses; a meat sauce containing pork, beef, and chicken and only a tablespoon of tomato paste, a thick bechamel, a half'n'half blend of mozz and parm, and fresh thinnly rolled pasta. The result is biggly flavored and easy to serve.
  5. Lasagna Wars

    Yes, a topper would be excellent. It would however make serving it just a little bit messy. There is plenty of flavor already there and the ease of serving is a big plus.
  6. Lasagna Wars

    Normally I would agree with you on the whole top layer thing. But somehow using fresh pasta and rolling it relatively thin it becomes really good. One of my favorite parts of the dish.
  7. Lasagna Wars

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have made a first run at my competion lasagna. After realizing time was indeed the most limiting factor I decided to use an established recipe. Thanks to an above post I used Bugialli's LASAGNA AL FORNO starting on page 221 of his book THE FINE ART OF ITALIAN COOKING. Knowing I would make changes later I tried to follow the recipe closely. Fish sauce instead of porcinis and all egg pasta instead of egg and spinach were the only concessions I made Wow. The meat sauce was deeply flavored and the pasta worked beautifully. The whole casserole was a little dry so next time, for the Wars, I'll make the meat sauce and the balsamella a little thinner. Love using the first layer of pasta to eventually enclose the whole thing. Also I'll make both pastas next time and make as many layers as possible. I cooked it 5 minutes longer than the 25 called for and it was plenty hot at 180 degreesF. Note in the photo the crispy edges. The entire top layer was crispy and TENDER. YUM. Even my wife who tends to like Italian/American dishes in the traditional style (tomatoes and ricotta here) loved it. I like my chances. Lasagna.pdf
  8. Lasagna Wars

    Great idea but available time will allow for only one. Holiday party the night before, work, and etc.
  9. Lasagna Wars

    Awesome ideas. Thank you! I'm going to do a dress rehersal next week. Will try to post some photos.
  10. Lasagna Wars

    Love the idea for an artichoke layer and roasted garlic with ricotta. As mentioned above. Go big or go home.
  11. Lasagna Wars

    Many thin layers is brilliant.
  12. Lasagna Wars

    Most likely a plus because others will be making traditional ones. Love the idea of alternating green and yellow pasta layers.
  13. Lasagna Wars

    Have you made the tomatoless spinachy version? If so any pointers?
  14. Lasagna Wars

    Is that the one with pepperoni chopped up in the bolonese?
  15. Lasagna Wars

    Wow. Great responses. Thanks to everyone. Love the ideas of adding fish sauce/dried shrimp, raw sausage, chevre, and thick bechamel. Keep the ideas coming . I think a dress rehersal early next week will happen. Mmmmm. Prosciutto, cepes, andouille...........