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  1. Maybe a couple anchovies when you sweat the garlic or even a little MSG.
  2. Grace Young has written wonderful cookbooks describing how to stir fry at home with typical equipment. In general she advises using a flat bottom high carbon steel wok. After that it's about limiting the amount of food that goes in a one time and technique. Stirring at the right time and leaving to sear at the right time. Also learning velveting is handy.
  3. Please let me know if I'm interpreting wrong.....Although almonds, and other tree nuts, use a lot of water there are few crops as nutritiously dense and economically significant. So you get lots of bang for your buck with almonds.
  4. Costco sells organic shelled pine nuts under their Kirkland label.
  5. Do the oats have to be cooked at all before flocking?
  6. My dad always used to tell us to not stop eating till it was gone. Can't burn if you're still in the act of eating. It will still be hot after though.....
  7. I was thinking the chocolate tahini sounded interesting.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to share AGAIN, Shelby. It's always a pleasure.
  9. The biggest take away from gullet for me is the energy for trying something new or even to do the same old thing again with added enthusiasm. I started hanging out here during the time when I owned a restaurant and couldn't sleep at night for obvious reasons. It was comforting to realize that obsessing about little culinary things was normal for a bunch of other people. Fast forward to the present where I've retired from commercial kitchens but still derive almost daily motivation to cook for me and ms catdaddy. I especially like the mini-blogs and food diaries from all over the world.....not to mention my Anova, Darto pans, and insta-pen.
  10. Gotta say..That jelly sounds great! I am a firm believer that jam/jelly is a basic food group and wild fruits make the best.
  11. Alright! Our intrepid Canadianas are at it again. French fries dipped in miso, embedded fish hooks, and a new kitchen. What could go wrong.
  12. I'd like to add my thanks for the in depth reporting in your blog, Panaderia. It's content like this that makes egullet so unique and enjoyable. 😀😀 I wonder how the climate changes are effecting your seafoods?
  13. Walmart has 10lb. bags of chicken leg&thigh quarters for less than $6. I cut them up a little, bring em to a boil then dump it out and rinse. This gets rid of some blood as well as some nasties that might be on the surface. Then I make my stock. The parts are always off brand but I've never had a problem with spoilage.
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