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  1. With all that has gone on since early October, I have left the APO untouched in my kitchen until today. I have now managed the initial burn-in. The fan was pretty loud when I had the rear heating element on. I had the flickering lights too. How much rattle warrants sending back the oven?
  2. Robin, I'm afraid I have worse news. The oven has arrived. But it's still in the box. Does that help?
  3. I got lucky. Got my FedEx notice on Saturday - shipping PA to PA - expected Tuesday by the end of day.
  4. My order (made during the first round) still shows that it is "processing" so no FedEx notice. I will try to practice patience and learn from you all. Kenji Lopez-Alt has received his and has posted an unboxing video:
  5. Sartain

    Dinner 2020

    Last night was an attempt at Hong Kong style pan-fried noodles. The topping is stir-fried beef with bell peppers and onions in a black bean sauce. My first try, so the browning can be improved upon, but I managed to get both sides crispy and I think the right amount of sauciness on the topping.
  6. Just put in my preorder so maybe the sales tactic worked (on me, at least). I have been looking at the FBSO this summer but hadn't pulled the trigger yet so this seems like the right time. Really intrigued about the bagless sous vide.
  7. Sartain

    Dinner 2020

    Split a bone-in rib eye and sauteed zucchini with my better half. Did a red wine pan sauce for the steak.
  8. Sartain

    Dinner 2020

    Twice cooked pork - beginning my long-overdue foray into Chinese cooking. Served over steamed rice.
  9. Like liuzhou said, different versions of sweet lotus seed paste are usually varying degrees of tan color. But sometimes I've seen the restaurant add food coloring to the paste for longevity buns to make them red, probably for the occasion.
  10. I love the dessert at the end of a birthday banquet - the "peach"-shaped longevity buns that are filled with sweet lotus seed paste. My cousins and I would fight over them. The aren't that different from the lotus seed paste buns one gets at dim sum, but the shape evokes the longevity peaches in the Queen of Heaven's garden.
  11. Sartain

    Salami Safety

    I would be wary of sliced cured meats left on room temperature for days, but then I am firmly in the "when in doubt..." camp. A related question: if left whole, how long can a salami stay safely in room temperature?
  12. This thread is a great resource for a new traveler to the Lake District! Apart from the fine dining places like L'enclume and The Samling, are there more low key, young persons (9-15) suitable restaurants that one shouldn't miss?
  13. Thanks, Johannes. Really looking forward to some authentic Scottish flavors and will keep your recommendations close at hand. I'm longing for the stroll down the Royal Mile already!
  14. My Boss finally (!) approved my summer vacation, so I'll be heading across the pond with my extended family to spend two weeks in London, the Lake District (probably Windemere), Edinburgh, and Dublin. I've already made a reservation for my birthday dinner at St. John, but not having been to any of these places before I would heartily appreciate any suggestion from the wider eGullet community. We are a group of 8, ranging from 9 to 74. The kids have been well-trained on long, fancy dinners so that won't be an issue, but we would need some pointers to those restaurants / fish & chips / quick food joints to fit in to what I would expect is going to be a rather hectic touring pace. So really any suggestion, at any level, is welcome. Thanks in advance!
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