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  1. Independence Day breakfast - whomp biscuits:



    Sage sausage:



    Orange slices, nectarine, and Campari tomatoes:





    Butter on the sausage and Dukes, salt, and pepper on the tomato! 

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  2. 55 minutes ago, lemniscate said:


    I did an experiment, I looked up Bisto, and then I looked up on hand quantities at World Markets in VA. 

    Bisto Gravy Granules # 364581

    Free Pick Up In Store

    Available for Pick Up Today

    Charlottesville 1615-A Emmet Street
    Charlottesville, VA 22901
    (434) 295-6232


    So if you're in the Charlottesville area, not exactly next door, there some to be had.




    Thanks so much!  I'm about an hour from Charlottesville, but we go there a lot - if I haven't found it before, we'll stop by.  We do have a World Market, so I'll check there.  Also, Publix usually carries it (they are from Florida and therefore carry a lot of British items for the expats, I guess).

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  3. 53 minutes ago, Anna N said:

     I have been thinking more and more about your suggestion and decided even the bread could be saved if I turned it into some nice crunchy, garlicky croutons. Now I wish I could have a do-over!

    It absolutely could.  Even if it has mayo on it, it would work.  Jessica makes her grilled cheese sandwiches with mayo rather than butter and they get nice and crunchy!  Thank you for the idea!

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    Yet another lovely sunny morning here in Little Current made even sunnier by chocolate dipped ginger!


     No breakfast photo because I ate the half of the club sandwich which Kerry brought home yesterday evening. I really do need to kill my Puritan child! The thought of wasting it did not occur to me but should have. Some things do not do well as leftovers. 


     Kerry has a 24 hour emergency room shift so depending on how busy it is she may be here much of the day. On the other hand I may not see her for many, many hours. Either way I have decided to take a day off from preparing dinner. There are enough leftovers that we won’t starve and it will free up the kitchen for anything Kerry might want to get involved in. She has had almost no playtime since we arrived.

     I fancy a day of just leafing through recipe books and perhaps making up shopping lists of ingredients to seek out when we head into Sudbury this coming weekend.




    Next time your Puritan child demands that you eat a leftover club sandwich, you might try doing what I do, if it appeals to you.  I adore club sandwiches, but can't ever eat more than 1/4 to 1/2 at one sitting.  I turn it into a chef salad the next day.  When I get home, I remove the bread and toss it (a slight pain to the Child, I know) and the next day cut up the stuffing and toss it with lettuce and dressing.  

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  5. 2 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:


    I've never had this, but you're convinced me to give it a go.    It can't get much simpler.    Thanks!

    Thank you!  I just brined them for a couple of hours and soaked them in Bullseye for a few minutes and Mr. Kim grilled them on high until a little charred and done.  I brushed with a little more BBQ sauce before serving.  

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  6. We went to Chile's Orchard market in Crozet, VA this weekend.  Came home with these:


    We picked the blueberries - which I've frozen, peaches (delectible), corn, and peach cider doughnuts (we got 6 - this is what was left last night).  There are also some plums that didn't make it into the photo.




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  7. Dinner last night started with English cucumbers topped with Jessica’s pickled shallots:



    Grilled chicken thighs with Bullseye sauce:


     Even though I was introduced to real BBQ at a young age by visiting my grandparents in NC, this is what was meant by BBQ chicken in our house.  My mom never grilled it either.  It was oven baked (usually bone in and skin on pieces of chicken) and slathered in Kraft BBQ sauce, then broiled for a few minutes to give it a little char.  I loved that chicken and still do.  


    Corn from a peach orchard in Crozet, VA that we visited over the weekend:



    Served with Parmesan noodles (a mix) and broccoli:



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  8. Jessica just requested hot dogs (and fixin's), corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a short drive north to King's Dominion to watch their fireworks.  Not sure about dessert.  

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  9. 4 hours ago, andiesenji said:

    But I have watched a real French chef - I took a cooking class from Chef Gregoire - turn a chateaubriand several times until each side had reached the perfect color and had the perfect "give" that he wanted.  Different steaks were treated differently, depending on the amount of marbling in the meat because some surfaces shrink at different rates and achieving an even heat transfer requires turning more often so the the steak won't bow and then not be in even contact with the surface of the skillet or grill. He instructed us to turn as soon as the steak or chop "released" and after the first two turns repeat so the heat penetrates evenly.    


    I think this makes perfect sense.  Fish is, of course, different.  I think it really benefits from leaving it alone - especially if you want a nice crust on it.  If you turn it too often you risk it breaking apart and every time you turn it the 'cool' side has to heat up again.  That's my theory anyway.

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  10. @chefmd – I’m sorry about your beans, but those scallops are calling to me.  I need to have some soon!


    The other night - Hanover tomatoes and cucumbers:



    Spaghetti Bolognese:



    Garlic bread:


    I told Mr. Kim that I didn’t have bread for garlic bread.  If he wanted some with dinner, he needed to stop on his way home from work and pick it up.  He came home with frozen garlic bread.  Bless his heart. 🙂

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  11. 10 hours ago, HungryChris said:

    We were always throwing away bananas that had just gotten too ripe, but banana bread has become a solution that we both enjoy. As soon as I have three that are over the hill they either go into the freezer or come out of the freezer and end up here.




    I do the same thing.  I joke that I know it is time to make some banana bread when I open the freezer and frozen bananas fall out.  What is the frosting?  Looks good.

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