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  1. Took this weird, but delicious dish to our church potluck on Sunday:


    Apple/manchego cheese/marcona almonds dressed with poppyseed dressing.  .  Everyone who was brave enough to try it loved it and took seconds.  Mr. Kim took the leftovers to work today and no one would try it.😒

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  2. @Shelby – you beat me to it.  After seeing gfweb’s pork last week, I am determined to make it soon!  Yours looks wonderful.



    While I was in Charleston SC last week, I made it to Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit shop and bought two frozen varieties.  Dinner tonight was breakfast for dinner featuring the biscuits:


    On the left is the cinnamon biscuit with cinnamon butter the other two are Cheddar biscuits with country ham.  These biscuits are truly amazing – there is no where here in Richmond that serves a biscuit like them.  Luckily, The Fresh Market here carries them.  We also had scrambled eggs and sausage:



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  3. @heidih - I've always used the flag fold.  I was taught to make them by the cook at a restaurant in Alexandria VA owned by a friend's family.  She added a little dill and a very little mint and always a few scrapes of nutmeg.  Later, I started adding a little white pepper to the mix.  They were my go-to appetizer in the 1980's, but I haven't made them for years.  I need to do it again.  I also loved making tiropita (just cheese, no spinach).

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  4. 6 hours ago, Okanagancook said:

    Yesterday I made DH a bacon omelette using a method I saw somewhere??

    Put the eggs in the blender and whiz until very frothy.

    Fry bacon and cut it up.  Pour egg over bacon and cook to your taste.

    He said it was nice and light in texture....or maybe that was the bacon talking 😃


    The omelettes at the Camillia Grill in New Orleans are done like that.  We loved the texture.  I whip mine very vigorously when I make omelettes (which is exactly wrong according to most experts) because we like them fluffy.  Edited to say that the Grill actually does them with a milkshake maker, but it's basically the same technique.

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  5. A recent lunch - Cheddar, Brie, beef log, cheese balls and Wensleydale with cranberries:



    Pickly stuff:



    Campbell’s tomato:



    Spent a few days at a family gathering in Charleston SC to celebrate my dad and his twin brother’s birthdays.  One day we had lunch at the Bay Street Biergarten.  Table appetizers – Pretzel Bombs:




    Pretzel balls stuffed with sausage and white Cheddar over smoked cheese sauce with Lusty Monk mustard.  Really good.  My lunch was the Nürnberger Hoagie:


    Two traditional Nürnberger sausages, garlic aioli, kraut, pickled onion and mustard with cheese spätzle.  Very, very good.  The kraut was different from any I’ve ever had – really fresh tasting and just barely pickled.  It was more like sharply dressed thin sliced cabbage. 

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  6. @chefmd – I don’t even like cooked carrots, but I’d try those caramelized beauties!



    A few recent dinners - fixed up Manwich, tots and slaw:





    Last night - olives and stuff:






    Shrimp burger and baked potato:



    Tonight was BBQ night – the good stuff.  I was in Charleston SC for a family gathering to celebrate my dad and his twin brother’s 80th birthdays.  While there, I stopped Rodney Scott BBQ and got some stuff to bring back.  He’s a James Beard award winning Pitmaster and one of Mr. Kim’s heroes.  So, dinner tonight was pulled pork, slaw and baked beans all from Scott’s BBQ.  The sweet potatoes were from Alamo in Richmond (a local favorite BBQ spot):



    No idea who did this, but it has to be someone from eG – I received a package in the mail from the “Spam Fairy” (???????):


    😄😄😄What should I do with it?  I’ve never tasted Spam in my life, so I’m thinking just fry it up and serve it along side my fried eggs!


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  7. Carrot cake for my daugher’s birthday:





    Spent a few days at a family gathering in Charleston SC to celebrate my dad and his twin brother’s 80th birthdays.  I made a couple of No Bake PB Pie (no picture) and some Dream Cookies:


    The pie is just about the only sweet thing that my dad likes.  We have a family predilection for peanut butter and it supersedes the sweet avoidance!  The cookies I’ve talked about many times here at eG.  They look utterly plain, but are our families favorite cooky.  I’ve been making these since I was a little girl. 

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  8. I spent the last few days at a family gathering in Charleston SC.  We were celebrating the 80th birthdays of my dad and his twin brother.  We came from VA and FL and NC and shared a house with a big kitchen, so we had most of our dinners there.  My dad and uncle did "Happy Hour" each night.  This is not a vacation thing - they do it at home every day.  Well, Daddy's were from TJ's.  He brought the bacon wrapped scallops and the Parmesan Pastry Pups.  The scallops were fine, but the Pups were really good, I thought.  Of course, I was halfway through one of my uncle's infamous vodka tonics, so I could have been influenced by that.

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  9. On 2/4/2019 at 3:59 PM, Okanagancook said:

    I’ve tried something very similar but still not a go.  Sad really, but there you have it....Mommy cooked the heart of BS’s and in those days children weren’t excused from the table until all food was consumed....I have the same hate on for pears. 😕

    This was how my husband was raised.  I was raised exactly the opposite.  If I didn't like something, I never saw it again.  Consequently, I have tons of things I hate - many, many vegetables, anything with an odd texture, most organ meats, etc.  When our daughter came along, we decided to go in between those extremes.  If she didn't like something, she didn't have to eat it, but I didn't get up and do something else.  I only served ONE new thing per meal.  If we had the hated item the next night for leftovers, she didn't have to try it again.  But if I made it again a few weeks later, she had to give it another try.  The rule was she had to try everything, but didn't have to eat anything.  As a result, in my opinion, she's an adult who eats a large variety of foods and is open to trying anything. 

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  10. On 2/4/2019 at 12:58 PM, gfweb said:

     Pork is cooked separately in the  SV machine (139 F x 3 hours) with a few sprigs of thyme.


    The apples and onion were braised in apple juice that then was strained and put in the sauce.


    Sauce is apple juice and chicken stock in equal parts....tsp or more dijon depending on volume...sauteed garlic....reduced about 50% till I like the taste...whisked in 2 tsp butter...salt and pepper and serve.


    I apologize for the imprecision, but its one of those ones I've done for so long I just go by feel.

    Do you remember what size the pork loin was?  I am definitely doing this - with the BS.

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  11. Just got back from a trip to Charleston SC.  Couldn't find the dark chocolate ones here, but a Food Lion in Charleston had them.  I thought that chocolate on chocolate might be overload, but I was wrong.  These are delicious.  I just wish they came in the thin version - somehow those are just the best to me.

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  12. On 2/2/2019 at 1:39 PM, liamsaunt said:

    Yesterday I baked a loaf of Japanese milk bread




    And this morning I ate some toasted with marmalade that my husband brought back from London 





    Would you be willing to share the recipe?  I'm quite sure that I'd love milk bread.  

  13. 30 minutes ago, Toliver said:

    My question is do the contestants consult recipes? Or are they supposed to know how to whip up a sponge cake from memory?

    I get the impression that, except for the one that Paul or Mary give them (with very abbreviated instructions), they know ahead of time what they are going to make and can practice at home.  Can someone correct or confirm?  Maybe just basic parameters?  Like what the Iron Chef contestants get, except we aren't supposed to suspect? 😁

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  14. 8 hours ago, Anna N said:





    @Kerry Beal  brought this back from her trip to San Francisco. I believe it came from the Fancy Food Show.  I was absolutely sure that it was a fruitcake and was thoroughly looking forward to enjoying it bit by bit.  Nah.  Nothing like a fruitcake.  It was so soft it was almost impossible to pick up even a piece of it. While I enjoyed it,  it is definitely nothing I would ever seek out.  Obviously I jump to conclusions without any evidence to support my leaps.  I have quite a reputation for that.  

    We tasted these for the first time in Key West.  We really liked them.  They come in all different flavors.  But we don't care for fruitcake much.  So this extremely tender cake was perfect for us.

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