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  1. We were FB friends and yet I had NO idea she had passed. Crap. We actually had the pleasure of having lunch one day years ago. Effing Covid.
  2. Awww, thank you. I spend more time on FB these days. Are you over there?
  3. I fully admit to being a food snob. I'm more of a baker than a candy maker. LOL. Btw, Long ago, I lived in SW Ontario and had a very popular cooking for seniors thread here on Eg. Those were the days.
  4. No, she hasn't sold those in years. They became too much "work" for her.
  5. My FB feed is filled with people in my town making these hot cocoa bombs with cheap Merkins coating or Wilton Candy melt. Gag.
  6. Wow, this brought back some memories.
  7. I haven't signed into Eg in such a long time. I saw my name mentioned here so I thought I'd comment again. The seniors I cooked for ( seems like ages ago, it was actually from 2006-2009) were from a very small town in Southwestern Ontario. I was told " if they can't pronounce it, they won't eat it". They were very meat and potatoes people. Not even "baked" potatoes. They wanted them mashed every single time. My budget was pretty small too, IIRC, I think it was 3.00 a person and that consisted of juice( always tomato), salad, main dish, starch, veggie, roll and dessert).
  8. Yep, still here : ). Still madly in love : ) Thanks. That was a great salad. I remember Steve Shaw was amazed that I used swordfish.
  9. I've been off Eg for a little while, wish I would have known. I would have attended. Would have loved to see my old Heartland Friends!!
  10. I just made some tortilla soup from Cook's illustrated. It was awesome and very easy for a Cook's recipe. You do have to make your own tortilla strips in the oven, although I suppose you could get away with using ready made chips.
  11. Wow, that is pretty harsh. Care to elaborate? There is an awful lot of "bad" pizza out there, but I seriously doubt anything Kenji produced could be damaging.
  12. I got my signed copy on Wednesday when Kenji was at our local community college's culinary department for a "how to build a better thanksgiving demo". I can't wait to start cooking from it. I was not able to stay for the demo, but I saw some pics and heard from people who attended that it was amazing.
  13. We are going on celebrity to Alaska in a month. We cruise Aqua class. I like the food in Blu. It's lighter. Less heavy sauces..
  14. I remember the first time I saw when I lived in Canada. I had the same reaction everyone does, but it really makes so much more sense than the huge gallon jugs. We had a little milk pitcher and a little doo dad for cutting off a small piece of the corner of the bag. The milk just flowed out in a steady stream.
  15. Today would have been Steve's birthday. Happy Heavenly Birthday Steve. We miss you and your fish pants.
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