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  2. Chocoguyin Pemby

    funnel dispenser

    Hi all - I am thinking of getting a funnel dispenser - I came across one made by Fat Daddio's - does anyone have any experience with using one of these either plastic or stainless steel? I want to use for portioning caramel and perhaps chocolate Looking for any input TIA
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  4. Toliver

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Has anyone seen the new kitchen sprayer technology by Delta called ShieldSpray? Here's a link to their website (click). You don't lose the regular spray function or streaming function of a faucet...it's just a new function in addition to the others. Here's a video showing it in use: So it it a good thing? Or just a gimmick? I like the lack of spray splatter (but, really, no one sprays a plate and make a mess like that unless they've never done dishes before ).
  5. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    Yesterday at Shoprite I was told their delivery was coming in last night. I woke up in withdrawal and hurried to Shoprite before work. No limes. I'm sure this is because of International Scurvy Awareness Day on 5/2. Scurvy is a dreadful way to die. Meanwhile I just placed an order with Amazon for ten limes, with delivery for tonight.
  6. gfweb

    In-N-Out v. Fatburger

    That casino sounds like a class joint.... Fatburger and Panda Express!
  7. Kerry Beal

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Love these! Especially nice with Buratta and a bit of balsamic.
  8. lemniscate

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I tried the Semi-dried Antipasto Vegetables and thought they were fantastic. Had them as a side dish room temp. The texture of the veg was not mushy, but toothsome and had lots of flavor. The oil is subdued and not too much. Product of Turkey, I know they sun dry a lot of veg in Turkey, so I wonder if these are sundried or? I bought the antipasto cherry tomatoes and the grilled artichokes but have yet to open them.
  9. candlestick faux holders p
  10. Man... talk about first world problems. Sorry but I find the notion of "really caring about your customers" being reflected in the type of lock used on the bathroom stalls/doors a bit over-the-top. But carry on... I'm actually kinda interested in seeing where this goes.
  11. Canneles were discussed in another thread seems a D/C for TJ's right now called yest and they saved me two there were 12 in the freezer section , so I bought 4 get them while you can. these are to die for : they come in different shapes at different times of the year. you will eat the whole packages so plan accordingly don't know what the next ' season ' is might be halloween * sigh *
  12. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    @eugenep Thanks for your kind words. I use a Canadian bread flour. It is from Rogers Flours and it is one of their commercial products. Protein is 13.4%. Even their regular bread flour available in grocery stores has 13.4 %. protein. I have tried a number of "pizza dough" recipes and also the 00 Caputo flour. And I haven't found a recipe or a flour that I like better than what I use. If I know that I am going to use a batch of dough for pizzas than I will usually increase the hydration. The batch above was 76% hydration and started with a yeast biga The higher hydration makes it easier to stretch with a couple of rests .
  13. This would be great for a large household, too.
  14. TicTac


    I would eat it as a lettuce - I love cilantro, though. Cilantro+shredded coconut+chili pepper Cilantro chutney (sugar/vinegar/spices) Pickle the stems.
  15. eugenep

    Dinner 2019

    pizza looks really good - a lot of your meals are executed pretty perfectly Question: did you use all purpose flour and or 00 Caputo or a different flour? And..would you happen to know the protein content of the flour you are using offhand? thank you I imagine that the circle shape for stretching the dough depends on higher protein/gluten for elasticity?
  16. Toliver

    In-N-Out v. Fatburger

    Fatburger is expanding westward. They will be opening one in New Mexico.
  17. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    Some recent dinners.... SV salmon with viet style ataulfo mango salad (similar to thai som tum but with more fresh herbs): Red curry chicken - Maesri red curry paste with added grachai, thai basil and chilis, using frozen coconut milk: Thai stir fry of what the H-mart called "bok choy tips"...
  18. shain

    Lunch 2019

    Potato and paneer kuftah in cashew curry, warm spices, poppy, paneer, peas. Couscous salad with coconut, mint, chili, lime, cilantro.
  19. I flew Singapore about two years ago and I'm struggling to remember the food but recall how comfortable the seat was for economy even though I was stuck in a middle seat for 13 hours. It was LHR-SIN after a sleepless red-eye on Virgin which was extremely uncomfortable despite having an empty seat next to me. After that the 19 inch wide seats on Singapore were a dream come true.
  20. shain

    Dinner 2019

    Sayor lodeh with sticky rice.
  21. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    I never, ever considered using nuoc cham as a dipping sauce for salmon cakes. What a fantastic idea! Thank you.
  22. Not at all ... once the coke was gone, I enjoyed the left-over Bourbon like it should be 😉
  23. liamsaunt

    Easter Menus

    My brother dropped off a nine pound bone in leg of lamb that he got from Lobel's and asked me to make it on the grill. I have never grilled a leg of lamb before. I settled on this recipe: https://food52.com/recipes/3851-grilled-leg-of-lamb-with-dijon-mustard-rosemary-and-garlic Hopefully it will be good. I. along with three others who will be at the meal, do not eat lamb, so I am also doing roasted chicken with a honey glaze. Side dishes are all various family requests: duck fat roasted potatoes (father), asparagus (sister), whisky-glazed carrots (niece), and some sort of bread (nephew) and some sort of salad (mother) TBD this evening. My parents strongly dislike appetizers before dinner so I am not making any. No one in my family is a big fan of dessert either so I'm just going to put out a small plate of mini desserts that I already have made in the freezer just in case anyone (the teens haha) wants something. Husband is in charge of the wine selections. I know we'll start the gathering with a champagne toast to my parents, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today.
  24. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    @Okanagancook. That is how I feel too. I would be happy to just eat the rim.
  25. But you dishonored the bourbon.
  26. David Ross

    Dinner 2019

    Ha Kim we think alike! The squirrels love my yard, lots of big trees and a lawn where they can plant their findings and come back for a snack months later. And yes, I to put out stale gougere's for the little devils.
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