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Lunch 2024


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23 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

Fish tacos:


Rockfish from this week's fish share, avocado, manzano chile slaw, yogurt crema from Nopalito, cilantro, and corn tortillas from the recipe in Asada. 

You are obviously feeling better! That looks great, I could down a couple right now. We call it Rock Cod here but I quite enjoy it. My husband often brings a couple home after a day of fishing.

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14 minutes ago, MaryIsobel said:

You are obviously feeling better! That looks great, I could down a couple right now. We call it Rock Cod here but I quite enjoy it. My husband often brings a couple home after a day of fishing.

Yes, anyone who goes out fishing around here is likely to come back with a bunch.  Compared with halibut or black cod, they may not be as fancy but when they’re nice and fresh, they make a fine fish taco and I’m happy to eat 'em up!

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Was thinking if I should post these or the rest of the Gran Canaria pix. This one is a lot shorter...


These were several meals.


Simple winter burrata.


Riesling I brought back from Traben-Trabach (a while back).

Late last year I got 3 packages of duck yolks and have been using them as a rich sauce in a bunch of things. This time it's fried tofu puffs.


And octopus tentacles.

Spicy whelks with samphire and dill.


The duck yolks posted previously



@blue_dolphinI'm skipping the tacos this year and missing them so much already. Next year I shall eat twice as much (fish) tacos to make up for it!



Scallop tacos (*groan*)



Roadside fish and prawn tacos.







Many things I ate in Mexico were by the roadside or on pavement...


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After taking a nice walk in the rain, we stopped at Berlin Doner to grab some lunch to bring home.



Carving the chicken shawarma



Served on a grilled "homemade" bread. Although it looks white, it has a rye bread flavor - there might be some caraway seeds that would help with that.



Interior - doesn't look so good but it's really tasty. With garlic and herb white sauce, hot sauce and a bit of tahini.

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Lunch was anchovies on toast with salad. The salad contained feta and olives… did someone mention salt!!!

Yes it was salty however I was happy. 


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Wasn't sure where to post this but since it was my lunch... I have mentioned before that we are in a quite rural area and a lot of foodstuffs are beyond my reach. We have this nursery in our little town. They have a walk-in cooler with flowers and vegetables, tons of indoor plants and of course all that you need for outdoor gardening. Oddly enough, they also sell cheese - good cheese. I bought a 5 kilo wheel of ghouda for my husband at Christmas. Saw that their weekly special was 50 percent off cheese. We love the packaged fondue for camping. I steam little potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and it is a very "fancy" camping meal. Stocked up and bought 3 packages - good until September..

cheese - 1 (1).jpeg

cheese lunch - 1.jpeg

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Cappelletti with sausage  ragu, scoop of ricotta, drizzle basil oil and Parmesan.

Green salad with radish, red onion.

”Mazurkas” a/k/a  jam bars. One side had raspberry, the other, dried apricot jam.




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1 hour ago, blue_dolphin said:

I got mussels in this week's fish share so I put them into this recipe for mussels and rice noodles in green curry broth from Kenji's The Wok


Very quick and easy. I just may have to do this again, 

My husband and I were just talking about having mussels this weekend and this looks fabulous - thank you!


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Crabfest continues.  I enjoyed yesterday's meal enough that I repeated it with a couple of changes.  I made the preserved lemon aïoli from Shaya and boiled some tiny potatoes per Diana Henry with sprigs of mint.


The crab doesn't really need any adornment but the aïoli is good with the veg and the little spuds were a nice touch. 

I've got some leftover picked crab from this one so I'm debating how to use it.  A bisque?  Omelet?  Crab Bennie for breakfast would be nice but I used up the last of my eggs in the the aïoli. Hmmmm. 


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(Using a new image hosting site today. Imgur has changed hands and it's so messed up/unusable now so I had to look for another site. Let's see if it's working... OK, it works but less efficient. Oh well, the good old days are gone.)

Hong Kong(-style) flat noodles with duck yolk sauce. Hard to see the sauce on yellow noodles, though.


Meal 2: Savoury broth fondue.

Iberico pork neck. Very rich, a little goes a long way.

Mixed seaweed and kimchi to cleanse the palate.


Pumpkin dumplings



Meal 3: snacking bits

Burrata and cooked beetroot




Mini croquettes (with various fillings)


Silverskin onions, spicy Turkish peppers, Turkish mixed pickles, and preserved tomatoes.


I've been eating these pumpkins/squashes. The first and second used to be light and deep green.





Not sure if the name is correct.

Still have 6 pumpkins/squashes to go!



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Some leftovers from dinner - roasted broccoli, quinoa, sweet potato, Patak's mango curry sauce and added chickpeas.



lunch bowl.jpg

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"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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Roasted Empire Turkey Breast, sourdough bread with a little rye and assorted seeds. Chocolate Raspberry Cake.

Slow roasted on the bone turkey breast (TJ) for sandwiches which were made open faced with thinly sliced avocado, a drizzle of vinaigrette and tomatoes on the side..

The overnight sourdough had 20% rye, caraway , dill, cumin seeds.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake was slightly undercooked in the center to allow it to remain soft and velvety.  Raspberries were on the bottom of the cake. Sour cream on the side with additional raspberries.




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A light lunch for Ash Wednesday featuring beets for a Valentine's Day color scheme. 


Based on a recipe in Susan Spungen's Open Kitchen for Whipped Ricotta Toast with Pickled Rhubarb and Grated Beets.

I made the Creamy Ricotta from Bestia, which is pretty decadent from the added heavy cream and has a bit of a tang from the buttermilk used as the coagulating agent.

I followed this recipe's instruction to whip the ricotta with lemon juice and zest.  No rhubarb about so I cast about for subs and ended up pickling a mix of apple slices and halved fresh cranberries.  

The grated beets are raw and add an earthy flavor and chewy texture. Sort of odd, although not unpleasant with the creamy ricotta and tangy pickle.

This is supposed to be a party appetizer but it seems like a dangerous choice both for the guests' clothing and the host's upholstery.  

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8 hours ago, MaryIsobel said:

How I wish that I had tomatoes like that to "use up!"

That's the fun of having members on opposite sides of the planet, we get to envy (and/or revel in) our opposite numbers' fresh produce during out own winters. It makes a break from seed catalogues...

(says the guy who was poring over his own catalogues 90 minutes past bedtime, until that "hot cinders in my eyes" feeling began to register)

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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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Amami grain miso (survived the long trip home)

Once the food is cooked and whilst still warm, add the grain miso and bonito flakes. Mix well but not too long or the "miso" would turn pasty. Cooking instructions from the guesthouse owner-cook.

Soft tofu-ginger soup with aosa seaweed from Amami/Kikaijima.

Meal 2:
Soft tofu, grated duck yolks. To be stirred into the sauce.



Meal 3:
Fish without chips. 3 fat cloves of garlic in the yoghurt-caper sauce.


And a salad


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Italian-American Cowboy Beans for lunch ... a kicked-up, smokey Fagioli all’Uccelletto with pancetta affumicata and a mixture of chipotle meco and morita chilies.



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 ... Shel


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