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Instant Pot. Multi-function cooker (Part 5)


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I'm not sure about cream of mushroom soup, but I've developed a few Instant Pot recipes that use milk with no problem. I use milk and butter for cooking potatoes that are going to be mashed; and milk and water in oatmeal, mac and cheese, and tuna and noodles. I also have a recipe for pork loin in milk. In that recipe, the milk curdles a bit, but I call for pureeing the sauce with an immersion blender, so that takes care of the texture.

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iPot'ing a whole chicken ?


on a recent ATK show , they iPot'ed a whole chicken 


for 30 minute , HP.  they salted diced onion , minced garlic first


added minced rosemary , dry white wine and a cup of stock , and some flour first.


of course the result  was delicious   lots of Yum Yum sounds while eating.


it might be that delicious


my question is this :


Ive done stock in the iPod , met bones , 30 min HP


meat falls off the bone , as them chicken di in the ATK Rx.


its my understanding , from thinking about SousVide 


and cooking differentially in general ( high heat moves over time through what you are cooking )


that meat protein contacts w heat,  higher heat on those proteins 


more contraction


thus :   great deal of moisture ( thees flavor ) is squeezed out of the protein.


thus yogurt stock.


and the resulting protein might be tender , but loe in flavor 


and dry , as th juice has long left it.


true , you let the protein rest , and maybe it rellaxes and reabsorbs some juice 


w flavor.


has anyone iPot'ed a whole chicken "  cut up chicken ?


and found the meat flavorful ?


when I di my iPot stock , the meat after 30 is fall off the bone, but not particularly 


' full flavoredn'


Your thoughts ?  experience ?  


Im thinking of getting a few bone in CkThighs


iPot LP steam them  


over stock reduced white wubw m w aromatics


and see if the chicken meat is flavorful 

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I have done whole chickens and I never did them for more than 20 minutes. At that time, the meat is still flavorful and moist.

Sometimes when I buy a whole chicken, I bone out the breasts and the thighs and put the rest of it in the instant pot. Those pieces I cook for 18 minutes. Then I bone out the whole carcass and put the bones and skin back in and cook it for an hour for a good broth. I don't use any aromatics, just a good chicken powder to enhance the chicken flavor.

Using that method, I have the stewed chicken for chicken salad or soup and I have a good Rich chicken broth.

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thanks .  


excellent ideas for me to consider  


Ive done plain raw carcass , and have a system  of using very little water 


chop the bones , set the round carcass , so there is little water between the layers 


taken out the bones , mashed the meat


which easily fell off the bones 


w a hand potato hasher to create long strands 


the iP'd that for 10 minutes .


removed the meat , and using the back of a label 


squeezed out the remain liquid 


added that pack to the pot.


cooled .  defeated cold easily .


then froze that stock in formed ' bricks '   using one of those semi-disposable 


plastic containers now sold every where


when I had another carcass , I used those frozen bricks 


rather than water .  over s few ' sets '  in the iP  


I have 4 x bricks.  just bones , no seasonings etc salt


I sue these , and season de novo when Im using them for soup , or gravy.


very easy to do , just a few steps each time , unattended for the most part 


and the flavor adds up , with no  boiling , reducing etc 


which is the PITA of convention stock making 

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for your times above :  full pressure ?


out of curiosity only :


has someone used pressure steaming ?


chicken , or cut up chicken , including the breast,


pressure steamed ?    


might not be worth the extra work


as the advantage here is sir simplicity.


and a tasty result.

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