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Pots and Pots and Pans

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43 minutes ago, KennethT said:

I wound up buying a super cheap Vigor (Webstaurant brand) just to try it out.  It was like $50 for a 8Qt stock pot - it's practically disposable, but I'm curious as to how it behaves - it should be fine for things like boiling water/cooking pasta.


I have a Vigor pot. Works great, heats quickly. Stays clean.

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We have 18 stovetop pots and pans that have met our needs for many years.


All-Clad stainless-lined aluminum sauté pan – large: Probably our most-used piece of cookware because I love to bang pans around while cooking and it does a bang-up job of browning, searing, and quickly reducing sauces.


Falk stainless-lined copper saucieres (large, medium, small): I use these frequently but Mrs. C finds them too heavy. Great do-anything pans for sautéing and searing to stews, braises, delicate sauces, and caramelizing sugar. The small one melts chocolate beautifully without a double boiler.


Thin cast iron woks (medium, large): The medium one gets lots of use and has built up a remarkably durable non-stick patina. Best 20 bucks I ever spent on cookware, and still available from the Wok Shop. The large wok gets used less often so the patina is not quite as remarkable.


All-Clad saucepans (large, small): Mostly used to steam rice, but also handy for soups, sauces, and deep-frying.


Staub Dutch oven: Glad to have it, even though we don’t use it very often.


All-clad stockpot with steamer inserts – very large: Mrs. C uses this to make chicken stock and steam vegetables.


Non-stick frying pans (small, medium, large): Useful for cooking fish and eggs. These get replaced every once in a while.


Cast iron flat pan: Used to roast spices, garlic, and dried chiles.


Cast iron skillets (large, small): Large one is for searing meat. Small one is of unknown providence and rarely used but it is an heirloom from Mrs. C’s family, so . . .


Non-stick saucepans (large, small): Mostly used to boil water for pasta or vegetables. If these went away I would not be sad.


Does a kettle count by official rules?

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We have enough pots and pans that that mostly fit in two drawers under our induction cook top.  Something under 20 pots and pans.


It's a Thermador unit that wasn't cheap.  it's 10x better then any induction single portable burner.


Has control from very little heat up to massive super fast for boiling water.  I love it!  

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