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DARTO pans


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1 hour ago, FlashJack said:

The tempters at Darto are at it again.


This time a 30cm 4mm thick saute pan with helper handle. Thicker and bigger than the previous biggest saute (27cm). Only The Hulk can saute in this one.




Delivered cost worldwide $US60 but does not ship before 30 September 2022.


I love my Darto pans. I'm in.





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I got one of the initial "thickness error pans" - n27 I think?...

the Dartos are great pans - mine has seasoned to essentially non-stick status.


transitioned to empty nesting meant down sizing the cookware - most of the really stuff that was in constant use is now in basement storage . . .

tempting as it is, not sure I would use a 12 inch pan now-a-days.

the helper handle is a neat touch.

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5 hours ago, SLB said:

A lot of the Dartos are out of stock.  And it is freaking me out honestly.  


The details on the May pre-sale said they expected to deliver those pans into September, so hopefully they are just prioritizing those orders?


The economic situation in Argentina is pretty terrible right now, though.

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If you cook a lot of protein and use cast iron or carbon steel, one of the best investments you can make is in a powerful portable butane burner. My favorite is the Iwatani 35FW, which is rated at a very powerful 15,000 BTUs/hr. The combination of high heat and heavy black steel is amazing and lets you develop a stellar crust in very little time. This is my preferred method for pre and post searing on sous vide protein. In this case, I'm searing a raw 36oz ribeye for about 45 seconds per side in an original Darto No. 27 that was heated over the Iwatani on high until smoking. I also use the Darto No. 15 as a grill press. The amount of quality crust you can develop in under 3 minutes is astonishing. The smell was amazing.



There is no way I could do that inside my kitchen (or any other home kitchen I've had) because there is not adequate ventilation. But with a 35FW in your batterie, you have a high output commercial quality burner that you can use anywhere. You will find a million uses for it. Camping. Tailgating. Whenever you're cooking fish. When the power goes out. When it's Thanksgiving and you need to get away from all of your relatives who are swarming the kitchen...

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