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Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

Kerry Beal

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6 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:


I also picked up some of the pimento cheese.  I won't hold @patris liable as the TJ cashiers were the ones to tip me off on this one.  I like my homemade version better but this is not bad at all with a significantly better sharp cheddar punch than any other commercial product I've tried.  The recipe I have makes a volume larger than I should have in my house without large numbers of guests so this was a nice treat that probably won't kill me.


Pimiento cheese is a matter of proportion. Use the same weight of extra sharp cheddar and Velveeta, shredded (you can sub American if you have an anti-Velveeta bias). If you use, say, 4 oz of each, then about 1/3 cup of mayo, a scant tsp. of sugar, a shake or two of Lawry's seasoned salt, and a small splash of cider vinegar (way less than a tbsp.). That would take a small jar of pimientos, as would anything up to 6 oz. each of cheese; above that, go to the bigger jar.



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Don't ask. Eat it.


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So after a few months of having our nice, new, huge Trader Joe's open across the street, I've become much less enthralled with the products on offer.


Especially stuff like produce as we move into the warmer months and I'm able to get good stuff at the markets, including the brand new Essex Market, literally a block away. 


I don't mind the biscotti. The kefir is fine. I used the precooked beets from France to make a nice borscht (with that kefir!), and it was super easy and came out great.  And Significant Eater likes the string cheese as part of her snack bag I put together for her to take to work.


Nuts, dried fruit are fine. 



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I don't have the photo on this pc and can't find it on their website, but did find a blog post about it. Has anyone mentioned Popcorn in a Pickle? This stuff is insanely delicious. I had half the bag in the car on the way home. It appears to be seasonal, so I guess I need to go back soon to get more.


Popcorn in a Pickle


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Liberty, MO

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I agree on the Tamales.   Ive had the pork and the green chicken .  no fan of the veg


they are much better than the TJ's frozen , and also the best i can get around here


I sauce them w green sauce ( Horror's )  refried beans , maybe some rice , and lots of toppings


which helps

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On 5/3/2019 at 9:49 AM, rotuts said:

@Katie Meadow


thank you for your ideas


i was thinking of working with TJ's Fz.


Id cut off some of the fibrous leaves


and go from there


do I love A's or not ?


I grew up not that far from the A's capital of the World : Watsonville , CA


I used to make them for my father, late in his life when in season , w thick long stems


which are an extension of the " Heart "


the prep is not my Forte.   but ................


I agree , this sort of work , when you get to a certain age


or way before ........   but Fresh from WatsonVille ?


I now live on the other side of the country




My mother ,  used to buy them when we were young , and steam them


and you peeled off the leaves , and dipped them , and pulled off the ' meat ' w your teeth


she never grew them , which was too bad.


but in the end


so delicious


I might take a try on TJ's Fz , and see If I can make something


not unreasonable from them.


Ahem...CASTROVILLE, not Watsonville, is the artichoke capital of the world.    Ii know of which I speak!     We grew artichokes in the back yard where I grew up.    Away from home, my mother would send me a dozen artichokes instead of chocolate eggs at Easter.    And, yes, fresh picked have a completely different flavor.     Now I satisfy my yen by eating artichoke bruschetta off a spoon, standing at the counter...



No one else in my ignorant family likes artichokes.    Losers!    😝

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eGullet member #80.

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back in the days of Henry VIII


England controlled a bit of La Belle France.


Henry's portion grew lots of artichokes.


he traveled their w his entourage during peek season


and declared the A a Royal Vegetable , and ate them all himself.


he was after all a very bog boy.


this story is true


ref. :




I highly recommend this book


I stand corrected on the Capitol of Artichokes.




in my foolish defense :


the 'villas are 5 miles apart.






we used to go to Moss Landing all the time.


which is no excuse to confuse the 'villes


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1 hour ago, rotuts said:

... the Capitol of Artichokes.




the 'villas are 5 miles apart.






we used to go to Moss Landing all the time.


which is no excuse to confuse the 'villes




Never realized it at the time, as we seldom do of our childhood surrounds, but this is indeed God's Country.   

eGullet member #80.

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and the freshest ripe Apricot


right off the tree.


in your yard.


its a bit of a shame that so few people have had a perfectly ripe


California Apricot.  Turkish Apricots are different


most are dried , as the ripe A's are very fragile , have about a 10 day ' ripe '


period , so most are air dried.


the perfume of a ripe apricot can not be described.

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If you are talking that area, Watsonville, Aromas etc, you're talking about Blenheims, the epitome of "apricotness".    Very few have survived Silicon Valley.    You have to go east into Contra Costa County, Brentwood area, to find orchards now.    And well worth the drive.    We picked up half a box several weeks ago, ate half of them and canned the rest.    Should have bought more!


As a kid, I remember running through the house when my mother was canning cots.    She'd have a big tub of washed, halved and pitted fruit ready to jar, and we kids would grab handfuls and dash back out to play.

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I grew up in Los Altos


gravel roads , septic tanks etc


but on 2 acres of Apricots.


they were irrigated 


I don't know what happened to most of them


but we had shallow slats and dried many for ourselves.


moving on


we always had one apricot tree where we lived.


in that same area


I have quite the taste for dried apricots.




[ed.: back to topic suprise.gif.225fa9e05dd0f069d457c56a5bf73013.gif]


has hice CA dried 


sulfer and etc is not a concern for me.

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  • 2 weeks later...

as menu of you know , its been very hot and very humid on the E.Coast


for several days.  several days too many.


its beginning to cool today , and by tomorrow , back to OK.


its been way to hot to cook , and even too hot to slice a tomato , and some SV Turkey.


that hot.  to put it into perspective some of you might understand :


even too hot for ice cold M.R.




Trader Joes to the rescue .  85 yest AM so went to TJ's


and got several of their Wraps.  they wraps at TJ's are quite good


the selection is large , and their might be something in that collection that 


Talks to You.  Market Basket has one or two.   but not so many  TJ's is closer


the fillings / price ration is good.  I take one out of the refrig , Mico ( yes Micro ) until close to room temp


a lot for flavor @ room temp.   I open the wrap and add this or that.  re-roll and enjoy.


excellent when its so hot and humid there are probably heat Bubbles in your brain


too hot for M.R. ?  see 


I also got a tub of this :




Chicken Curry Salad





its delightful !


this is a different container




chunks of chicken , tender and moist  some raisins , grated carrot for crunch  green onion,  cashews


touch of honey   .   delightful !


I make something similar , but never added a touch of honey nor gratred carrot.


Ill try to remember those additions


in a lettuce wrap on a hot day   :  nice indeed


and make-your-own :




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although the weather here is much better 


I decided its still to hot to ' cook ',  so that I could use that and an excuse  continue my investigations


into Tj 's Wraps and Chicken salad.




you will note the Curry Chicken Salad above L   hard to pass that up


next to it is 








have not tried it .


Ive had the Turkey Club , and the Carnitas Salsa verde.  both nice.  


i add a little mayo to the turkey club , and some Pico to the carnitas , as its a little dry


both have generous fillings , esp the carnitas.


Looking forward to the Pollo Asado and the Cubano.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has some odd tax laws


the Cubano and the Turkey Club were taxed , not the others.


I asked about this out of curiosity , as in A food is not taxed , it grocery store food


Prepped food might be  : the dinners I sometimes get in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores are taxed


as the restaurant rate :  prepared foods.


but no one at TJ's understands why the two wraps above are taxed and none of the many others they have


nor are the Chicken salads.




I tried the Wine Country CS.  it was quite nice.  why they call it wine country as I detect no Wine


beets me.  and someone was On the Ball and paid attention to detail :  the celery is finely chopped


thus not offensive.

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I like that Wine Country Chicken Salad. Used to bring it to work for lunch with some Wasa crackers (edible cardboard) and a bunch of crudités,  That was back when I was gainfully employed.  I occasionally make my own version.  Maybe I should whip up a serving or two with some of that roasted chicken still in the fridge?

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I tried the Pollo Asado.


Im very much prepared to like most things from Tj's


but this one didn't make the cut.  it has corn in it , and I do like corn


but for some reason not in a Burrito.  I got it once as an Add-In at Chipotle , 


and the do make a fine Carnita burrito , but the corn didn't suit me.   something about how it


' pops ' when you bite into a kernel. Odd  objection , I know.


and I thought the beans  and possibly the rice were undercooked,  the beans too al dente etc


didn't detect much ' Asado ' flavor.   I did add several tbs of spicy TH's Pico before hand


as sometimes the burritos are a bit dry.  


that did the trick and I was able to polish the PA off.


its just not going on the repeat list .

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I had the Cubano for a late breakfast .


I micro'd it out of the refirg to warm it up .


was i surprised !




the Cubano is mentioned here


It was superb !   


of course if you don't like Pork , Ham , Swiss , pickles w a mustard sauce ( it would have been better w more sauce )


you are out of luck.


My Mother used to say from time to time :


" You should get your head examined . '


P.S.:  Ive been trying to loose a little weight.  not too much , not too fast.


Tj's has put that project on hold for sure

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I just had the Turkey Wrap pic'd above


the review from UC Irvine didn't make any sense to me re the TW


I though mine was terrific.   will a little more mayo in it


its a keeper , right at the top w the Cubano.


and BTW  in the review they seem to be buying TJ's wraps cut in q/w in a box w 


possible extra ' spread '


don't know anything about that


are wraps in CA cut in 1/2 ?


you like turkey 


and I know some fine posters here haven't quite grown up yet , but there is time !


you will like the TW.

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I haven't paid much attention here in Kansas City, but in all other TJs I've shopped (California and Utah, anyway), the wraps have been cut in half and boxed. I usually only buy them when traveling, so don't pay attention when I'm shopping here.

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Liberty, MO

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Hmm. The "patio chips" they speak of in that article are similar to something offered by one of our local chip-makers, Covered Bridge. They were originally marketed as "storm chips" after anchors on a popular regional news program sheepishly confessed that "picking up a few things at the store before the storm hits" meant, basically, potato chips. In the summer they're called "weekend chips."


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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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I tripped over the Event Horizon , and it was right there in front of me !




not pictured : TJ's Wheat Thins ( Crisps )   sad day they D/C'd the fake Triscuits 


Ill blame @Anna N  for the Unexpected Cheddar.


on my Memorial it will say " And he forgot the chips "


there is some good news :  I wont have to take my pants to the tailor to have the waist taken in


an inch , for quite some time.  think of the savings right there !


all the essentials right there in the pic , Id say


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35 minutes ago, rotuts said:

sad day they D/C'd the fake Triscuits 


Indeed.  The TJ's Less Guilt Woven Wheats were one of my must-haves and I usually kept 3 or 4  extra boxes on hand, just in case.  

On every TJ's visit, I scan the cracker section in hopes of spotting their return, then go to Walmart to buy Triscuits, one box at a time.  So sad!

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@@Anna N


is correct as usual :   the cheddar is exceptional 


Im having it right now on some fake Wheat Thins , w an ice ice cold HU


fine combo.  the cheese is creamy , sharp , w a long after taste   a touch of sweetness


compared ti the HU


I hope its not a monthly cheese.


sorry no picture :


it would drive thou crazy i think. if you couldn't get the components 

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