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  1. @Elle Bee, When you make your pate de fruits, do you use a refractometer or do you cook to temp only?
  2. Agreed. I have only a few types. One that shape that is a pain and your hemisphere mold that I have to work with carefully because the piece sometimes wants to come out before I’m ready for it to. Quite the contrast.
  3. The piping dot on the heart made me think they were piped on, but the symmetry made me think otherwise. They look so nice.
  4. Those are beautiful! What did you use for the small pink heart on the dark square? Did you just pipe it on when you were finished?
  5. My new guitar needed 10 new bolts/nuts. They run $6 each from TCF Sales. My resourceful husband spec'ed out the nuts and bolts, ordered replacements and drilled holes in them for about $2 each. (Price doesn't include the cost of a couple new drill bits!) Here's the specs: Metric Socket Cap Stainless Steel M6x25mm bolt Nut, Metric Stainless Steel M6-1.00 Also just to circle back around, I ended up with 22 gauge (0.65mm/0.025in) Stainless 316L wire. Decided I know I'm going to attempt to cut a thin soft caramel with this guitar so I went a little thicker than standard.
  6. @Jim D. Thanks. I was just wondering how you do it since I know you think things through. There is a limit to how much to worry about!
  7. @Kerry Beal Thanks! I did read through that but got lost in the wire gauge vs. inches vs mm not all of which seemed to agree with each other!
  8. Thanks @Jim D.. I understand that when you're making a two layer ganache you put the 3/8" on the bottom since you'll be spreading your untempered chocolate there. By using the larger ruler on the bottom, you ensure that your finished product has equal thicknesses of the two different flavors. When you're making a 1/2" ganache, are you concerned that using an untempered foot at the base of your ganache leaves you with a ganache layer that is less that 1/2"? I'm finding that stainless steel bars are pretty pricey, hoping to buy the right ones the first time!
  9. Thanks @pastrygirl for this video. My new/used guitar needs to be fully restrung so I appreciate the tutorial, it does still work. I'm going to pick up some wire and replacement bolts from TCF Sales. Some of the nuts vibrated off during shipping so I lost a few of those. TCF sells wire at .5 mm x 60 M .6 mm x 60 M .8 mm x 60 M After reading here I'm wondering if I'm better off purchasing a slightly thicker wire, 0.6mm? Standard is 0.5mm. Right now I'm only planning on cutting ganache and meltaways, but since I'm new at this who knows... Do you all use standard 0.5mm wire? Any reason to not use a thicker wire?
  10. @Elle Bee That's a lot of hand dipping! Currently I use these square candy silicone moulds from chef rubber for making my caramels. By volume they are pretty close to yours, but might a less expensive option than a cutter? I have two and scaled my recipe to just fit. they Sounds like I'll need to be careful if I try cutting caramels on a guitar. May just stick with the caramel moulds. I looked into a caramel cutter as well. The commercial ones are so expensive so also thought about making my own but only got part way down that path. Was the one you made similar to this one?
  11. @Elle Bee Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. I too have really appreciated the people who've posted and whose knowledge has helped me figure out many things. I've got my own used guitar en route to me thanks to pastrygirl. I too am a mostly Christmas season chocolatier without much formal training. Would you mind answering a few question for me? What are you using to frame your confections before you cut them? Do you use caramel rulers? Are you hand dipping all these once they are cut? Are you using your guitar to cut your caramel?
  12. Consider your enabling successful. I've got that guitar from Maine on the way to me! Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Can't wait to try it out!.
  13. I have limited experience but from what I’ve read I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.
  14. Hadn't even thought of that! Thanks for mentioning it.
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