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  1. Funny - I have been eyeing the Ooni but I don’t yet have a place to put it. Rest assured though, I am fully vaxxed and quite anxious for a long-overdue visit when the border reopens!
  2. They kept for probably a couple weeks before they started to go grainy. We had them enrobed in chocolate, which no doubt helped them keep their texture. We only made what we would sell (took orders ahead of time), so storage wasn’t a concern. They were packaged by the half pound in heat-sealed cello bags.
  3. You're welcome. I'm glad you liked them. Everything looks so great - lucky neighbors!
  4. Of all the events in my life lost to COVID this year, this is the one I miss the most! Thank you @curls for reaching out. Assuming things get back to normal by then, you can bet @Kerry Beal and the elves will be back at it next December.
  5. I've been very happy with Cocoa Supply - https://www.cocoasupply.com/. Seems to be good quality and prices are excellent.
  6. Quick update on tours: Fowlers does not do tours outside of one per year in October, for which they charge admission (the proceeds go to charity). Watsons does not do tours at all. Still waiting to hear back from Landies, but Platters does factory tours by appointment for groups of 20 or larger. I am in the "trading voicemails" stage with their person, and am hoping they might make an exception if Landies falls through and our group is smaller than 20.
  7. I hadn't thought of Landies - I will reach out to them!
  8. I'll make some preliminary calls just to see what the best option might be and wait until the schedule and master class attendance is sorted then!
  9. I will look into arranging a factory tour. Fowler’s would be ideal as they are in the same industrial park as Tomric, but I think they only do one tour a year and it’s for charity. I’ll check it out though. I suspect we’d have better luck with another company, Platters, which is a bit north of the city. They have a large production facility and I believe their production area is viewable, so I think a tour would be more in their wheelhouse. They do make sponge candy and other confections on site and have a large enrobing line. Watsons would be another good choice - they are very well known her
  10. I have made it a few times (small batches, not commercial kitchen sized) - I will definitely second the slow cooling. I turn my oven on the "warm" setting for a few minutes, just enough to warm it up a bit - maybe 130 degrees or so? - and then turn it off. Once I have quickly stirred in the baking soda I pour it without scraping into a well-greased pan, pop it in the warm oven and let it cool completely (for several hours or overnight) with the oven door closed. It keeps good volume but, like @curls said, there is quite a bit of non-aerated product all around the edges, with the sponge in the
  11. just let me know your favorite flavors (knowing they don’t always have everything) and I will do the rest! My house is equidistant from Tomric in the opposite direction from the hotel so I will pick them up one or the other morning on my way to Tomric. oh yeah - @Kerry Beal I should probably ask you to put my sister Chris and me on the list!
  12. Paula’s is 10 minutes from my house; I’d be happy to pick them up. For those who are unfamiliar, Paula’s makes extremely... substantial donuts. Lots of flavors, great quality, always fresh.
  13. Have you tried Barkeeper's Friend? I use the liquid version of it on my glass cooktop all the time and it works great. I haven't gone long enough between scrubbings for anything to get really polymerized on the cooktop, though.
  14. I am going out to dinner with friends in about an hour and a half and I am very sad that nothing like this is on the menu at our chosen restaurant. It looks DELICIOUS.
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