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  1. Does this mean the original melt, like when you’re starting a run? I thought it had to get up past 35.5, so yay for saving a few minutes here and there!
  2. These look fantastic! I have developed a habit over the last year of always having a bin of some confection or other sitting on my desk for my colleagues to enjoy - my job is fairly solitary so it encourages people to stop by my office to chat and often results in some good collaborative work - and I think I now know what the next treat will be. I imagine they will be delicious dipped in chocolate.
  3. So somehow my TJs keeps getting restocked with Ruby Cacao, and I keep buying it. I have now laid in a supply that would probably qualify me for a Discovery Channel special, if not a whole series, on hoarding. If anyone really wants to try it and can't get it in your area, PM me and I'll send you some, at cost ($2.99 for 5 oz) plus postage.
  4. I always dip them! Tempering the meltaway with EZTemper silk makes the texture so wonderfully melty that the chocolate is just a temporary barrier, especially with a relatively thin coating. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands, as they say...
  5. An obligation-free Sunday and a hoard of Ruby Cacao wafers from Trader Joe’s got me thinking about peanut butter meltaways - a favorite of just about everyone in my life, so I won’t have any trouble getting these addictive little suckers out of my house. The Ruby makes for a little PB&J vibe that definitely does not suck. And they’re great for dipping (tempered via EZTemper, of course) - nice and fluid but not too fluid.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, my scarcity mentality kicked in HARD and not only did I buy 6 packages of Ruby wafers Thursday night, I went back this morning and bought another dozen. No idea what I’ll do with them, but I’ll think of something!
  7. Not unless your raisins are crunchy!
  8. In the $10 neighborhood - the 5 oz pouches are $3 each.
  9. It’s featured on their website, so my guess is it’s everywhere. Limited time only though.
  10. That was my thinking as well!
  11. My weekly TJs pilgrimage usually nets little more than a few routine items - mostly certain veg, cheeses, eggs and nuts - but this evening a couple things caught my eye and made their way into my cart. I was surprised to see ruby chocolate - somehow I thought it would take longer to be available, and TJs would not have been the first place I looked. I like the faint fruitiness, but can’t see it becoming a big part of any chocolate projects in my future. Not to say I didn’t buy several packages, though... The grapes are quite tasty - I love fd fruit, so they were bound to appeal to me regardless. Wouldn’t have thought of grapes as something to freeze dry, though, especially sliced. They’re mostly in little clusters; individual slices are few and far between.
  12. Passionfruit? Something bright and kind of acidic to complement all those sweeter flavors.
  13. Oil spot glazes if I'm not mistaken - gorgeous!
  14. patris

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    It's an off-label use, but I will allow it for such a gorgeous meal!