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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Earlier today I was fortunate enough to have a visit from @Kerry Beal on her way to the airport for yet another adventure. She was joined by @Alleguede, who very kindly brought me some of his extraordinary baguettes (and equally extraordinary kouign amann), which I enjoyed at the 2016 chocolates and confections workshop in Toronto and of which I have dreamt ever since. Given such a windfall, I wanted something simple that would let the bread shine. And so: Garlicky blistered tomatoes, pan deglazed with a bit of white wine, reverently applied to gently warmed baguette bite-by-bite, punctuated here and there with bits of cheeses (cheddary, but not sure exactly what kind) left from other uses but well up to this task. All consumed al fresco with a spiked seltzer on a gorgeous late spring Buffalo evening.
  2. One of my sisters is preparing to re-enter the workforce after quite a long time and she came over this morning for a bit of wardrobe assistance and an encouraging word, which I supplemented with Ina Garten's lemon pound cake: It calls for the warm loaf to be soaked with a lemon syrup, which enhances both flavor and moistness to such a degree that I almost regret sending her home with the second loaf.
  3. Sadly, I was forced to take one (a couple, actually) for the team. It was hard, but I managed.
  4. DARTO pans

    I sent an email this morning and got a near-immediate response that, as @adey73 mentioned upthread, they will offer discounts internationally in about a month.
  5. Absolutely - it seems that very few people understand that vegetarian eating can be really rich in variety and interest. It just takes a bit of thought!
  6. I will reheat the halloumi - I had a similar dish a few weeks ago and I just reheated the slices for about a minute at half power. It will never be as crispy as it was right out of the pan, but it's certainly serviceable.
  7. This week's box arrived with almost no issues, save a couscous error: the za'ataar crusted grilling cheese recipe called for Israeli couscous, and the photo on the accompanying recipe card showed Israeli couscous, but the box contained the regular variety. Bit of a disappointment, but not terrible. This dish will be my not-so-sad desk lunch tomorrow and Tuesday: Sumac-dusted roasted onion and zucchini, tiny tomatoes, chiffonade of basil, lemon zest, and onion-infused couscous with za'ataar crusted halloumi, lemon wedges on the side for squeezing. Promises to be tasty and filling, and the extra halloumi in the box was a nice snack while I prepared today's early lunch and tomorrow's dinner, Mega Mushroom burgers: Browned onions, Roma tomato, avocado, mayo, hot sauce, and a good-sized mushroom cap on butter-grilled sesame bun, with a simple oil and vinegar-dressed arugula salad and the rest of the avocado half on the side. You can't see the couple slices of Cambozola tucked in under the mushroom, which were not part of the recipe but which helped make this an utterly luscious meal even for this vegetarian who scoffs at the standard portobello sandwich on every restaurant menu. It was so good, I didn't even dig into the bag of Utz potato chips sitting just outside the frame. Washed down with a Spiked Seltzer - definitely not the norm for me before noon on a Sunday, but HelloFresh should take note: I would probably forgive a lot if a few of these were tucked into each box! I will probably stick with this service for a while, barring more quality issues, and use it to train myself to plan and shop a bit better so that my diet incorporates the increased variety and decreased food waste that makes this so appealing to me.
  8. I was going to say that, but figured I was being too picky!!!
  9. Damn! Wish I had known you wanted invertase - I have a couple little bottles and would gladly have given them to you when you were here. I'm sure I am just naive, but the absence of gloves on anyone at any point in the production process (thinking specifically of the nut clusters here, but also the tamping down of the peaks in the filled molds) was a little off-putting for me.
  10. I am taking this week off from work for a little staycation and after an entire morning (like, from 9 am until just after noon) spent at the car dealership negotiating a new lease, I needed a little self-care and a lot of lunch: HelloFresh to the rescue! My last box this week was Powerhouse Eggplant Polenta: Roasted eggplant and zucchini over polenta with thyme and Parmesan, topped with a mixture of chopped walnuts, olive oil and more parm. Again, another huge portion remains. Tasty and filling, though it cries out for a little acid to cut the cheese and olive oil. Maybe a squeeze of lemon will find its way on to the leftovers. Next box is due tomorrow; hoping it's problem free or else it will be GoodbyeFresh!
  11. Mini pies to to celebrate a friend's birthday: Chocolate peanut butter, mixed berry with cornmeal crust, and citrus (standard key lime pie recipe subbing in orange and lemon juices with the lime). Very happy I made enough to keep some for myself!
  12. @Anna N it's definitely a first world problem, but it does make me question the value of this service when I am planning a week's worth of meals around it!
  13. Holy cow, that is annoying. i think you and I share similar HelloFresh karma for some reason - my new box arrived tonight and there was no seitan included in the Seitan Tacos al Pastor box. They are crediting me for the cost of the meal, but I am growing tired of having to chat with their customer service every stinking week. Tonight's recipe was cannellini bean panzanella - white beans, cucumbers, shallot, tiny tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and baguette croutons tossed with herbs, garlicky olive oil and red wine vinegar. Not bad. Inelegantly plated and inhaled quickly after a long day: