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  1. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Correct. Although I love the Dutch oven version, it is nice to confirm that loaf pans are a good option as well. The crust is not nearly so robust, but I imagine it will make a lovely tomato and mayo sandwich later today. edited to add additional info: I prepared the dough early Saturday morning, with all three folds done by 8:30 am. The dough hung out in the bucket until about 8 pm, when I divided and shaped and tucked the pans into the fridge for the night. Out of the fridge around 6 this morning, into the oven around 7:15.
  2. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Forkish overnight white, rested in loaf pans overnight in the refrigerator and baked this morning after about an hour on the counter. Gosh, I love this bread.
  3. Whoops! Looking at the wrong line!
  4. That must have been an odd looking chicken, but I bet it could run really fast.
  5. I would never serve other people way too much of anything I wouldn't eat way too much of myself!
  6. Quality control is my number one priority, which Is why I can say with some confidence that white peach and caramelized white chocolate is an excellent combination.
  7. Every 4th of July a friend hosts an all-day, all-night pool party/food and drink fest, with a bonfire before the fireworks display. It's a pot luck sort of thing and we all try to outdo our previous year's effort. This year I put together a little s'mores bar for the bonfire, which I hope has a little something for everyone: Marshmallows in ultra vanilla (lots of vanilla bean paste added to the sugar syrup), white peach, raspberry, and brown sugar espresso; graham crackers (Smitten Kitchen's recipe), some sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and some not; and three kinds of chocolate bars, made with the help of the EZTemper: milk, dark, and caramelized white. Enough to feed an army and then some.
  8. Kouign amann bake off today with my sister. We are pretty equally matched in the pastry kitchen, so the only true winner was the jeans company that will make a little more profit on the new pants we will need after we eat the fruits of our labors.
  9. After looking at all these wonderful meals, I almost regret to say that I have dropped Hello Fresh after just 5 deliveries. Three of the boxes had problems - the first two chronicled earlier in this thread and the last one involving substandard produce (arugula isn't supposed to be yellow, right?). The final straw was a text from my sister, to whom I forwarded an offer for a free box, reporting that the meat in her delivery was 45 degrees. Ultimately, I just can't justify the expense for such uneven quality. Looking forward to seeing your continued successes, though!
  10. My dear friend and pottery mentor is having a birthday, and he adores the combination of lemon and fresh berries. Inspired by @Darcie B's post in the "Dorie's Cookies" thread, I made the Corked Breton Galettes, making the imprint with the smaller end of my tart tamper rather than a cork to create a larger well. Filled with lemon curd and topped with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, these are destined to be shared at the studio with plenty left to send home with the birthday boy. Lucky for me, the recipes for both the cookies and lemon curd made enough extra to supply me with sweet treats for a few days to come.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Earlier today I was fortunate enough to have a visit from @Kerry Beal on her way to the airport for yet another adventure. She was joined by @Alleguede, who very kindly brought me some of his extraordinary baguettes (and equally extraordinary kouign amann), which I enjoyed at the 2016 chocolates and confections workshop in Toronto and of which I have dreamt ever since. Given such a windfall, I wanted something simple that would let the bread shine. And so: Garlicky blistered tomatoes, pan deglazed with a bit of white wine, reverently applied to gently warmed baguette bite-by-bite, punctuated here and there with bits of cheeses (cheddary, but not sure exactly what kind) left from other uses but well up to this task. All consumed al fresco with a spiked seltzer on a gorgeous late spring Buffalo evening.
  12. One of my sisters is preparing to re-enter the workforce after quite a long time and she came over this morning for a bit of wardrobe assistance and an encouraging word, which I supplemented with Ina Garten's lemon pound cake: It calls for the warm loaf to be soaked with a lemon syrup, which enhances both flavor and moistness to such a degree that I almost regret sending her home with the second loaf.
  13. Sadly, I was forced to take one (a couple, actually) for the team. It was hard, but I managed.
  14. DARTO pans

    I sent an email this morning and got a near-immediate response that, as @adey73 mentioned upthread, they will offer discounts internationally in about a month.