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  1. Sue PEI

    Opening a shop - dos & don'ts

    This is a wonderful topic. Thanks for this discussion. I am also hoping to open small shop and am wrestling with all the same issues. I'm in a tiny province and I'm in the country, so the suggestions about how to generate interest are terrific. We have 8 weeks that are really really busy, then the summer people start to disappear and things slow down - a lot. But it is the locals that will keep us in business. We have worked very hard to have loyal happy customers at the market, but that is only one day a week. A shop is a completely different level of commitment. Do any of you plan on selling online as well? It gets a little tricky with all the regulations.(actually, it's kind of overwhelming)
  2. Sue PEI

    Melanger experimentation

    That looks beautiful Kerry. I've done some with raspberry (50% raspberry and 50% cocoa butter, with more CB added at the end before tempering). It tastes wonderful but the texture is almost a little 'gritty', despite an overnight in the melanger. Does this happen with the mango or has anyone else had issues with the texture? Any suggestions?
  3. Sue PEI

    Father's day

    Thanks for the suggestions and thank you for the welcome. - bacon and cheesecake - I wonder...
  4. Sue PEI

    Father's day

    Thanks, Kerry!
  5. Sue PEI

    Father's day

    I'm late to the game - anyone have any ideas for Father's Day? And I refuse to make to make chocolate golf balls.
  6. Jane and I will take two please!
  7. Please add me to the list for a dipping bowl, Kerry. Thanks!
  8. Kerry, Please add Jane to the list for both Master classes on Friday, if there is still room. Thanks! I've not found any info re: prepayment - when and how would you like this? And, I'm interested in the tilting melanger.
  9. sorry about that - duplicate comment I also plan on attending Sat. and Sunday sessions as well, but not the dinner Sat. evening.
  10. And I'm also interested in one the grinders thingys for Giandujua.
  11. haha - you tell me! I always listen to your recommendations.
  12. And I'm also interested in one the grinders thingys for Gianduja. Still working on Jane.....
  13. Kerry, Can you please put me down for both master classes as well as the trip to Tomric. Thanks!