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Dining at the House of Mouse

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I am at Disney for a pre-Christmas vacation with some of my family.  I thought I'd add some photos of our dining experiences here.  We are not dining off site due to time constraints and we are not on the "Disney Dining Plan" because we stay in a house rather than on Disney property.  I did not see a thread that seemed obvious to link to but mods please merge if i am mistaken.  This is going to be out of order, based on when I have time to post.  The parks are crowded and we (my niece and nephew)  have lots of plans.  Also I am here with six others so there will be lots of pictures, but not of everything because I only take photos of things near me at the table.


Last night we ate at Todd English's BlueZoo.  I am from Boston and so have eaten at some of his other restaurants.  The menu is fish heavy which is my preference.  A couple of cocktails--on the left is a bee's knees, the right is a mescal based margarita.  


bluezoo cocktails.jpg


Tuna tartare with miso "caviar" and sriracha "snow".  My niece liked it


bluezoo tuna tartar.jpg


Flatbread,  my nephew's choice. He has an anaphylactic allergy to crustaceans, and Disney is great with allergies


bluezoo flatbread.jpg


tempura haricot verts


bluezoo harcort verts tempura.jpg


and shake and bake fries (we did not end up eating these but they are in the fridge for a snack)


bluezoo shake and bake fries.jpg


grouper with modified low country flavors (shrimp omitted)


bluezoo grouper.jpg


Miso glazed nero 


bluezoo miso nero.jpg


salad with jamon iberico


bluezoo salad with jaon iberico.jpg


A dessert for my niece and nephew to share, chocolate bread pudding with a Star Wars theme


bluezoo chcocolate banana puding.jpg


Because they told the waiter we had been at the Star Wars fireworks earlier.


fireworks people.jpg

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The day prior we were at EPCOT and went to my nephew's favorite restaurant on Disney property: The Rose and Crown Pub in the UK pavilion.  It is one of the only places where he can eat fish and chips.  His allergy is so severe that he can't even eat potatoes that have been fried in the same oil as any crustaceans.  The menu at this place is crustacean free, so he can happily chow down on fish and chips here.


Cheese plate


rose and crown cheese plate.jpg


smoked salmon


rose and crown smoked salmon.jpg


scotch egg


rose and crown scotch egg.jpg


fish and chips and mushy peas


rose and crown fish and chips.jpg


sticky toffee pudding


rose and crown sticky toffee pudding.jpg




rose and crown trifle.jpg





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Here are some things from the Animal Kingdom.  From Harambe Market, chicken tikka masala with black eyed pea salad and rice


akchicken tikka masala.jpg


Not great, but better than your typical burger and french fry theme park offering.  I liked the salad.  We also got a borewat sausage in curry batter with papaya salad


akboerwat sausage .jpg


Later that afternoon we stopped by Nomad Lounge for a cocktail.  This is a quiet and peaceful oasis that I don't think many people know about.  That won't last long, as it is on the walkway to Avatar Land which is scheduled to open this summer.


tiffins cocktails.jpg


That night we had dinner at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Bread service (after it had already been attacked by my niece and nephew)


jiko bread service.jpg


Taste of Africa, with double hummus and no papaya sambal as it had shrimp paste in it.  We ordered two of these for the table and they got devoured.


jiko taste of africa.jpg 


Iguaday tibs in brik: filo parcels stuffed with mushroom and curry with curry flavors


jiko broks in tibs.jpg


Flatbread with chicken and coconut


jiko flatbread.jpg


A salad


jiko salad.jpg


Scallops with pork belly


jiko scallops with pork belly.jpg


Macaroni and cheese with truffles


jiko mac and cheese.jpg




jiko elk.jpg


Koki corn with mushrooms, avocado and greens


jiko koki corn.jpg


Malva pudding


jiko sunset dessert.jpg


Complimentary chocolate snow cookies


jiko cookies.jpg



Edited by liamsaunt extra pictures (log)
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Snacking around EPCOT


A bratwurst with paprika chips from the Germany pavilion


epcot bratwurst2.jpg


A cheese plate from the Prost! booth


epcotcheese plate.jpg


A chicken schwarma plate from the Morocco pavilion




A cheese toast from the France pavilion


fran echeese.jpg


Various desserts all from the France pavilion.  Bunche de Noel




Chocolate tart


francechocolate tarts.jpg






Chocolate mousse








Kir royales




A few things from that evening's Sparkling Dessert Party









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This post covers what I always refer to as "sad food day," or in other words, food from the Magic Kingdom.  It is really hard for me to find anything to eat at the Magic Kingdom.  I usually just pack a granola bar or some nuts in my bag.  Junk food warning.  Pretzel with fake cheese sauce




Corn dog bites




Funnel cakes




Turkey sandwich on cranberry bread




Cinnamon glazed almonds




We took a break from the parks in the afternoon and headed over to the Polynesian resort for drinks at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto


trader sams.jpg


And an early dinner at the Kona Cafe. Disappointing sushi


kona cafe volcano roll.jpg


kona cafe salmon roll.jpg




kona cafe potstickers.jpg


Pork buns


kona cafe pork buns.jpg




kona cafe pan noodles.jpg


Togarashi spiced tuna


kona cafe togarashi tuna.jpg


Fruit and chocolate fondue


kona chococlate fondue.jpg


Disappointing food day but the fireworks were nice




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We also had dinner at the Flying Fish at Disney's Boardwalk Hotel.  This was my favorite meal.


Salad with figs and jamon iberico


flyingfishfig salad.jpg


cheese plate


flyingfish cheese.jpg


Tuna with compressed watermelon




Pork belly with quail egg


flyisngfish pork belly.jpg


Scallops with grits and romanesco sauce




Grouper with baby vegetables




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So here we are back at the Mouse House.  I asked my niece and nephew where they wanted to go for spring break, and here is where they picked.  Today is day four and my feet are already killing me.  I've been taking pictures of some of the food we have been eating. Day one we had dinner in the Magic Kingdom at the Jungle Navigation Company Skipper Canteem.  Parents everywhere will rejoice that you can now get beer and wine with your meals in the Magic Kingdom. Shockingly I stuck to iced tea.  Not sure why. Salad and falafel




Steak salad




Tastes Like Chicken




Perkins Thai noodles




everything was pretty good.  Our expectations are low in a theme park setting. It was nice to get off our feet for a while.


The next night we enjoyed a leisurely and delicious meal at the California Grill in Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Drinks



Artichoke and truffle flatbread




Pear and prosciutto flatbread




Margarita fkatbread




Caesar salad




Brown butter parsnip soup




Short rib with green mango kimchi




Filet with potato-leek galette












Cheese plate




Pear tart








After dinner you can go out on the roof deck to watch fireworks



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That looks lovely. Hope you are enjoying your time.

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Posted (edited)

Another lovely meal at Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Amuse bouche--some kind of short rib thing.




Rolls with fennel butter




Taste of Africa: various breads with dipping sauces.  Last night's were mango chutney, raita with zhoug, a spicy charmoula, and hummus




Iguaday tibs in brik (filo purses stuffed with spinach and mushrooms with curried apples)




Piri piri chicken flatbread




Leek, chili, olive and goat cheese flatbread




Waygu strip loin with bootie mac and cheese




Short ribs with potato puree




Maize crusted halibut with tomato butter sauce, lentils and vegetables








Only my nephew had room for dessert.  Milktarte




Pre-dinner cocktails at the Nomad Lounge



Edited by liamsaunt add photo (log)
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@liamsaunt -  your beautiful photography makes every dish looks its best but this stuff looks amazing!  Thanks for sharing!

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