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California Dining 2019


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I think Danko will win out over Zuni, since Zuni is open for lunch. I’ll be solo most days (3) so if any local members are down to have a nice long boozy lunch let me know! 😗


 I’m still eying Lilholo Yatch Club since it’s basically next to my hotel.  Weee spending two nights in Napa, one we should probably eat then sleep before a day long tour and the one to have dinner after a tour. We will be right in downtown Napa. Is Morimoto worth it? Does anyone recommend an Italian place to soak up the wines on Friday night?  I’m down to Uber. 

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Danko is ALWAYS a win!


My Napa m.o. is always a morning tasting, lunch, a second tasting, rest, and then dinner.


I would skip Morimoto.


Torc in Downtown Napa is great. For Italian, there's the local favorite Bistro Don Giovanni (I like it, but don't love it). I prefer Bottega in Yountville, not too far away. 


Other favorites:


Press (dinner-Saint Helena)

Charter Oak (either-Saint Helena)

Bounty Hunter (lunch-Downtown)

Bistro Jeanty (either-Yountville)

Auberge du Soleil (lunch-Rutherford)

Farmstead (lunch-Saint Helena)


Enjoy! I was just there last week and miss it already. 




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